Dell AT-101W Black Alps Switch Mechanical Keyboard

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“Too well i have another unboxing of a keyboard. Today. What s in the oh oh great box of mysteries today. But we wrap.

I see so let s uh it out and see what it is telephone. Anyway. What we have here oh line bubble wrap yes. It s another dell keyboard this time.


It is a dell model 8101 w. The difference between the 8101. Which is over here and the 8 and the 18 t. The 8101 w.

Is what you see here windows keys these switches feel actually a little bit nicer than the ones on the 8101 that s odd. Feels yeah. Yeah. It feels pretty much the same actually.


It s just that it s not quite as much of a tak attack attack attack attack when you hit the keys on this particular one. I wanted a black one so i bought a black one and it is still ps2 so i can use them older machines. If i want and my i can use on my i3 build. This is probably going to go on my main computer since so after playing around so many different keyboards these out switches are definitely my key switch of choice.

I like alp switches a lot and that s probably what i m going to be using for least the near future. I don t know about the late future now supposedly these dell keyboards were made in the early or late 80s early 90s. Just like most of the model m s that you can get your hands on these days so swim around the same era. They have both have keyboard trays and everything and this one you can get with a windows key.


It s made in malaysia just kind of nice that still has that cord thing. Which i m definitely going to make use of there you have it guys that is a dealt it as an unboxing of the dell 8101 w. Now my opinion on these out switch keyboards is they re excellent i m a very heavy handed type er. I hit the key.

I don t you know gently touch it i actually hit the key when i type so that s my typing style and out switches and buckling springs. Seem to work really well for that so it s a nice for me alps these black out slider switches are nice compromise between buckling spring and cherry switches cherry switches are very delicate feeling and very very very smooth and linear. Whereas these feel a little bit these feel a lot like cherry brown switches. If i could compare them to any of the cherry switches they feel very similar to cherry brown switches.


But they re a little bit. More you know rugged feeling than that and i like that it doesn t feel you know too delicate buckling spring is very stiff and very tactile and very clicky. This is in between the two for me so you know there you have it guys. That s my opinion on these i still think they re excellent keyboards.

I recommend these to anybody and there you go guys. ” ..

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