Ear Force XO FOUR Turtle Beach Headset Hands on Review – Should you Buy?

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“What s up to everybody today. I m doing another review. And it s on on the exo floor turtle beach headset founded. Before about a week.

Now and i them on different games like battlefield titanfall call of duty plants. Vs zombies dead rising to try to get a different range of sounds with each game giving you a different type of sounds gunfire on call of duty explosions. I m titanfall the s mi groans on dead rising. 3.

Then just get an overall feel of different sounds with this headset. Now. This is a hundred dollars on the market and i m gonna be telling you the pros and cons. What i like and don t like about this headset and in the end.

I m gonna tell you if i recommend it if you should go buy it so these headsets. Only come in one color. It s the flat black with the neon green and there is two different models it s the xo 4 and the xo 7. Which is around 160 dollars.

So you can go check that out as well i didn t happen to get my hands on that that was a little over my price budget. But i did happen to get my hands on the xo. 4. So i m going to start off by telling you what the cons are what i really don t like about these headsets.

So the first thing. I don t like about this headset. Happens to be the microphone boom. I don t like that it s detachable.

A lot of people have also agreed with me about this..

But one reason why it s detachable and one reason. Why you would attack detach. It is because turbo bleach is actually aiming to use these not for just gaming. But as well as mp3 and.

Music they want you to take out the microphone and use the 35 millimeter. Headphone. Jack with chip music. Which a laptop.

And it s actually stated on the box that it s not just for gaming. So that s what the removable microphone is for so if you re gonna be listening to music you don t have that mic boom in your face. Now that s a downside when you take this off you set it down somewhere you might forget where you put it you might not get somewhere. And you might lose it and then that s pretty much it you can t use his headsets for party time it s also really stiff.

So when you try to bend it into place it ll fold right back. But after a week. I did just did notice that it is starting to kind of break in and will actually hold the form that i want it to so i guess it just needs to be broken in but i don t feel like i should have to break this in i feel like it should just come off the box. And do what i wanted to now another thing.

I don t like about the headset. Happens to be the cushion on the ear cuffs. They re a little bit more firm than i would like them to be i have to put them on the head. You do feel like they don t cushion your head as much as you would like them to but that could also be a good thing at the same time there was a pro and con so that they are a little firm.

But at the same time they will hold up to age so a couple months. Maybe even a year or two from now these don t look like they will deflate. They don t look like they will flatten after time now that that s my opinion because i actually like softer. I don t like firm so in my choice of headsets.

I would like it to be a lot more softer instead of firm as they are right here now another thing i don t like which is also a pro and a con situation when you put the headset on it actually does muffle out a lot of the sound from outside so when you re playing with gameplay..

You won t get any interference from outside as well as you won t bother anybody while playing the game not as much sound leakage as you would expect from a hundred dollar headset. But at the same time when you try the party chat. You can t hear yourself. Which would make you mumble or just pretty much slur over your words as well as screen.

Sometimes so i found myself having to actually pop out the headset. So i can hear myself talk at the same time as here. Everybody else talk in game chat. Now that s a time towards actually playing the game and being in part chat.

But a pro when you re actually listening to music. When you re listening to music you really don t want to hear everybody else you also don t want to distract anybody else with your music. So that s also a good thing that it kind of just sound cancellation. But during gameplay.

It s kind of not sudden you want since you can t hear yourself so when i first got these headsets. They were a little bit tight. But i know this over time they do start to feel better. I probably most likely just gotten used to it but compared to the microsoft stereo headsets those fit a lot better but they did look bulky and boxy these actually contour to the head a lot better than the other headset did enough over time they do start to feel a little better and like i said.

I actually like the fact that these poke outs. I can hear other people as well as hear game. And hear chat and hear the actual world around us. So those of what i don t like about the headset.

Now let s actually to what i do like about this headset. What are some things well to start off the sound is pretty good. I haven t heard any crackling and hissing any static nothing in that sword. I ve had straight clean sounds.

That s a little less base of what i would like specially playing with games like titanfall and call of duty when an explosion goes off..

I kind of want to feel like i m immersive into the game. So a little bit more base on an explosion goes off could have been nicer could have been a little bit better. But overall. The sound is clean.

And it s not high sharp. Sounds that aren t supposed to be there there s good ranges like mids lows and highs. It s all perfect in the headset of course for 100 that s what you re gonna get do you buy a 150 headset. 300.

Allah headset. You re gonna get better sound quality. Now another good thing about the headset. It s the party chat.

I ve never had anybody on the other end have a problem hearing me with the standard xbox one headset. I would have to sometimes raise my voice just as so that they could hear me over anything else or if i m just laying back. And trying to be a little bit quiet. Sometimes would have a little bit of problem with the other end trying to hear me.

But with this there s really no problem at all if anything i ll just move the mic closer to my mouth. So i could talk a little bit lower and they can hear me with no problem. So. That s always a good thing.

So you don t have to scream or yell. And bother anybody else. That s maybe that maybe we ll even with you so after everything we ve had the headset for about a week. I ve put it into about 15 hours of gameplay into it there are a hundred dollars on the market.

And what i recommend these to somebody else well compared to the microsoft stereo headset..

If you had to choose between the two especially with the microsoft being 20 cheaper. I would personally recommend it to microsoft over the turtlebeach. But if you can t find the microsoft or if you wanted to spend a little more. And you re just a little curious about a turtle beach headset over a microsoft headset.

Performing better then of course go with the turtle beach. But like i said i recommend the microsoft over this especially for just a 20 difference you re getting around the same quality sounds. You re also getting features that one another don t have like this being a removable mic. Whereas.

The microsoft just has one that flips up into the headset. So you never have to worry about losing it so in the end you buy these well depends. Like said. If you want go with these but i do recommend you get the xbox stereo headset over these for 100.

I feel like they could have been a little bit cheaper for what you got and in the end microsoft headset. I think overall beats it out so that s pretty much it for today. This is my review of the air force xo for turtle beach headset. I hope you enjoyed it i hope i answer some questions that you may have had of course.

If i didn t answer any of your questions. Please leave them in the comment section down below try to answer them. As much as i possibly can and of course hit that thumbs up button. I appreciate a lot it also helps me out a lot.

And if you haven t already subscribe to this channel for more videos just like this and i ll see you the next peace ” ..

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