DNP ID400 Passport Photo Printer Overview

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“Right welcome back to another imaging spectrum solutions video today we re going to take take a look at dmps g12 id. 400 passport system so this particular system comes the printer and also comes with the camera so anyway. I m going to show you how to load everything here s the printer you can see on the front. There s a little bay here let s load our paper.

If you look at the media. There s got arrows those are going to go in this way and for summary and remove this sheet and for some reason. If you move the sheet. There s some perforations on the top and bottom of the paper.

The larger width perforation is going to go towards the the outer part of the the printer and the thinner is gonna go into the printer. So we ve got that loaded we re going to slide that in and on the side. I m going to press the button here and there s only one way that this ribbon can go in if you can read sony upc x46 pay ribbon that s the only way that it can slide in right. There.

If you try to slide it in this way it won t fit so anyway slide that into you hear click when you hear click. It s it s loaded and ready to go shut your door alright when you load everything hit the execute button and then that way it ll detect the ribbon in the paper. Okay with that being said the printer is ready to go a couple features i want to show you here with this particular system you re going to have a sd card..


Which has a pee on it p for printer that you re going to slide it into this bay right here on the camera here s the other card. And it s got a c on it see it up in the left hand corner. If y all can see that it s got two c. On it that means.

It s for camera so put that in there load it let s turn our camera on okay. If you notice the camera. It s got crop marks already built on to it so we ll explain that in the video a little bit later. So.

What this is going to do is this is going to send this is going to send a this is going to send a signal from this card to this printer to go ahead and print. Alright. You ll notice on the back of the g. 12.

Canon. Camera. That we have put the mask on the back of the viewfinder..


So this is what it s actually going to look like so you want to you want to line the top of the head up to the top of the square in the bottom of the chin at the i mean the bottom of the box. You want to line up with the chin and get the eyes and the nose. You know as close as you can you know right in the middle. So this is probably going to be close enough.

But this is going to give you an idea of where you want the subject to be placed. While you re taking the passport photo. Okay so now that we ve got it property land up lined up with the top and the bottom. And the arrows right across the middle of the the head.

What we re gonna do is we re gonna go ahead and take a picture all right so that there s your image right there. And now we re going to go ahead and start printing. So now we re gonna find it here there it is we re gonna hit the print button up in the left hand corner and we re gonna hit set and then now the image you can see the lights blinking on the at the printer. So it s sending the image wirelessly okay.

While that s printing let me go over a couple things your cost per print on this for a 4×6 sheet. Which is going to put two two by two images up on one 4×6 sheet. It s going to be 92 cents per..


Print your wireless range on this unit is going to be 16 feet so that should be more than enough for what you re doing 16. Feet is the range so anyway. I did mention on the sd cards. There s two of them one s gonna have a p on it that s for printer.

The other one s gonna have a c on it that s for camera. While the printer is running do not remove the printer card. This will cause issues mm man keep in mind too that when you get the printer. The the printer card the p card is already in the printer.

So if you re looking for it it s already ships with it in the printer. The printer weighs about 6 pounds. It takes a minute 40 seconds to print 1 4×6 or if you re doing 3 by 4 it takes 65 seconds another thing temperature range you want to operate this between 50 and 95 degrees. So anyway also if you re not using this camera.

And you have your own camera. You can buy another system that comes with two the two sd cards and a printer. But if you re going to use your own camera make sure that has the do d pof function..


Which means digital print order format. So you have to have a camera. That is compatible with d pof. Anyway.

If you want pricing on any of this go to our website imaging spectrum comm. Another option that you can get is the bluetooth here comes our print. So the bluetooth comes with the bluetooth receiver. And basically.

If you have one of the old cx to hundreds of the c300 cameras you can use the bluetooth and not have to buy the camera. So anyway with all that in mind there s our image. So it s perfect tear the ends off of it there you go and if you have you a passport cutter. You ll just cut each one of those out and you re ready to go so that should be a perfect passport image.

Anyway if you got any questions. Please feel free give us a ” ..

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