Dark Souls 3 – Dark Armor Set & Dark Sword Farming Location / Guide

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“Back everyone last meal here and today. I m going to show you where to to find a dark armour set along with a dark sword and the reason. Why m showing you this armour said. It s because it s one of the best in the game.

And also this some dark sword is one of the strongest in the game you can see that some i actually have a raw dark sword level. 4. And the physical damage is insane along with this armor set. Which is really really good you can see that some the absorption and resistances are really good now to get to this armor you need to go and farm.

It you got to go kill dark raids and basically you find the dark raids in the fair and keep now basically i m going to show you the map a bit so we re going to go to travel. So we re in the role of sacrifices. So here. We have a fair and keep right here you go here from the crucifixion woods.

I m not going to spoil too much for you. But when you are in the fair and keep..

And this is a starting location you need to start moving left from here. Now this water is actually poisonous. And you re probably going to be poisoned. When you arrive there.

So that s not going to be a huge issue. Because your health is not going to start dropping down that fast. But you also need to keep in mind. That sam you shouldn t really attack these snails because you re wasting your time on them.

And if they hit you have to waste and estus flasks. And maybe you don t have that much but some when you just keep moving left. Here. He stands the dark rate.

So he s a bit tricky to kill so i advise using a shield against his attack because i m trusting this guy hits as hell you can see that i m strong and yet he can kick my ass really easily. Now also follow this like hand that he has like he starts like having a magic arm or something starts..

Glowing thing is thing is if he starts leeching you you re going to lose a lot of health. So don t let him grab you so. What i advise you to do is use a shield block his attacks and then go in for attack. But don t get greedy.

Because you re actually going to get killed now basically. There is a thing here because usually he drops a cracked red eye orb. But if you start far me enough. He s actually going to start dropping like a piece by piece of the armor.

It s going to take you a while it took me three hours to get all of this basically. They say that a dark sword is the hardest to get. But it s not it s the gauntlets for me it was gauntlets. But still he s going to start dropping these things and are basically when you kill them you get the item you go back to the bonfire and you return here and then start you know farming him some more.

There s also an item inside of here. I m not going to spoil what it is you have to find out for yourself..

But there s also one trick. Which is um. If you re not strong enough how to kill him now basically when you lock him in don t turn your back on it lead him to these snails and what happens is that he s going to start a growing these snails and um. Then you have a clear shot to attack because he s going to be busy attacking the snail you can backstab him or something like that but please keep in mind that he s going to kill the snail in like one hit.

But you have a snail here. And you have like a a bunch of these snails here. So it s a really nice idea to take him here and you kill him. But you gotta take your time.

Don t rush. Because he s fast. He s strong and um. Don t let the arm grab you because um.

It s going to start leeching your health. And it s going to pretty much drain..

Every single like piece of your health. So just keep that in mind. But some anyway. This is the armor suit that you get along with a dark sword and i really advise getting this i m a mercenary class and i have this build it s amazing it s strong and um.

That s pretty much it guys don t forget you actually just comment down below. If any like a comments. But i m to sum it all up you go to fair and keep use just enter exit. The first like building and you start moving to the left you re going to come across this guy you kill him you go back to the bonfire you go back here again and you start like killing him until you have all the armor sets and weapons and everything.

But some trust me this thing is worth it. But some anyway don t forget to smash it like and subscribe button. If you want to see more of these guides and that s pretty much it last wheel signing out and stay classy r1 bye bye. ” .


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