Easiest Platinum Games of March 2020 Difficulty – Time – Price – Stacks PS4 & Vita

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” s up ravinder welcome to the easiest platinum s of march 2020. Entry starting right right away with moons of madness. The game is a first person story to him horror game explore the darker side of the mars and to solve some puzzles. Trofeo is a very straightforward game only to miss with trophies and of course.

What is a month with out the artifacts money game. The secret order shadow. Preach hidden. Object.

Puzzles. Minigames and of course collectibles. Mazes first person puzzle adventure game you have to solve puzzles collect coins and escape mind playing labyrinths over 30 mazes a multiplayer mode an arcade mode and of course a story mode twin burger. A sacred symbols adventures a storage room brick breaking game moulded in the style of 80s arcade classic like a commode and breakout fight against alien attacks with some good old fashioned brick breaking hidden fruit.

Time is a cute game of hide and seek with objects scattered throughout the wonderful history of our world find enough objects to advance to the next stage and make you way through all four great ages in epic wordsearch..

Puzzles. There are more than 1500 words hidden in each massive scrollable crate. But fortunately. You don t have to solve all of them to get the platinum rainbows.

Toilets and unicorns is a fast paced shoot them up bullet hell. The player will have to progress through enemies waves and beat. The 15 bosses in the game. There are five different and completely crazy worlds be aware.

It s not the easiest shoot em up and need some skill and the time to platinum is highly skilled. The panel red death and another shoot them up it s a little bit easier and faster platinum that the previous game their source and in games. No motion mode which helps a lot especially if you fight against the boss pre. The home grown is a short horror game about the family dealing with strange creature over several generations.

The whole experience takes about 40 to 90 minutes depending on how much you want to explore with a platinum walkthrough..

The game can be done. In 20 minutes. The section is another shore horror game you started in a house and have to find a way out. But you re not alone.

Something terrible is walking around the house and looking for you the game is very short. But there are no safes or checkpoints so if the enemy catches. You you have to start over from the beginning. Explosive check is a classic arcade game bump your way through 40 levels.

Find the golden key and exit. The township taxers is a fast paced action platformer about a little attack with an incredible skill and the mission find all the eggs to save his species 100 levering total. And you need to complete all of them for the platinum jump. Step.

Step is a pascal game on release the platinum was unobtainable..

But finally they pitched a game. And you can get the platinum in under one hour mecca rama are not a 5 pascal game. 100. Levers.

But 50 are enough for the platinum. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box to fight the solutions. It s also possible to create your own path levers super test. Renault.

Lent words is the secret of super tests. Renaud tx. But this time you play the entire game in a first person view test your skills in special arcade. Modes and different challenges funder poe is a pixel at platformer with 5 different levels and different scenarios.

There are 20 levels..

But for the platinum you only need to complete 12th levers aunt. Alaska homilist. Is saira pat. The ultimate sweet the game is official nor end with a guide you can get the platinum in under 15 minutes.

So guys that are my easi platinum list of march. If you know any other games. Which deserves a place in this video let me know in the comment section below. ” .


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