Dragon Age: Inquisition – Trespasser DLC – “You re the Dread Wolf” special dialogue option

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“Seat cutter at were host morris. Carter. Your forces have failed leave now and tell tell a qunari to trouble me. No further.

So this ah that should give us time. I suspect you have questions. The qunari answered some of those questions. The information.


I found while traveling through the eluvians answered more your fen harel. You re the dread wolf. Well done. I was soulless first fan her l.

Came later. And in solve. They took is a badger pride. The dread wolf inspired hope in my friends fear in my enemy s not unlike inquisitor.


I suppose and now you know what is the old danish curse we the dread wolf take you muharram lhasa only by omission. Manasa banerjee lana what would you have had me say that i was the great adversary in your peoples mythology. I would have had you trust me i saw to set my people free from slavery to would be gods. I broke the chains of all who wish to join me the false gods called me fan tyrell when they finally went too far.

I formed the veil and banished them forever thus i freed the elven people and in so doing destroyed their world that s the past what about the future i lay in darkened dreaming sleep. While countless wars and ages past. I woke still weak a year before i joined you my people fell for what i did to strike the evanier is down. But still some hope remains for restoration.


I will save the elvin people even if it means this world must die let me help you soulless. I cannot do that to you vinay. But you would do it to yourself. I cannot bear to think of you alone.

I walk didn t answer al. There is only death on this journey. I would not have you see what i become it is my fight you should be more concerned about the inquisition your inquisition and stopping the dragon s breath. You have prevented an invasion by canari forces with luck.


They will return their focus to deventer that should give you a few years of relative peace. There s still the matter of the anchor. It s getting worse. I know vernon and we are running out of time.

The mark would have had me kill you drawing you here gave me the chance to save you at least for now soulless balladeer sula dean. I wish it good for none. ” ..


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