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“I didn t see you there you look way more beautiful than your profile picture picture all right cut the crap. I can t go on dates. I never have able to girl has always had to come to me because i ve always all they get all night is this that s it tonight. We re going on a date playing a game.

It s not even out yet. The developer got in touch with me. And it looks amazing. I ve been waiting to play this for so long it s called table.

Manners. It s essentially a dating simulator let s go on a date. Oh wait okay i m at home lorna wait. She wants to okay.

I m gonna be right with you i just want to see my room. Oh i can see you can interact with everything can you can you just shut up yes. I got a radio. I got a radio.

I m not much else stop it shut up swipe right to choose a date. I don t like her connor nose rings are out you ll ain t know she looks too strict she might be a teacher elizabeth well oh i got a match you tell this is a game because that would never happen to me in real life go to the scrapbook. Okay. Why am.

I why am. I just picking the photo. Elizabeth you you shh stop. It elizabeth stop.

Don t speak. Tonight this fingers gonna do different. Things. All right.

Oh. Oh. We re going on a date. Shit.

Great. Oh. What a nice place. I will definitely pick this place elizabeth you look lovely.

Why does every character have a nose ring. Did you like the candle. Please. Certainly my love.

Oh. My steak oh no wait up wait up wait up. Oh. She doesn t look happy does she um one second my love let me pull you why not on your feet before.

I do anything my love you must partake in this wine. It s a good year have some you go oh shit. I m sorry i m sorry you didn t want ketchup anyway. It s full of calories shit.

Things are teleporting in the rock. Oh charlie not by breadsticks over why does the wine spoil in a pawn in my lap all the ketchups gone mental gets off to ruin in my day my love i will light the candles for you i have to light candles..

I can t wait up please. There s just stuff going rock. If i clear this it ll probably your spawn back properly get me there we go see now fixed it so it s just our ketchup. My love your ketchup is not doing well ups its sorry.

I m gonna get a match for you and i m gonna like these damn candles because you ve been asking now for the past half hour. And i ve done nothing ah mess on me. Ah where are the candles. Oh.

I m setting out to the rose. Where s the candle love where is the candle. Oh shit. I m burning her nose.

I ll wait the candles there it s fallen wait let me drop back set fire. This goddamn restaurant. I swear to god. Oh wow.

They ve taken the candle. Out. The holder. Yeah.

Oh. No wait. I got a position that s just right. I don t look at me.

Like that i m trying my best you might when i get this candle lit. It s gonna be nothing. But romance. Oh yes.

I yes one candle coming right up you know elizabeth. It was this time. And i was sailing on my yacht in bermuda fuck that off yeah. Don t look at your phone.

And later bob give me not get up your phone. Elizabeth. Did your face is like i can t even describe. It s beautiful.

I just want to grab your chin. If it looks of things let s move calve you found alyssa. But i was texting you i i m here. Hello.

Hello. Oh. Wait she wants me to pull her some wine. At my.

Love. You should have asked. Oh wait we know everything your sister let me guess she got your sister to spy on us. Doesn t matter maybe she can join in shit.

So. If you wanted anymore you re out of luck..

Oh what would you like it. Please fries need some salt can you lend a hand do you have your own hands. Elizabeth because i m doing everything at this table. Where s the salt did i eat the food.

I mean. That s the fat man in me wants to just ignore her and have a steak here have a steak. I just slapped my date with a steak. Which one s the salt which one s the pepper or my wrist is in way yes.

There we go i will i will sort your your sticks for you that s pepper. I m so sorry no i m sorry. I m sorry. I ll try the mesa.

Okay oh shit no no no. Oh god jesus she s gonna leave me before it s even begun. Why can t she do it the salt closer to her if i just wiped it off the table oh crap on a stick i got a salt i got salt. I m gonna salt everything ah no elizabeth you might want to move what if i got in my hand.

I ve got a guy can and salt. I ll check what s wrong with my hand right arm sorting. The candlestick holder. Here.

We go look see that i m salting. It does some sort of mistake. I may as well do this whilst i m going salt on your arm on your arm on your shirt. Yeah i just want to make sure that your needs are met haja lice boy from was abusive get ready for me.

Oh god will the wine just stop. What are my jesus get it up a table there we go see that s what what does she want now. She wants her steak. Oh.

She wants it peppered of course. You do my dear. What is a steak without pepper. The mill needs some ketchup.

I m getting to the pepper of i m pepper in my own fist. I m seasoning my palm maybe that s for later he go pepper on the estate. So i did salt it earlier. Think it won t i have the whole thing have big open more pepper that you could ask for ketchup on what on the plate all right god i m doing it in her lap.

I ll got the steak is alive. I don t think the cows big why is the ketchup not working. Oh god i ve dropped it i m sorry i m sorry. There.

It is let just teleports back this restaurants. Great that way now don t look at your phone. Oh i got shake it what am i doing what am. I supposed to be doing what am i doing i m making it look like a murder scene.

You said you wanted you said you want to catch up they go finally shit do they have brownies here let me ask the waiter. Why do we should be asking. If if there s a maid or the fire service. Odd.

The wine is spawned on my hand is this a brownie it looks like shit. My love oh..

That s my finger well. She winks at me. Wait. She has a question asked me anything guess i accept head oh call me.

I m gonna call. You well that was my date with elizabeth no damien. You re just the same guy as last time got a nose ring tractor why is his name tractor sofia your hair is like telly tubby poo hey sophie oh god um taking a date yes so dinner yeah let s do it all right i wants to do so i suggest too much getting a bit rapey now okay um are sofia the way the light it s your head. What is that what is that we should order yeah since i m fucking paying and you drinks do you want to join a beer.

I could have a beer nice corona but not the virus ah place order a beer do you mind pouring us. Both our beers. Oh. I only got one why are you looking at me like that you give it eat me or the meal.

Oh shit. I got it aha. No wonder. What s wrong my thumbnail oh.

My love wasps they pour this beer expertly and without spilling. It. I just want to say that when i saw you online. I knew you were different from the other girls.

I know you didn t mind that instead of beer. I was pouring you brown sauce sorry if there s bit on the table. I can t help myself yes yes. Let me just pour some for myself.

Because i i don t usually drink. But you might be crazy. Sofia. Crazy about you is that too fast yes great.

Let s have options on the menu have what you want bye darling. It s not like it s your money pizza. My god the service is fast here. I ll take a few slices oh will you sofia take a few slices of daz let me go.

It s for you darling. My food is a little underseasoned you have your own hands. Now why am i high fiving. Her play.

Oh. God no i feel like the guy in that netflix series you i just want to please her but they go out seasoned. I have to season. It now pepper there s some salt everywhere are you allergic to salt.

I hope not because this is a lethal dose. I want something but i m not sure what darling. I know exactly what she wants breadsticks don t you these fries could use some salt. Yeah.

I agree see this is why we re meant for each. Other just get the salt without locking our wine over they go a nice trail of salt. Yeah. You like that don t you did you like the candle.

I hate using matches apparently you hate movements. What d you do for a living..

Keep chairs warm. Oh yes. There we go. Where s the candle aha.

Don t set the lily on fire bon appetit azumi. Oh. Do you have any brownies here yes. They do.

But let s not talk about the brownies. Let s talk about your hair. Wait caress is the side of your cheek. And i just want to tickle.

It i m stopping that all the girls at this restaurant. Just don t know how to move there s a brown ease. I have to order do i okay. It s funny out there.

Oh crap i dropped my creme fraiche a brownie for you my love yummy. What did you call me. I ll just gonna review. Me yes oh oh.

She liked me you i m gonna call. You i m gonna call. The general yo home well two successful dates. I mean.

What else could go wrong home safe. Had a great night hit me with a joke. You know what really makes my day. The rotation of the earth haha.

I spend the day together. Hi. Cheeky. What if i seduce hi.

Cheeky. I don t know i feel. Like i need to take it on another date. There are more dates.

I can take her on she is beauty. She is grace put some ham upon her face. They go. Sofia ham ah.

I like two stroke ham. Too your pictures are severe you just make me crazy. I just want to get this can of pepsi and plastic straw and douse you in it guys if you want me to go on another date with sophia and unlock more restaurants leave a like we ll see how far this relationship goes as for everything else. I think i confirmed that i am an amazing date to go on like i ve crossed my channel.

Let s see you in the ” ..

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