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“Right you conjuring bastards here are for summoners in one party. They identity to tell tell you this. If you do this combination with for some reason your party combination spell skills elements and whatever are limitless or you can just go. Most ob route ever that is for ranger summoners that s about it really you put skills into warfare summoning and just put stench on your range or something like this may accept warfare max out summoning couple of points into huntsman for bow abilities.

And that s it now have yourself a perfect character. Because you can use your incarnate as a tank. If you have a stench on your arse. If you have a stinky arse.

It works and the rest of it just put whatever you want really i ve added elemental ranger here because we are doing a lot of different types of damage and it helps bringing down opponent s armor the other side will cover during the fight. But anyway. If you want the ultimate setup. Go for four ranger summoners that is boring to me.

So i did not go down that route i did something else but anyway now i m gonna summon my bastards my incarnated totem some whatever and start the fight gonna skip first around so that i can infuse everyone with what i want it s a boring process and afterwards. We ll continue i ve summoned all four incarnates infuse them with what i wanted so let s talk about what was the point of this. Why would i do something like this well you guys gave me an idea. And it s an interesting idea how would poor summoners would work together and the answer is really simple puts tension.

Everyone that wants to avoid direct conflict and so the enemies will focus your incarnates instead of gems. All these three guys up top have stench which i will show you a bit later and i also went with two in carnot s that infused by blood. Which means summoned on blood and i also have to incarnate one was infused with necro fire. The other one was infused with cursed elector confusion.

They have some powerful spells at their disposal that you source points. So i want to diversify my damage because we are fighting here bastards that have lower magical armor. And bastards that have lower physical armor. It s important that we deal with that all right so this is the guy that i want to deal with first and i m gonna take him with my blood incarnate.

Because he s got lower physical armor. It s really fun having your army with you and you should also always summon totems in every round with your guys. That is important as well. I m just gonna strike her once that i remove her magical armor now i can dominate her i m gonna throw down fireball decent damage nothing spectacular.

But it not great in carnot s grid. Rarely that s why implemented also in region to my party. Members. So that these incarnates can deal.


Automatic critical hits for one round at least. So incarnate ranged attack. We re going to focus on this bastard. You know how defenders are pain in the ass with a bouncing shield that has a million damage.

Oh great i can target healer from high ground. And i get bonus damage from high ground as well which in turn translates to one dead pardon healer. I m going to explain what i did with him. He s basically summoner tank.

Most of my points are put into wit s only because a bouncing shield that s it i want bouncing shield to do insane amount of damage so i went with auto points into weeds and with which you also get initiative. So that you act first during the turn that is also very important for summoners the rest of the points into constitution and memory. What was needed you need a lot of memory for these setups that i have this is what i did summoning 10 hydra. So fist around 6 points.

So that i can heal up and use armor frost also there is a good combination where you can freeze the ground and that will make enemies life. A lot tougher especially if they want to get to the guys upstairs. They will have to go through the frozen ground. Which is horrible for them and also implement a leadership.

Because he is tank. And it s good that he projects leadership bonuses to other party members and totems and incarnate. Because he doesn t need any more tank ability from this event with savage sortil ge this gives me option to create with bouncing shield living guard more hot he had far out man bigger and better i mean options here are limitless as i ve said this is just my creation go for whatever you want you probably understand already how all of this work. So i don t need to explain it again so here.

We have a lot of ground that is covered with water and it is covered with blood. What i m gonna do is summon more rain now. We re gonna do global cooling and now everything is frozen. These guys will have huge issues coming to them obviously a mentalist will have some spells like impalement that will create oil surface instead of frozen surface.

But that s alright i m doing it one thing at a time obviously i m gonna summon totem as i do with every turn we talk say i did error charge combination with summoning. It s really simple. I maxed out summoning. An error turd then also put some points into warfare.

So that i can enrage my summon and that i can do whirlwind most of the points into intelligence. The rest of the points into its memory. What is needed in typical stop savage sorta. Which rotate executioner of metal affinity with stench and i also used her to infuse my champion with cursed electric infusion.


I m going to summon one more totem and i m also gonna and rage my champion. He will not be able to cast any spells. But he will do nasty crits with normal attacks it s important that you reviews everything one of your every. Single one of these incarnate with power and farsight infusions.

So that they receive a lot of magical and physical armor. He s always going to continue summoning more totems. We have plenty of totals already but never enough right this guy is snake rough summoner talents executioner hadi had several sortil ge stench combat abilities three points into four points into necro but three is enough summoning maxed out warfare maxed out because damage with necro spells scales with warfare and also put couple of points into polymorph as well so that i get tentacle lash chicken claws. Spread your wings.

And i also could have implemented heart of steel. Which i forgot bela s matter. Basic intelligence. Which character with lots of points into memory cool.

Thing is that now when we are surrounded by all of these incarnates and totems if you use rallying cry you re gonna restore a lot of modality and magical armor it all depends on the amount of things that you have around you i m doing a lot of physical damage my scope is gonna create yes did excellent. I m going to obviously target person that has low physical armor. Let s summon another totem. I think the maximum number is 16.

I m not sure but i m guessing before he is maximum for one person then yeah. It makes sense. It s important that you also kept no no no fuck i wanted to fortify myself said i screwed myself. But i will now dominate her so if she fights for me well.

This dummy has totems continue attacking her instead of someone else like that defender for example at the bottom. The biggest issue in this fight are parting protectors. Usually they are not an issue. But in this case they tend to use razzle dazzle grenades.

Which blinds every totem it s gonna pain in the ass to deal with them. But it is what it is and this was completely unnecessary cuz. I should have focused on her you know this target is too far let s use battering ram. Just to go in the vicinity of the elementalist.

I want to focus her with physical incarnate. That s what i m talking about now every bloody totem is blinded. So i can use something like this necro fire. Because i have in the end.


Necro fire infused champion. We did some damage nothing spectacular simple it can t scale with anything except some other level. This is cursed electric bastard and i m gonna wait with him for now i m gonna save some points because defender is about to get to me and i want to bash him down with magical damage as for your own characters they will mostly focus on buffing incarnates healing yourselves and other party members time to go in the fight with blood infuse incarnate. That s what i m talking about ice helps so they have trouble accessing you because of the frozen surface.

While you have and you should have combined your boots with nails. So that you don t have any issues with it so that you cannot slip. There we go managed to crit wanna throw just in case restoration on cb. I m missing 45.

On him. Don t know why i did not use 45 probably forgot i mean so many skills you need to understand this this was done from ground up all of these four characters. And it s normal to forget some of the skills not perfect now his next to the elementalist marksman is charmed don t have to worry about her when i can do though is this electrical discharge on this bastard downstairs. And i can also draw uncanny evasion and say be so that she does not receive any more damage.

Fish. She will be able to escape some of the damage not all of it can still do this someone inner demon. Beautiful thing about his setup is that his inner demon will scale with everything that he s got the horrific screams chaos with intelligence while demonic tutelage scales with warfare. It s perfect setup.

Now it hurt i should focus someone that s got low physical armor. But i cannot yeah they re too far away sky shot maybe could work beautiful damage. You know summon one more totem because there s not enough of them cursed. Far.

Let s go let s go for cursed fire totem history. If the ribbon is such a thing. I don t think that there is i think that s just normal one the pain in the ass for this setup is that you need to constantly pay attention to everything that s going on around you and that sometimes not easy let s throw down the reactive shot doesn t do initial damage anymore. But at least everyone who runs through it will get arrow in their arse time to focus the elementalist.

They tend to be really annoying with their ability to get rid of eye surface with other types of spells. You know these guys are also focusing totems because they know there s a lot of them now here and fortunately all of these totems are blinded. Which makes it frustrating as hell. But what can you do time to start moving on all of these bastards over here here.

We go another razzle dazzle closed circuit. Let s do it there we go. Even she has been dealt with and i need to be careful. I mean i m gonna probably fall down.


Oh wow. He s still on his feet stray. Some more totems. I m blind and so i m gonna use clear mind that clear minded is a special useful with some other setups because you don t want your bastard incarnate to be charmed.

Terrified or whatever so you can constantly help them with peace of mind you only need one point into pyrokinetic for that that makes it invaluable. I cannot target anyone at the moment. That s got low physical harm or not anyway look at this look at the hill from rallying cry. Only because there s a lot of allied things in the vicinity.

I see one of these incarnate sar near me so i will use in rage for the next turn they will do critical hits. Now. Let s summon one more totem here on blood surface summoning. Anything on blood will cause them to be bloody fused.

Which in turn means they will do physical damage to help with the damage output. We re gonna do a superconductor you know i can dominate another person and actually i cannot omit anyone yet at least i can blind her and if i m in trouble. I can cannibalize incarnate or totem depending on what i need. But i m gonna do that right now they re still useful okay now use terrify with inner demon.

There we go beautiful damage you little bit. I hope everything is clear. If you have any questions. Posting comments.

I ll answer as always if i have an answer to your question. It s a cheesy way of doing things summoner in general simply. Because these incarnates are so goddam thinking on level 10. Especially.

When you ve used them with power and farsight in fusion that gives you a lot of maneuverability to do whatever the hell you want both heal to damage. This is just some kind of a mixed setup that i did combine lot of stuff so that i have mixed damage. That s about it you can go much simpler and much more effective than this thank you all for watching don t forget to check out the description please special. ” .


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