Dark Souls 3 Hollow Build (Onikiri & Ubadachi)

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“What s up guys chase. The ugly here and welcome back to another dark souls. Souls. 3.

Build video today. I m gonna be showcasing a hollow build. And i hollow builds are very unpopular ever since the nerf of karthus rouge. But me imported of a hollow build was to have a higher ar than a quality build because all the weapons will while being able to have a high blue great but since they nerfed karthus rouge.

No one s been really running hollow builds and i m trying i m gonna try and bring it back for you guys. I m gonna do a couple tests here. I have a hollow onigiri noob adachi. Which gets an era 441 compared to its refined counterpart.

It actually has almost 60 more ar so it s much better. It s worth. The 40 lakh investment. I also have a blood infuse donkey renewed achi which has a hundred and thirty less ar roughly.

But as a higher bleed rate. So if you re able to proc the bleed off in with this well if i am i may i may say go with the blood infusion. But i m gonna guess that the hollow onigiri is better just based on its higher ar and the fact that you re able to buff. It 71 isn t really a high bleed rate.

So most likely unless you re super aggressive and the opponent is even able to roll the bleed you re not really gonna get it off um. So most of the time. I m gonna run the hall at one. But i m gonna do some tests for you guys.

I m also using the pontiff s right eye. Because you actually do get the boost attack. If you happen to land a few l. Ones.

So it s kind of worth it i had no idea. What else to use in my fourth ring slot. Anyway got my prisoners chained for my free 15 levels..


Got my ring favorite. 3. Because it s kind of a stable ring for me and life ring. 3.

Honestly i didn t really know what the pump for my rings so i just put my staples. I have human pine resin as a buff which when applied to the weapon that i m using right now the hollow one it boosts my ar up to five thirty six which is a nice boost and you re able to connect to l. Once consecutively. So that s gonna do around 800 damage.

You re also able to use its awesome ninja weapon art to at least one l1 you may catch some people with the second one. But it doesn t happen often yeah. So i m gonna do these tests for you guys and see which weapon is more viable but in my opinion the hall. The one is gonna be the one you re gonna go for i also forgot to mention my luck is actually 30.

If you have a fully upgraded weapon. That is hollow. It gives you five extra looks so having a hollow oni theory and a hollow cestus on gives me a higher luck. So that s why it s ford alright guys jumping into our first match gonna make sure we add our buff to get our ar way up.

There. 5 36. For do wielding weapons is pretty sweet. Oh.

Let s see this guy s got lightning blade. Versus. My my personally made only here available. I didn t connect those fast enough.

Oh jesse looks like he s going down jesse. You re going down. Big boy alright. So in battle.

We re gonna be using karthus rouge. See if we can proc the bleed. If we can and there s it s better i find it all baby use this as the main aspect of the build..


I mean this guy just being strange. Oh i could have connected to l1. Oh. I did all right that s some pretty decent damage.

He might have died had i not been using herthis truth. Because that did not possibly. See i did the weapon r2l ones afterwards and he still didn t believe so because of that i m gonna go ahead and say that using card this ruse with the holo infusion is not the best all right now the final test using the blood infused only cure you noob adachi will see there ar is 130 less so i it s the same dude. This will be a good test.

The weapon are did a thousand and something when i connected the two el ones afterwards yet or on the lost battle. So i can do that again and we can just compare see okay well you can roll out of that webinars the last time. He s just being kind of foolish. But i still haven t brought the bleed on me yet and i ve hit him like seven times.

Yeah even with a blue rate of 71. Still not the best. I d say you re better off going with just buffing them and doing raw damage from the hollow infusion. Oh.

I didn t even have my hand on the controller. I had to walk by that this guy is all about the rush doesn t even give us an opponent a chance. Damn son all right that s how you want to play let s go you re facing the blades of blood. Although that doesn t make sense anymore because i keep buffing them with everything.

But karthus rouge. Oh. That s some nice damage man. I love it i love it i like it a lot god get pointed down at son.

What now what shall befall me dragon slayer spear alright. I m ready for spears spears. Don t i don t fear the spear with this build. Which is unusual for chase.

I always oh i was hoping i d just get him with one of those attacks. I didn t need much you can t face of regret shoulda guessed that i was gonna do my ninja jump attack if i fight bula one more time so help me god i just want to finish him a different way this time. While i keep getting the instant..


The weapon art is it s easy to get on this guy oh oh loud almost bringing it back. Damn oh. This is a new dude got some more fresh meat up in here with gales great sword he s looking for that true combo all right combo weapon v combo weapon which one s gonna have deal with the poise or the one that changes to the spear. I knew he was gonna go for the poke jack right after that it s just something that everybody was this beautiful a.

Then they go for the initial light attack you re too predictable. Son. Now. It s the cancer of the webinar.

It actually gives you amazing hyper armor once you re in the air jumping. Only like an ultras heavier or something along those lines is gonna stop you know light attacks. Really will this map be popular is held today. All right what are you fighting.

What are we fighting. Oh god of course uh. Don t tell me. It s a bow build using the obscuring rings uh huh.

Wait. What we re okay. Why were you not what are you not in your position. Val all right webinar versus webinar.

I don t even bother going for the 2nd l1 anymore because i know it doesn t connect so no purpose really good bye val you were weird you had my weapons on your side. You should have used them it s the stairway to heaven right on cue each amma alright. Interesting fashion you got there man always with the demon acts in the pyromancies that s a buzzkill when one of the l1 attacks misses. I know the short blade is bad for that it d be right up on their feet to do it correctly.

Which can be tough. Oh wow. I would the trade or the heavy. But you know what his out did mine can i get him yes the knee.

I got him with the knee trying to show you guys might need get that knee right. There that one it s the battle. Apply our buffer..


The darkmoon jk. I wish i had dirk move late on this build. But i couldn t afford the 60 feet. What is this oh oh god donald trump.

No homie no why you got a dagger. Why is that the donald trump weapon. What of all weapons may die. Oh my god cancer.

I knew it i knew you d go for it. You re. Donald trump. Get out of here.

You are cancer oops. No. No no dj. Trump gets a point down all right my dudes.

That s all the battles that i have for you today we have a clear winner in my opinion the holo onigiri in ubud. Ah. She is much better than the blood and fused one it has a hundred and thirty higher ar. It gives you five extra luck just for wielding.

It and you can buff. It so it s kind of a no brainer for me not to mention that people can roll the bleep rocks. So that thing is not always your best friend. If you guys enjoyed the video like the video.

I really enjoyed using an old bill that no one really runs these and you know what it works pretty well still if you re good with this weapon in general then you re gonna want to mean a hollow build yeah so yeah subscribe for more dark souls 3 content. I upload daily and i also forgot to mention make sure your as hollow as you can be i should have said that at the beginning. But my hollowing is 99. It ups the damage rate of the weapons.

So yeah. I ll see you around my bros chase the ” ..

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