Demon s Souls: 5 Tips for Beginners

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“Everyone i am the dark one and today. I m gonna be doing something a a little bit different so when i first started playing demon souls years ago. There a lot of mechanics bethany that weren t explained. Very well and some of them that weren t explained at all sometimes it can make the game frustrating.

But other times just let s say i wish there was a little bit more so i knew what exactly what was what what i was doing and on that note. If i were to go back in time now. I would give myself these five tips in order to help me survive in this game. And just make it a little bit easier so upcoming in this video is my five tips for new beginners to playing demon souls.

There won t be minor spoilers ahead. And so. If you absolutely want to avoid spoilers you might want to stay away from this. But it s not going to spoil anything too big.

I m going to cover five particular things here i m going to cover exactly what souls are what they re used for in case. You ve never played or heard of these games. I ll explain why if you quit burden and item burden are and what the differences between the two are i ll show you where a couple of early game rings are and then i will explain what character tendency is and then finally what world tendency is so on that note. I m gonna go back to the next section.

And i will give this little tutorial see you in a moment all right everyone so the first thing. I would like to discuss is souls what they re used for and how to apply it souls are a combination of currency and xp in this game. And there s basically two ways to get them you can either one get it by killing enemies you see right there in the lower right corner. I gained 39 souls from killing that enemy.

But so it s kill a few more enemies just read the point note. There we go so you ll see that i ll get a certain amount of souls. When i kill enemies now that s one way you get souls another way you can get souls is by finding soul items in the game which are things like the unknown hero soldier ab equipped. These are kind of like little i guess you could say pockets amounts of souls you use them and then you literally get a certain amount of predetermined souls depending on which one under your a soul gives you a certain amount we re now soldiers gives you more and each of these different descending types give me more souls and you can assign them to your hotbar and use them like so and they ll give you their corresponding amount now another type of soul item that you acquire by playing through the game are different types of boss souls now these are a bit different these are very very precious items.

You don t think it one of these per plate through whenever you kill a boss now you can use these to garner souls. But because they re not normal. So litems and because they have multi purposeful functions. You don t you don t want to waste these just get souls lets you absolutely know for sure the soul won t help you and see every time you go to use it this little problem comes up asking you do you want to use the demon s soul.

Obviously don t want to but in case. You ever know that there s boss sould isn t going to give you anything you can use the soul. If you absolutely want to to get a predetermined amount of souls just like a normal solid just use it with caution and then next. I m gonna go back to the nexus and go to the maiden in black.

So i can show you exactly what she s alright and this is the main man black now main menu first encounter her in the very beginning of the game. She doesn t do much other than raise you after you die. In that little weird center system of the nexus. Now the maintenance.

How you level up in the game..

You can t level up with the right way instead you have to kill the very first actual boss finger quotes in the first area of the bullet are a palace that s the phalanx when killbuck many legs you can come to the main. It black to level up just like so no it doesn t and you ll be able to seek soul power. Which is essentially leveling up every time you level up in this game your next level takes more and more souls and the further up higher you go in your levels. Through more souls.

That s required to level up. And it just keeps going on and on endlessly. Until you have all your stats. 99.

That would take the learner crisps amount of souls to do that though so obviously my character is not that far. I shall wait i am now the other thing you can use souls for is buying items you can buy items from different npcs and the soul cost is right there on the right side above. Where the weight is that little kind of yin yang symbol. See it costs one hundred and fifty souls to buy a crescent moon grass consequently.

If you want fresh spice for a spoke. Casters such as myself that might be useful 350 souls at scribe stones. 2000. And so on across the board for all the items you want to buy so you have this kind of dichotomy between what you want to use your souls for do you want to buy precious items that might make it easier for you to stay alive or do you want to level up.

Generally speaking. If you re ever worried about losing your souls. When you die. It s best to spend as many of your souls.

As you can even if it s on items you think you might not need right away because it s better to have them because you ll always keep those items versus if you die after dying once. And you didn t get your souls back. The previous time you ll lose them forever alright. So the next section.

I d like to talk about is the two stats of light or burden and equip burden. Which you can see in the center of the screen right now they re very similar. But they work differently and they function in different ways. So equip burden is essentially what your character has equipped and item burden is essentially how many items you carry on your person total whether or not regardless is whether you have to be equipped so equipped burden depending on how much gear you re wearing depends on how fast your character is and how fast your stamina regenerates.

Right now. I m using mostly light year. So my character can actually run pretty full it doesn t take too much stamina. And when i go to roll my character has a fast roll this makes it easier for me to dodge attacks avoided coming damage and so on now.

If you re equipped burden goes. Too high let s go ahead and put on some heavier armor. So you can demonstrate then your character doesn t quite move as quickly and my stamina goes down a little bit more faster and when i go to do my dodge roll is much much slower now this is the slowest roll you get you can get a roll in between the role that i just had and this one depending on the speeds. But i just wanted to demonstrate how the difference between equip burden works when you have different types of gear equipped so just a rule of thumb the heavier the gear.

It is that you re wearing the slower your character will be and the slower your roles will be versus the lighter gear you re wearing the past your roles will be and the faster..

It ll be easier for your stamina regeneration. Obviously this comes at the cost of not having as good defense with heavier gear now my burdens a bit different my burden is like it just represents the overall weight that your character can carry with item burden. You essentially assault like final fantasy. Where you have unlimited pocket space.

And you can put any amount of items that you have just carry your entire wardrobe of items with you at all times. There is limit now the game will not let you go over that carry burden as it calls. It if you would pick up an item that s very very heavy. It ll say that it ll overburden you and it literally will not let you pick up the item.

So you have to be careful. And that s gonna segue into my next little tip so for my third little tip that i d like to share with everyone is about getting two rings that are available very early on in the game that are both extremely helpful throughout the entire game. The first ring is the rever killian strength. Which you get for training an item with stockpile thomas and the other one is clang ring claim ring.

Gives you essentially when you re in seoul form you lose half of your health. But if you wear the cling ring you get 25 of your health back so instead of being in half your health. You re at 3 4. Elf and i m not just going to show you those rings.

I m actually going to show you where to get them in the very beginning that area. Just head left go through here. I m not going to bother fighting with most of these enemies. It s just basically eyes not really much of a threat you gotta go all the way up to the tippy top of the first area of the tower.

All the way up this way probably yeah so the rhodonite nope. This is the tower. Damn good alright so you want to go down to this first little tower. Because this gives you the first shortcut of the area now when you get to this little area outside.

You can see the remains of the chain links there s two chains here all you got to do is with any weapon. Do a regular attack against them. And you ll break the chains. And two corpses will fall down.

There now we got a little bit more to go down alright. Now this corpse right here. This is where the cling ring is all you have to do is pick it up there s a lever right there you press. It and all of the gates will open up for you to go through take that and all the other gates here will open up.

So you can get access to the tower area much more quickly and the claim ring is right on this body. And then these are the two corpses that will fall down from the chains. After cutting them up there one of them has a jade heron hair ornament. Point.

All you have to do is take that jade hair ornament back to stockpile thomas in the nexus and then he ll you might have to exhaust some of his dialogue..

But once you ve finished going through it eventually he ll point out that he sees the jade hair ornament on your person. And he ll ask to take it from you because he believes it s his daughters just say yes and give it to him when he gives it to you or when you get that ring or it was driving when you give him the jade hair ornament. He will give you the ring of herculean strength in return this ring gives you a 50 boost to your maximum lighter burden. Which means you can carry way more gear than you normally would it s very useful for when you get either really heavy sets of armor or you get lots of upgrade materials particularly in stone fang tong.

Now for my next tip. I d like to discuss what character tendency is so if you open up the menu and go to where it says world tendency you can actually check your character tendency now i m going to try. And see. If i can get some images to pop up on the screen to show you the difference between the different kinds of character tendency.

But if you look at the statue of the human person in the center of the screen at this part of the options menu you can see a different amount of light coming off of them character tendency is only influenced really in two ways either shifting it more towards white by telling black phantoms or shifting it more towards black by hurting and killing friendly npcs. This includes. But is not limited to just about all the npcs that are either starting in the nexus or eventually that you rescue and they come to the nexus. Raising your character tendency.

More towards white doesn t really effect too much however racing it towards black tendency makes it so your character loses a little bit of health. I want to say that if you get to pure black world tendency. It s somewhere around five percent of your maximum health is gone and this is one of those things. It s very difficult to raise and lower mainly because killing npcs is ill advised.

Because even if you don t like an mp. Seeing like patches for example. But they still offer goods and services to you that could be invaluable to you later on even if they re not valuable to you now. Later one they might get new spells and they might get new items for weapons.

Something that might be useful to you later down the line killing them risks the chance that that option is then forever closed off to you if that entire playthrough consequently on the other side of that the only way to raise your character tendency more towards white is by killing black phantoms and since this is 2017 and the games been out for over eight years now kelly black pam s is very rare. The pvp scene of this games for the most part dead so when you kill black phantoms. There s only a handful of black phantoms that are in game. And count towards killing them a rule of thumb for knowing whether or not a black phantom will count as legit black phantom is if they are a black phantom version of a npc friendly or otherwise.

That actually talks and converses with you throughout the game so for example a strava is an npc that s friendly towards you and killing or hurting him shifts your character tendency more towards black consequently when you go to fight his black phantom version later on in the game. He legit black phantom that you can kill and thus will raise your character tendency more towards white. There s a couple of in game mechanics that revolve around it but for the most part character tendency isn t really utilized that much but for the reasons. I just named it s usually best for you to keep your character tendency neutral.

Until you know exactly what you want to eat and going from character tendency goes into now my last tip so again. I m gonna try and put up some graphics on the screen to show up the differences of world tendency. So on this exact same options part of the screen. My last tip is explaining what world tendency is exactly how it affects the game.

And how to raise and lower it more towards white and black respectively. So world tendency is kind of like changing how dangerous the world is there s only one way to make the world tendency of any given area go towards black and if you look in the upper left part of this screen. I m going to use the tower of latria zartra stern as my example i ll start off with a more neutral looking one. So you can get it and then in order for you to get the world tendency towards black you have to kill yourself in human form.

So you have to have maximum health and your tear gas did not have that little glowing blue aura so soulful and every time you die in human form..

It will shift the world tendency more towards black and now i ll try and put up the graphic. That has the black world tendency now when the world tendency shifts towards black you lose a little bit more of your maximum health every time it goes down and then on top of that the enemies get stronger. But the enemies yield more souls when you kill them. And they have a better chance of dropping items and those option or alula.

And those items are usually better than what they drop normal. Now consequently you can also raise the world tendency more towards white the world tendency going up more towards weight is essentially the opposite of when it is towards black. I ll put the graphic up of the pure white world tendency now so you can see the difference and when the world tendency is more towards pure white enemies yield less souls they deal less damage to you and it makes it a bit easier for you to survive. But you don t get as good items or as many good items from them to drop.

As you usually would otherwise to raise the world tendency more towards white. You do have a little bit more options other than just killing yourself like it would be if you were trying to reason towards black you can kill black phantoms. The same black phantoms that i just mentioned for the character tendency those same black phantoms will also raise the world tendency towards white. When you kill them you can also kill bosses every time you kill a boss.

It will slightly raise the world tendency more towards white and when you kill archdemon bosses. Those dramatically increase the world tendency more towards white and then the last thing you can do is killing prime evil demons prime evil demons. Only show up on the world tendency is at or very close to pure black. And when you kill them they have that chance of dropping colorless demon souls.

But they will also shift world tendency more towards white. Very dramatically when you kill them and that concludes this five basic tips like i said if i was going back in time and give myself some little bit of advice for how to go into the scheme. When i was going in blind all those years ago. These would have been the five tips.

I would and as a couple of bonus tips here s another couple of quick little ones. The first thing i want to mention is patience it s very important to be patient with these games especially with demon souls. My opinion because it s the most punishing out of all of them and sometimes the game can be frustrating. And it might be best.

If you re getting really angry to just put the game down for a little while come back to it later. I ve done it many times and it s nothing bad. It s just a way of keeping yourself under control when you re frustrated you re angry it you ll perform worse pretty much almost always than you would if you were home cool and collected and the last little bit bonus tip that i have for you is a link to the demon souls wiki which i ll put down in the description. The wiki has obviously tons of spoilers about the game.

But it also has explanations that are way better than the explanations that i gave and if you don t care about spoilers by all means you can go to the wiki. But if you do care about spoilers. Then you might want to stay away from that until you ve played through the game. At least once that s the way i prefer to do it.

And i highly recommend it. But hey not everybody swims the same way and with that note that concludes this little bit of advice that i have for newbies. I hope you all enjoy it and i hope you tune in for my next. Let s ” .


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