Datamine Reveals 35 MORE Pokemon Returning In Sword and Shield! Pokedex Datamine!

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“I m mike pokey. Tips mike and this is it so sword and shield are are less than a week away from being released worldwide and because we re so to the game s release data miners finally got their hands on sword and shield and we re starting to learn some new information that the leaks didn t tell us so by now you ve probably seen all those videos read all those posts about the amount of pokemon in sword and shield and which pokemon are returning and before this information came out all of that seemed correct. Now that we ve gotten the data minds information out of the game itself it looks like there s going to be 37 more pokemon in sword and shield that we didn t know about at the time now. I think i should be fine talking about this i m not gonna show any leaked pokemon images or anything if i m just been reading some tweets in some text and also i think this information should be really good for people to hear because it s gonna get a lot of people more excited about the game.

So let s go ahead and check out kurt s twitter over here so kurt capo. Ticks. If you don t already know is one of the biggest and most well known pokemon data miners. We ve gotten so much information from him before about other pokemon games.

And now. It s time for sword and shields information. So about an hour ago kurt tweeted outs many thanks to our anonymous data source for sword and shield data mines info in coming soon and then not too long after that we got to see a huge new piece of information showing that there are 35 other species that have stats and models. So they re basically fully in the game and ready to go in sword and shield.

So these..

35 pokemon are also going to be in sword and shield let s go ahead and click this link and check it out so these 35 pokemon were data mines bulbasaur ivysaur venus or squirtle wartortle blastoise mu. 2. Mu which we already knew about celebi jirachi. Cabal ian taarakian virizion reshiram zekrom kiram keldeo rowlett dark tricks.

The sid ui lytton tour cat and sinner or pop leo bree own primer ena cosmic cosmo m i d still gotta say that thing s named sol gallio loon ala necro zuma marshall oz era aura melton and nelle mental so again all 35 of these pokemon have stats models everything that they need to be a fully fledged pokemon programmed into sword and shield. So that means at some point some way somehow some form these pokemon are planned to be in sword and shields. Now. This is some pretty awesome information to hear i was so confused.

When we found out that charizard made the cut. But bulbasaur and squirtle didn t it s just kind of weird separating the trio. So it s good seeing that these guys are still in the game and still intended to be usable mu 2. Makes a lot of sense because why would you have mew.

But not have mewtwo and i also like seeing some other legendaries in the game as well..

I m not gonna go into specifics about this leaked information. But it seems like before we didn t really have that many legendaries and sauron shield. So this really fixes that problem and then seeing the sun and moon starters. And some sun and moon legendaries and mythical z in the game.

Too is very nice since that was the last generation. So it kind of gives some compatibility there now for obtaining these pokemon. I m assuming that a lot of them might be unlocked by max raid battles. But a lot of them could also come through pokemon home and be transfer exclusives.

Another cool thing. I could see them doing with a lot of these pokemon is making them bosses of max raid battles so we know when the game comes out. They re gonna be doing a special giganta max butterfree event where giganta max butterfree is gonna appear more often. But maybe throughout the game s release they ll have like a special raid week kind of like in pokemon go or they ll feature legendary pokemon alike reshiram and zekrom or you ll have a special week where those pokemon are more likely to appear in raid battles.

I think it would be a pretty cool and very hype way of giving you these pokemon in those games..

It would really make you feel like you earned these pokemon now bulbasaur squirtle. I m hoping they re easy to get in the game. I don t know how you get them yet. But i m hoping they re not locked behind raid battles cuz again hey forgive those charmander bulbasaur squirtle.

Need to be easy to get to now as for the rest of the pokemon curt said that game freak s scrubbed. All the other entries for species outside of the 435 pokemon but they forgot to change the max species id in the code which hints that there s two more mythical pokemon that aren t actually in the game right now. But are planned to be obtainable in the future so from his interpretation. It like we might be getting our first ever dlc pokemon.

I don t know maybe the data is not in the game for them right now. Which is why we don t know about them. And if so that s kind of cool because as we all know every new pokemon game has its own mythical pokemon and if game freak finally found a way to keep the mythical pokemon. A real secret until they want to reveal them that s awesome and i m so down for that so my friends that potentially means that we could be looking at 437 pokemon in sword and shield instead of just 400.

So 37..

More species 37. More pokemon to play around with and a lot of old favorites are returning like bulbasaur and squirtle in the comments section. Let me know if your favorite pokemon made it into sword and shield or if it got cut and if it didn t make it well you re not alone. Because one of my favorites cyndaquil did not make it.

And i m kind of upset about that as always my friends thank you so much for watching the video. If you enjoyed it make sure you give it a thumbs up subscribe to the channel. If you re new for more amazing pokemon content. One sword and shield drop off so many good videos coming.

I ve been working so hard behind the scenes on a lot of stuff that i can t wait to show you follow me on instagram at pokey tips. Mike and my friends. I ll be seeing you ” ..


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