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“Guys so in this tutorial. I m going to be showing you how to make make this really beautiful light box using a silhouette machine or a cricket. I personally a silhouette cameo. But obviously if you have experience using your cricket you can probably just translate these skills over to cricket.

I made this as a gift for my friend. Erica do campo. I will have the video of her unboxing. This linked in the description box below and let s get into the tutorial.

So for supplies. You ll obviously need some sort of die cut machine be it a silhouette or cricket. A shadow box. I got mine from ikea years ago.

I don t remember how much it costs. But they do have them at hobby lobby michaels all those places you ll need white cardstock. I do suggest looking for some cardstock that s big enough to fit your shadow box. My box was nine by nine and a regular sheet of cardstock is only eight and a half inches.

I do have a way of troubleshooting it but obviously if you can avoid that it s easier you ll also need white pipe cleaners a hot glue gun hot glue sticks a light strip which i have linked in the description box below and some scissors. So you re gonna start off by making two boxes to create kind of a picture frame. The outer box needs to be for my box. It was eight and a half inches by eight napa a half inches.

Because the shortest side of the cardstock that i was using that s like the biggest that i could make it now my frame is nine by nine and i m going to show you guys how i tried to fix that later on. But you re gonna take this frame that you ve created and you re gonna copy and paste it three more times so you need four total if you decide to do more than four layers. Then you ll need however many you re making of layers. So my layers were steamboat willie sorcerer mickey the partner statue and fireworks so i just google image search those things and we added the word silhouette to find the image that i wanted so start off by taking your first image and using the trace tool.

I had traced over source or a mickey and then i m kind of shrinking him down to a size that i think will work and then i m overlapping him with the frame and and selecting the frame and the sorcerer mickey and i m welding those two together so i m just selecting weld and it kind of submerges them together. So that they ll cut. All is one piece. So this is the first layer that i ll be doing and on the second layer.

I take my second frame and i repeat these steps so i m gonna go ahead. And do sorry. I m kind of jumping around because sorcerer mickey is actually layer number two. But for this one.

I m tracing over the fireworks deleting. The original image and then i m moving the fireworks over the fireworks were a little tricky because i didn t want them to stay in this pattern of three. So i did have to release the compound path and then i went in and had to like separate each firework..


If that makes sense so i pasted it in another one just to see if maybe i could make it work. But again i just didn t really like how it was so symmetrical so oh and by the way for this last layer. I did delete the inside portion of the frame. Because i m going to cut these out on one solid sheet of paper.

This is the only layer that you don t need the framing on that s the only part that you really have to think about what this is like you don t want to cut out too much to where the paper won t stand up well inside. And make sure that you re using card stock and not copy paper. Because this will not work with copy paper. So this is me just separating the fireworks.

I m just you know holding down shift and selecting the entire area of the firework and then moving it where i like it and then resizing them as i see fit so next you re gonna want to check how the back layer looks with a top layer so i drug over my sorcerer mickey layer and just to see how it s gonna look when it s all put together. You re gonna want to check this every time you do a layer because you don t want things to be like crossing over each other and blocking each other i did try to leave an opening in the center. Because i knew i was gonna have the castle with the partner statue cut out of it and so i wanted to make sure that that wasn t gonna block the fireworks. So now i m moving both of these layers.

Oh by the way before you move the layers over. I would highly suggest making it all one compound path. Because then when you want to move the layers back and forth. You re not miss placing anything and i m just repeating the same steps so i m using my trace tool tracing the castle and the partner statue and then moving it over to my next brain.

So i did have to drag over my both my layers. Because i wanted to make sure that this sized up well with both of them. And i did kind of debate with myself where to put it. But i did decide at the top and then this is where i kind of decided to add in something that i hadn t originally planned so in order to give it like a depth perception and also to allow more light to come through.

I did decide to do like a brick layout underneath the castle. So i started off by doing one of those rounded rectangles underneath. It and then i m going to weld the castle to the rounded rectangle to make it look kind of like it s sitting on top of ground and then i went ahead and made that a compound path and now i am taking this image of bricks that i found on google. And i am i took two of them because it wasn t large enough to use as just one and i m actually overlapping them.

And then i m gonna go ahead. And use my trace tool over both of these and trace the bricks. I don t actually think that i did this in the most efficient manner. So if you have a better way use your better way because see what ended up happening is like i had a line going down for five or six five or six of my bricks.

So i ended up deleting those bricks and then copying a brick without a line in it and like pasting it in its place. Again you probably have a better way of doing this but i did i just i problem solve as i go guys so yeah. So that s what it looked like once i had fixed it i did leave the broken brick in place. Because i wanted to make sure that i had the alignment perfect.

I didn t want to like put the brick down. And it looks like it s like a millimeter off because that would drive me crazy okay and then once you have all of your bricks. Fixed..


You re gonna go ahead and make this a compound path once more and take it over to your image and paste. It in i did have to shrink mine down a little bit and then i believe i had to delete the bottom row. Because obviously. I didn t want to lose the shape of the bricks by like squishing it too much so i just kind of shrunk.

It down a little bit and then i deleted the bottom row of bricks. And then i went ahead and made this entire thing. A compound path make sure you do that because this layer in particular will be really annoying. If you lose like all the bricks.

If they re not all combined. So i just checked my three layers that i ve done and i m moving on to the very last layer. Which is a very simple one which is steamboat willie the og so i did the same thing traced steamboat willie and then this tracing i don t know why i picked this one because it s got words on the bottom. But i think it was just the best image.

I could find so i did have to erase the bottom words. Which kind of left a little indent in the steering wheel. I don t know what that s called so i m moving him over and i originally i put him on the right later on i m not sure if this is gonna be in the video just for times sake but i did end up switching steamboat willie to the left and i put sorcerer mickey on the right and just inverted the images. I don t know why that i think i just thought that it looked better that way.

But i did the same thing. I added him kind of against the frame and then i welded him to the frame. So that it s all one piece and now i m just checking one final time on all my layers. I did decide to change the colors as i was working just to try to make it a little easier for you guys to see hopefully this helps uh huh.

If not how i guess that s okay too. But yeah. This is kind of where i started moving steamboat willie around because when he was right up against the side of the frame. He was kind of disappearing in the image.

So i did scoot him over to only be attached to the bottom. But again. I think i ended up switching his side. So you are now going to get to the point.

Where you are cutting everything out so make sure that you select cardstock on your cup references change your blade setting if necessary and then go ahead and cut everything out. I will say i had to up my blade setting because my blade has gotten a little bit dull. But obviously it just depends on your machine. I highly highly suggest doing a test cut before you start.

But the good news is if you bought a pack of cardstock you ve got plenty to try on so this is just a helpful tip that i have for you guys whenever you cut something out on your silhouette or your cricut. And it s like these little tiny pieces you can use a lint roller to like peel off the tiny pieces that got stuck to the mat. I will say this is like a good lint roller and i actually prefer the dollar tree ones because the stickiness isn t as sticky so they don t like get stuck on the mat..


When you re trying to do this technique. But it does work very effectively. This is the light strip that i ll be using to create this effect and i actually got mine off amazon. However i went to five below so if you guys have a five below they actually sell these for five dollars.

There and they re the exact same thing so i would suggest getting it there because it is cheaper than amazon. But i will have the link in the description box below for you if that s what you prefer so you re gonna want to take what you cut out with your silhouette machine. So each of these frames. And you re gonna need some white pipe.

Cleaners. A hot glue gun and something to cut the pipe cleaners with so start with the first one just by laying down. A thin line of hot glue and pressing down the pipe cleaner this first one i did not trim before i did this and it is easier if you trim the first which is what i learned on my second one so go ahead and take your next one measure. It to the length that you need snip off the excess and then apply again at the end line of hot glue and press down the pipe cleaner.

What these are going to do is be able to create a space between each of the layers. Because if you just lay down flat paper. It s not gonna have that sort of 3d effect that you re wanting in your light box. There s other ways to do this.

But i have found pipe cleaners to be the least expensive and honestly the easiest way because they re kind of already ready to go so now you are going to take that light strip that you had and this is the part where the usb cord. Kind of plugs into the actual light strip. So when you re placing down your light strip. You do have to be careful.

Because you want to plug it into that usb cord first because you don t want that part to be like caught if that makes sense like you want to have space for it in your frame. So you need to account for that at the beginning and not try to do that at the very end now this light strip does have an adhesive backing that is 3m if you wanted to hot glue your light strip down you absolutely could if you re worried about it budging. I wasn t too worried about it and kind of did like the fact that you could take it off because then if something happened to the light strip in this process. You could easily remove it and use a new one so just go down and firmly press down.

Wherever you have your light strip again. You want this to be at the very edge of the frame. So this is the insert for my frame. And i made sure that it was bumped up right against the edge.

My light strip was a little bit too long so in the instructions. It specifically says. This is cut like you can cut it as long as you do it on these copper ovals. If that makes sense make sure you read the instructions for your specific light strip.

Because i don t want to tell you guys something that s not true for your light strip and then plug it in make sure that it s working mine is and then you also can test out that remote if you re wanting to so for this next step. This is how i covered up the gap. That s created since the card stock is a little bit too small for my frame..


So i went back into my silhouette design. And i basically just drew another picture frame shape with two rectangles and instead of cutting it out of paper. I cut it out of vinyl and then i just used transfer tape and placed it on to the glass. This is not my favorite brand of vinyl.

So i am absolutely not giving you guys the link to it. But obviously use a vinyl of your preference this just helped to cover that gap so again this is optional. If the gap doesn t bother you you don t need to worry about this step. But if it does this is kind of the fix that i had for covering it up and then you can place your glass back into your shadow box.

All right so i m starting out with my first layer making sure that my pipe cleaners are facing up toward me. Then i realized that i hadn t inserted the i don t know what to call this the like the frame part inside the frame. I hope i m making sense guys. But the part with the light strip on it needs to go in first then go ahead and start putting in your paper layers.

Making sure that the pipe cleaner side is facing upward. So that you get that 3d effect. So next. I am.

Placing sorcerer mickey inside as the next layer and then i m doing the castle with the bricks and then before i put it in the last page. I m actually taking the back of my frame. And i m going to glue some cardstock down on the back now it doesn t cover all the way like you re gonna see the bottom still shows that cardboard. But it s okay because the like it s not gonna show through with a firework page.

So then i m just gonna go in and cut off the excess following the line of this and then my firework pages inside and now i m placing on the back this really brightened up the lights like i highly highly. Suggest. Looting paper onto the back. And now.

I m just closing up my frame. And this is what it looks like all done. This is what it looks like lit up and wait for it i m gonna go ahead and turn the lights off and show you guys what that looks like because it is magical. I hope you guys liked this tutorial.

If you have any questions please leave them for me in the comments below. I do have the materials. I use listed in the description box. And i will see you guys in my next video bye.

” ..

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