Destiny 2 SHOW OF FORCE Sniper Rifle PvP Gameplay Review Masterwork Weapons

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“Ladies and gentlemen. I m paid to be famous you guys can call me paid paid and in today s video. We are gonna be taking a look at my sniper called the show. We are gonna be going over the perks.

The stats and my final thoughts on it so if you guys are new to this channel be sure to smash that subscribe button and without further ado. Let s go okay. This weapon comes with aggressive frame. This is a high damage high recoil sniper rifle.

You have two choices for the scopes atb long range greatly increases the range decreases. The handling speed and over here. You have the ata scout. This is a short zoom slightly increases range greatly increases the handling speed.

This is the one i use over here you can choose between tactical mag slightly increases stability increases..

Reload speed slightly increases magazine size up top you have high caliber rounds. Slightly increases the range and the last trait perk over here is outlaw precision kills greatly decreased reload time this sniper fires at 72 rounds per minute has a four round magazine. If you guys have tactical mag on if you do not have tactical mag on it is a three round magazine. Which is why i keep it on tactical says.

The impact of ninety four range of 78 stability of 35 handling 45 reload speed. 54. Aim. Assist 41.

Recoil direction. 78. And has a zoom of 43. Now this masterwork dropped with a reload speed which to be honest with you guys.

I m not really a fan of because i always use the ophidian aspect..

So reload isn t really a big issue for me so i m probably gonna re roll this to get a handling perk. Because if you guys were unaware right down. Here. It tells you handling the speed with which the weapon can be readied and aimed when it comes to sniping.

This is one of the most important factors. When it comes to winning gunfights. Now when it comes to pve this sniper rifle. Is a monster like i said.

It is a high impact. So you re going to be doing a lot of damage. And you have the option of switching it over from a three to a four round magazine. So in pve.

If you guys are using this sniper and in a boss..

Damaging phase you guys are gonna have one more round which means you guys are gonna be doing more damage in that short amount of time now when you guys using the sniper in pve. This perk over here. Outlaw is extremely easy to get to activate so if you get a precision kill you re gonna reload your sniper amazingly fast. Which means you re gonna get right back in the action.

A lot sooner now as far as pvp is concerned i ll be honest with you guys this sniper is all right. It is definitely not the best. I ve used which is really disappointing because if you guys are from destiny. One you ll know that haki weapons have had a history of never really being that good.

But is it unusable in the crucible. No you could definitely use this in the crucible and get some kills and do good with it and when you re sniping you re mostly going for precision shots. Anyways. So you re gonna be getting out louder proc.

Getting those reloads a lot quicker..

We re just gonna give you more potential to get quad feeds. Because like i said before in this video. You do have a four round magazine well guys. We went over the stats.

The perks and my thoughts on this weapon. But it is up to you guys to take this into the crucible for yourself. And see what it s really all about and if anybody already has this sniper let me know in the comments. Do you have a masterwork version and if you do what master work perk do you have on your show a force sniper rifle.

I m paid to be famous. I want to thank you guys for sticking around till the end and i will catch you guys around the channel peace. ” ..


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