Dyson V6 or DC59 Animal not working? Battery removal

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“Everyone this is the dc 59 animal cordless vacuum from dyson and i m just just do a quick video showing you how to replace the battery. Find the serial take off a canister. And that s first stuff. The battery on this unit died.

Dyson is sending me a new one under warranty. But what i m going to do is just kind of walk you through the process. So basically the first thing you want to do is take off the extension piece and the any of the head pieces. I know my battery died.


The cost the light here is not shining when i charge it and i have a new charger. And then obviously that doesn t do anything so first things first push down this button and you re gonna that s how you open the canister. So make sure you do that over a garbage can first and clear that out otherwise you can get pretty gross. Then what you do is you hold down this and you pull the canister out this thing actually comes off it s gonna be a little hard the first time.

And what you re doing is you re going back this way and then give it a little twist. There is a piece right here and that that s why you can t pull it straight down you have to go out okay. So now the canisters off and the serial number is right in here on a sticker. Yeah.


I didn t know that either i figure to be on the bottom somewhere. There s a lot of numbers down there. It s not it s right in there okay and now to take the battery off it s it s really simple there are two screws that s your charger port not a screw. There s a screw right here.

And there s a hidden screw right here on the battery. And it s at an angle. So you can get into it with a screwdriver. It s a phillips head so you re going to need something pretty tiny.


I m not sure this is really coming through. But uh it s just a little one that looks like a cross so and then take those screws off. I already did it save some time in the video. And then the battery will pull right off that s the battery pack.

There s nothing on it except for this little button and when it breaks still ask you to push that button a few times and see if anything happens maybe it will maybe it won t and then here s the base unit not much more could you hear except remove the filter that s a good chance to give it clean when you are ready to put everything back together together put the battery pack in it doesn t really clip in and just kind of hold the self using friction mounting and now this is a little tricky. So i thought it d be helpful for people. When you re putting the canister back on you need to get this lip piece. See it extending right there get that on so get that in place look for it and then clip.


It in so again you re going like this at an angle. And then it ll really firmly clip back in and you ll know that everything is back together securely. Okay. That s the dc 59 animal.

Although they should hold true ” ..

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