Discord Custom Status: How To Use The NEW Discord Custom Status Feature!

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“A couple of days ago. Discord released its custom status feature. Which basically allowed its its users to share a status now. I m not a big discord user.

But ve done some research on this and this is what i found so a lot of people are saying when they re in a discord server and they click on that profile icon to try and set status. Which should be there they can t actually see it and you can see on my screen. Here..


I m on the discord up. I can t see the feature either and that s across the board. If i go into all of my servers on the part of here and again. I don t really use this cord.

So these servers aren t active. But i don t have this feature anywhere now the workaround that seems to be working for me is if you actually go onto discord on the web. You re gonna get this feature..


So i ll just open up chrome and i ll show you what i mean so here i am on discord on chrome and you can see if i click on my icon. It allows me to set a custom status and that s in this server. It s also gonna work in this server literally every server. That i m a part of if i open it in the web app.

I m gonna be able to circus themed status now i can set the status to whatever i want so hello. And you can actually choose how long you want it to stay for so if you want it to if you never want it to clear you can click don t clear 30 minutes for hours or today and that s basically how you can do it for the meantime. Now what a lot of people have been doing and i have a video on this people have been like editing what game they re playing to be a custom status and i do have a video on that if you want to go check it out in the description below..


But yeah. That s just the workaround and that s all we know at the minute from custom statuses on discord. I believe they did say they ve rolling this out to different servers. But from what i can see my servers don t have it on the app.

But if i go on to the web app. They all have it so take that for what you will guys that s been discord custom servers. If that helps you out in any way..


Leave a like let me know what you think of the status updates in the description below. ” ..

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