DIY Ikea Poang Chair Cover Save Money Nursing Chair

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“Guys so i am sorry this my camera s movie. But i just showed you you a little little video sorry a little clip of my of this ikea chair. We have i m in my office and we kind of rearrange rearranging things you know baby s coming. So don t mind the busyness.

So right now. I m going to make a cover for for that chair. I m probably gonna wash this because this is disgusting thank you i m gonna wash it not probably i am washing this but i m gonna make a cover for it anyways like you know there s like i red sharpie and all sorts of weird stuff on here so i m gonna wash this sucker and look presentable because this is the chair. I m going to be using or breastfeeding.

It is in my bedroom. We re trying to get the little area put set up so that it s easy for me. And the nighttime to breastfeed and all that stuff and change the baby. I don t have to go anywhere else when she cries or whatnot.

I d like to have my baby he s close to me the only thing. We re going to do differently this time around is with my other two we had them sleeping in our bed. We re not doing that this time. And i can make a separate video of co sleeping on co sleeping benefits or pros and cons of co sleeping and the down stream effects of co sleeping.

If you are potentially thinking of doing it there s probably a better way than we did..

But yeah so anyways. I m going to just go ahead and get started and hopefully this video makes sense. This is a preface. I am not a like sewing person like i love doing diy stuff.

But i m not like a expert. So i m hoping that this works out i ve never done this before not this type of situation. So i m hoping it works out for me pray for me the first thing. We re gonna do is we re going to turn it inside out and i m going to literally just pin this all around this is where it attaches to my chair.

So i m going to leave that do the same thing for this because i don t want it to be moving so i m going to pin all the way down here and on the other side hopefully you can see that so i ll come back when i i ll come back when i m done pinning. I cut off some fabric extra stuff and then i pinned around the top. I m gonna start with the top cushion cuz. I don t want to get ahead of myself i rolled the hem over here this is going to be in the back of the the top of the chair.

That it s gonna go over and then i m gonna just settle around how long the pins right now and then once that s done my idea is my idea and i need to cut off some stuff on the bottom like right here. I have too much fabric. But my thought is i m going to also hem all of this and this area right here him and then make ties to connect this on the back of the chair. Because i don t have enough fabric to close it in and i don t want to close it in because that seems like it ll be a pain in the butt to put it apart and then i m going to sew this like this after i removed some of this extra fabric.

It s gonna look like that along with some like three or four ties with that fabric that i ve got over there so let s see how this goes..

I am excited to see how this turns out alright. So i just finished sewing around on the inside right here. I didn t finish it up like they re still open themes. The only seam that i closed up was this one right here.

I was actually about two so this a bad piece to the front piece until and then i realized that that was going to not do what i needed it to do so. It is done this is the first piece. There s still a lot of material. I can in here.

Which is what i want because now. I m going to one close the seams up so i m going to on the inside here just roll. It forward and then that way i can close the seam going down just by a little bit. I don t want it to be too crazy.

Because i obviously still want to make sure that this piece fits over the chair. I m going to be you know isn t going to be tight and i m using like a jean fabric. I bought that two years and years ago when i was into sewing a lot and i found it and i was like this is gonna be perfect. It s dark can see stains and it feels soft.

So yeah..

I ll be back when i finish going around the seams up here as well as going down the seams. I m going to finish these raw edges. But if these raw edges. Which that should be fairly straightforward and then when i get to the bottom.

I m gonna get to the bottom of this i will take another video of what i m gonna do on the bottom. So stay tuned alright. So i sewed up at the top. I have the sashes ready right here this is what i m going to sew on over here.

Once i am once i am doing the the same or the like clue. I m gonna just do it like this i m gonna fold. It over on all sides just to kind of not leave rogers when i do the edges. Thank you so when i do that i m gonna sew these in i m gonna sew four i probably actually just need some up here because the bottom piece.

I m thinking about it i m sorry. I m gonna have it like this i mean more or less. So i m gonna have two times at the top that pillow piece that s already over and then once i m sewing those edges. I m gonna have that there and here i m just gonna sew along the sides i cut some extra fabric.

I don t know where i left it but i cut the extra fabric and so i m just gonna sew straight down i m gonna close the edges down on the bottom sew this together..

So it looks pretty and like it s professional and whatnot and that is it probably should cut this off before i start sewing um. So yeah. I think i should be done in the next hour. So maybe maybe last obviously in youtube time this is gonna be no time at all but for regular people time it s gonna take me about maybe 45 minutes.

An hour maybe even less because this is this is not hard. This is just a and part closing up the the raw edges and then knowing that those two stashes together. Hopefully those are long enough. I think this should be because i m just gonna saw them like towards the on the edges.

Where i m gonna sew the items together. So yeah that should be fine all right hopefully next thing you see is the finished product on the chair here is the finished product. I did mess up right here when i was doing the top here. I didn t do the same thing.

But i imagine so i didn t put the ties all the way out there i could probably have tighten this up a little bit more it s kind of loose. But i am happy with the result save myself 50 60 bucks. ” ..


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