Dragon Age Inquisition – Tempest Guide (Quest & Abilities)

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“And welcome my name is hoss and this is a look at dragon age inquisition inquisition specifically a look at the tempest specialization for the rogue class. I ll start an overview of all the tempest abilities and passives and secondly. I ll show you how you can unlock tempest in the game through the way up to tempest quest. As i ve said in my knight in chapter video specializations require.

Quite a bit more effort to unlock in inquisition compared to the previous two games. So the tempest is one of three specializations for the rogue. The other two being the assassin and the artificer. The tempest is basically a combat alchemist and i would highly recommend the specialization.

If you are building your rogue as a dagger rope. It synergizes incredibly well with the dagger abilities far more so than if you were to go for archery and is definitely in my experience. The best melee rogue specialization in the game starting with the abilities you can immediately pick one of two options as a tempest. The first active ability is called flask of frost flasks are the main mechanic of the tempest.

They are short. But incredibly useful buffs and cannot be used at the same time the goal is essentially chaining the flasks after one another flasks of frost is then both useful for offensive and mainly defensive purposes. It gives you a flat 85 damage resistance for 5 seconds crucial if you want your robe to survive on the higher difficulties for the more although. It is worded a bit differently in the description flasks of frost will freeze anyone in melee range.

Not just those that attack you directly. Now one of the great advantages of freezing enemies in melee range beyond. It of course putting them out of the fight for a short while is that two of your best dagger abilities. Or precision detonators meaning you can freeze enemies with flasks of frost and then hit them with either twin fangs or deathblow in order to do a shatter combo for a ton of extra cold damage you can then also upgrade flasks of frost with the bitter chill.

Passive which taunts all nearby enemies when you use flasks of frost now as you already freeze enemies regardless of whether they actually attack you the only use out of this passive is some extra utility depending on your party composition the second active ability on the other side of the tempest tree is called flask of fire similar to flask of frost flask of fire is a 5 second buff and the main purpose of this. Ability is making all your other abilities cost no stamina. The passive upgrade to flasks of fire is called unquenchable flames..


And this is what truly makes this ability useful with the passive upgrade flask of fire now also prevents abilities from going on cooldown for the entirety of the flask of fire duration abilities won t go on cooldown and won t cost any stamina. Allowing you to spam your best abilities in quick succession. Especially great as a dagger rogue as spamming. Twin fangs or preferably deathblow on a wounded enemy is some of the best burst that you can do in the game you then have two passives on either side of the tree after flasks of frost comes.

The passive called flask master. Which increases your maximum potion come by one and gives you a 25 chance not to put a cooldown on the flask ability. When you use it and after flask of fire comes. The passive called fury of the storm which gives you a 10 damage degrees.

Whenever you are below 50 of your total stamina. We then arrived to the tempest focus ability called thousand cuts. Which does pretty much what the title says you start cutting up your enemies. Very rapidly doing 300 weapon damage every hit with a maximum of 38 hits.

This is simply an incredibly high damage focus ability and also protects your rogue during the duration of it we. Then have two more passives on the flask of frost side. We have right the storm a very useful passive that increases the duration of your flasks from 5 to 8 seconds. If you use a flask quickly after another expires.

Which is essentially what we ll be doing all the time making this a very handy passive and on the flask of fire side. We have killers alchemy. Which gives you a 15 damage bonus for 10 seconds. After using a flask or a potion.

Then finally the last active ability is called flask of lightning for 5 seconds. You enter a personal haste mode. Which slows down everyone around you by 60 basically allowing you to get a lot of free damage in quicksilver..


Then greatly upgrades flasks of lightning. Which reduces everyone around you by another 39 for a total of 99 speed reduction essentially freezing them in time plus it increases flasks of lightnings duration by 2 seconds. I should note that flask of fire seems to have an exploit with it currently i fully expect this to be changed in the upcoming patch as it seems unintended. But when using flask of fire you can do a focus ability without it actually costing any focus.

Which is just incredibly powerful. But don t be surprised if this is going to be changed in the upcoming patch. So i wouldn t recommend actually using it now then here s how you unlock the tempest specialization in the first place like with all specializations your first step is getting to skyhold. Which will happen after certain story missions.

You ll likely be around level 10. At this point. Once you are there you ll be giving the very descriptive specializations for the inquisitor quest. If you don t have this quest.

And you just arrived in skye old. Fast travel to another location first and then go back to skye old immediately thereafter. What happens is that when you first get this guy holds. The place is almost entirely ruined.

But as soon as you travel away and back again. It is slightly rebuilt. It has no actual impact on the story and you won t miss out on anything if you do this. But you likely won t have the specializations for the inquisitor quest.

Until you do so this quest. Requires you to go to the war table. And do the instant mission that is located on the board..


You ll need lilliana for this so if she s on another mission. You ll have to wait until she is back once you ve done that you ll get a short cutscene in which all your rogue trainers will appear you then have to talk to the rogue trainer called keen you will give you the way of the tempest quest. Which unlocks. The tempest specialization.

The first step in the way of the tempest quest is retrieving. The codex entry for the tempest. If you have sarah. The codex entry will be located in a room in the end.

If you do not have sarah. You can go to the book merchants in val. Rio. Where you can buy the codex entry for a few coins.

The second step is gaining three essence containment apparatus to do this you have to go to storms coast in storms coast. There will be three groups of demons that you of course have to slay the first is located in a small area next to the storms landing camp the first camp you get when you arrive in storms coast. The second is located in an area called apostates landing and the third group is located on top of a hill next to a river appropriately called long river. The first group can be easily accessed by going to the storms landing camp.

It s the very first hill to the south this group consists of one despair demon and three raves after killing this group they will drop the first essence containment apparatus. The second group in apostates landing is yet again on top of a hill. But instead of a disparity minh. It contains a rage demon and raves kill them and get the second one and finally the third group is on the big hill section to the north of the long river near the coastline.

This is the toughest group of them all as it contains a pride demon and three raves killing these will get you the final essence containment apparatus. The third step in the way of the tempest quest is gathering three spirit essences. Now..


Chances are you already have the required spirit essences as these randomly drop from demons. Which you ll likely have picked up in previous quests. But if you don t have three of them you will need to do a bit of demon hunting you could try and get the essences by closing rifts. Though this may be a slow process.

If you do decide to do so try and get rifts to spawn race or terror. Demons shades generally drop shadow essence rage demons fire essence. Despair. Demons ice essence and arcane horrors drop bargain.

Whore hearts. So you ll want to be killing the raves and terror. Demons specifically and even then it is but a random drop chance plus keep in mind that higher level rifts will drop crafting materials that are higher levels. As well.

And you need the first spirit as in steer. I would highly recommend going to the fellow mire as your chances of finding spirit essences. There are pretty high for instance every time. I completed one of the 4 beacons for the beacons in the dark quest.

It spawned a terra demon. Which dropped a spirit essence for the more there are quite a few random rapes in this area that have a good chance of dropping spirit essence. So if you haven t completed this zone. Yet.

I would highly recommend going here once that is done go back to skyhold and go to your inspect requisition stable and build the bottle of smoke then talk to keen once more and you can now be a tempest. Thank you for watching my name is ben ass and ” ..

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