Dark Souls III (3) Day One Edition (PS4 / Xbox One) Unboxing !!

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“Hello guys welcome back to papa games once again for another unboxing today we bring bring you dark souls. 3 for the xbox one and playstation. 4. So from the cover you can see that it looks a little different from the covers that we ve been seeing online everywhere to give you an example.

This is the standard copy of dark souls. 3. This will be the cover that everybody gets after the day. One edition runs out so today.

We ll be doing the unboxing for the day. One edition. Ok so um. It says day one edition of the top of course dark souls.

3. But we have some information over here for the xbox. One copy that the ps4 doesn t have it says dark souls full game download. Included so.

With this purchase. You also get the original 360 gain for dark souls. And it says right here the rating for this game. It is m for mature.


But it only includes two here blood and violence. But over here it says blood and gore. Partial nudity and violence. Ok.

Some information that they didn t include ok. So before we move on this game was brought to us by bandai namco entertainment and in the front cover you can you can almost see that it was edged in you can feel like textures on the cover. Which is nice already move it onto the spine looks like it s a continuation for both games. It s probably not like that once i take off the hard cover moving on to the back.

We have a quick synopsis of the game. These are pretty much the same. But since the xbox one version does have the dark souls content on it i m just going to pick up this one since it pretty much has everything the ps4 has but a little a little bit more so starting with the synopsis embrace the darkness. As fire fade.

As fires fade and the worlds falls into ruins journey into a universe. Filled. With more colossal enemies. And environments.

Delve into a world of epic. Atmosphere. And darkness. Through.


The series. Hallmark. Rewarding. Gameplay and immersing graphics.

Now only embers remain the rest is in a different language. I think it s french and over here it says what this they one edition includes dark souls full game download starter guide official game soundtrack. And the day one edition. No sleeve okay so since it s pretty much the same.

I m just going to move on to the specs whole since i m holding the xbox. One will do this one first x on the xbox. One it s a one player game on xbox live. It s one to six players co op.

Two to four and also in fine print. It says 20 gigabytes of storage required moving on to the playstation. 4. We got a one player game 20 gigabytes minimum two to six network players online.

Playing is online. Play is optional and of course with the playstation vita remote play and you ll be playing on dualshock. 4. And since we moved since you already did the ratings let s go straight to the inbox.


Okay since we have the ps4 copy right here. Let s do this one first so once we open it up. We got the game on right. It s upside down.

Okay. We got the official soundtrack looks to be some some piece of paper right here might be some dlc okay let s take a look arm yourself with knowledge official dark souls. 3. Collector s edition guide includes deluxe dark souls 3 themes journal premium hard book comprehensive area walkthrough with detailed maps of detailed enemy information of boss strategies weapon armor equiptment spell and item data character build analysis and strategies and the free mobile friendly guide.

Very nice and the other side is blank okay and this looks like to be the starter guide with the free digital exclusive. So this is what it s going to look like you re probably gonna be opening it up a lot i know i am because i always have so much trouble with these games. Okie dokie that s the back awesome. Let s just slide this back in let s take a quick look at what s behind the front cover art okay.

So we got some warnings. More warnings in different language and warranty information over here and how to contact bandai namco in case. You need to use that warranty all right awesome let s move it back. Let s get a quick zooming of the game disk all righty.

Oh. I almost forgot okay let s move on to the xbox. One copy. So once we open it up the first thing.


I see is some dlc all right that s the dlc for the full game download of dark souls okay and that s what it looks like doesn t seem to be an expiration date. Which is always really good and right there in small letters. It says four gigabytes available storage space required okay so it looks like we have the same ad. No strategy guide.

Okay and we got the starter guide. A small pamphlet just get up move through this really quickly okay alrighty before we get to the disk. Let s take a look at what s behind the front cover art okay. We got some limited warranty and warnings on the right and repeated in a different language.

That s pretty much it alrighty. Let s get a quick zoom in of this game. Disc. Alright.

Awesome ok. Let s put this back alright. So that pretty much wraps up this unboxing for dark souls. 3.

For the playstation. 4. And xbox one thank you guys for staying tuned with us popping is for unboxings don t forget to leave a ” ..


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