Discord No Mic and No audio fix

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” s going on everybody s spiker zenith here today. I just wanna do a quick quick tutorial on what to do when you cannot talk or hear anyone in your now. This is going to be an issue that would affect you as you are joining the server um. It s not necessarily server side.

Let s say you get into a server with your bunch of buddies and they can t hear you and you can t hear them first and foremost you d be looking at these little guys down here. And make sure that these are not muted or deafened. If you are deafened you re not going to hear anyone or anything. And you re also not going to be heard over the microphone um.

If you just hit mute you re just going to mute your microphone. See this icon here that means that they can t hear you because you were muted. So you can unmute yourself. There it s the first thing you do second thing.

You re gonna do is make sure your microphone is not muted like through your headset. I also have a headset on here i m going to go to my playback devices here that s just easier to get to and you can get to recording from that you can also get to recording just by right clicking and going to recording takes you to the same place. This little guy here. What i m looking at.

Here. Is my headset..

My microphone is not muted right now i have it muted through the microphone itself so i m gonna pull the microphone down to unmute. It and now you can see that i have green lines here showing. If the microphone does work and you re also seeing a green outline on my name in the discord channel. The only other thing you can really do is just make sure.

It s not muted is to click on it twice just double click on it i ll go into levels make sure this guy isn t hit if this guy is hit and he s next. I ll you re not gonna see your voice on here. You re not to be able to transmit at all also make sure your volume is is turned up all the way and that you are seeing some levels here once you hit ok and go back you are seeing this little bar move up and down second thing you need to do just for convenience. Sake right click on this and set.

As default communication device. Let s say. If i set. This as defaults.

Communication device right here. And there s no check mark. Here. There s no phone.

There s a little phone icon there and the headset that you re trying to use should be named so right click on that and go to set as default communication device. You don t necessarily need to do this for discord..

But it s good idea just to have it set by default now. I m also using my yet each record this so this one is select does my default device. So this guy s my default communication. That s just my default device for microphone recording so anyway.

It s pretty simple stuff the next thing. You re gonna want to do if your microphone is working you got a little phone. There and a check mark or both. You know your microphone.

Works and your pc sees it as a microphone next. We introduce just hit ok. Because you know. It s working everything s working ok actually before you close this.

Let s do something else going to properties go to listen and hit listen to this device and you should hear yourself through your headset. If the microphone is working properly just at that dude why and here ya go. I m not gonna keep that going that s pretty annoying. You re gonna be able to hear both of my my voice twice and that but that s what you re gonna hear you re gonna hear an echo.

So then you know and you have confirmed that your microphone is working on your pc. Now that you ve got that bad boy..

Going you can exit out of this you know your microphone works if you still do not have a working microphone and your circles. Not green your buddies can t hear ya. If your circle is green your buddies can t hear you honestly just go down here right click on your little dots give your discord dot you quit that and just bring it back up. If your dot is green and you may even need to do it after everything that you do to begin with because it may just not work you may just need to like close it out and just bring it back up just xing out the window is not going to fix.

It it s not gonna close the application. So right click quit. Discord and start it back up so here we go over and start this back up yet again keep shutting it off and bring it back up. It s not gonna be happy with me for doing that another thing you can do even though your microphone works go to the test channel here i m not streaming.

I m recording. But anyway you can go back into here and if your your thing is not green at all what you can do is go down here into user settings and go into voice and video and under your input device. Which is going to be your microphone you were to send it to your by default. I have except for the default communication device.

So that should technically work. But if you cannot get that to work just hit microphone like in my case. It s a logitech gaming headset. So i m just gonna click that and that ll make that my my headset that i m using just hit escape.

And then again you may have to just go down here and restart your discord by quitting and going back into it if it does not work that way and you can t get it up then something else is wrong with your your system or it could be a usb issue could be you know if your yours in real tech. Audio..

There could be an issue there as well. But if your microphone works via this playback devices and you know it works under recording. Then your issue has to be something with discord and sometimes you just need to reinstall the app. Now as far as you being able to hear other people i check your output device make sure that is set to a logitech g 533 headset or whatever your output devices say you want to use your computer speakers for whatever terrible reason you could select like your speakers for you know whatever.

It s plugged into you realtek audio. Which may be your regular speakers or maybe. Even monitor speakers wouldn t be terrible. Because they re really soft anyway.

The only reason i m even doing this video is because i really just want people to have an idea how to fix these problems if they come across it like if i click this gaming headset and i hit escape again. Whenever you change the setting in discord you may need to exit the application and open it back up to get it to work and hopefully. This works for you guys um. If there s anything else i can help explain to you about discord or anything else just go ahead and drop.

A comment down below. I will take a look at it this is something new i want to try to do i m gonna try to like help people out with their computer issues or you know gaming issues. Anything that you can think of that i can possibly make into a video. I would love to do that so we ve dropped me a comment down below give me a like comment subscribe before anything else and i will see you in the ” .


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