Edimax EW-7822UAC AC1200 Wireless Dual-Band USB 3.0 Adapter [Review

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“Guys. It s matt from kgk here and today. I m checking out a next next generation a c. Usb wireless adapter from any mac s so ac.

Wireless is latest evolution of the 802. 11 wireless standard. Which both super fast wireless speeds better range along with a number of other improvements. I would like to mention.

However that the new 802. 11. Ac standard is fully backward compatible with previous generations. Anyway.

Let s move on and check it out the wireless adapter comes in a colorful package with a large image of the adapter on the front along with some features being highlighted it comes in a reasonably sized box as you would normally find a wireless adapter packaged in cracking. The box open you get a few bits..

A mini disk. Which contains a quick installation guide driver and use this menu. However i highly recommend visiting the edimax website to download the latest drivers for your operating system. You also get a fold out quick installation guide along with a wireless adapter itself.

I will point out that the adapter is 100 windows 8 compatible taking a look at the wireless adapter itself it has a gross white housing with the turquoise and gray label on the fold out antenna this is a dual man. Adapter which can provide connectivity for both the 24. Gigahertz and 5 gigahertz bands. Obviously the 5 gigahertz band is from a performance being able to deliver speeds of up to 867 megabits per second with the 24 gigahertz band being able to deliver up to 300 megabits per second the 24 gigahertz frequency is quite a crowded frequency band with lots of devices operating in this space moving some of the data communication up to the 5 gigahertz band.

Where everything is less congested. The signals are less subjective to interference. Which can translate into a potential speed boost an adapter that uses both allows you to get the best of both worlds. Each has their advantages and disadvantages and of course.

There is other pros and cons which i haven t mentioned. However..

It is something to be aware of as i ve mentioned the adapter is using the new 802 11 ac wireless standard. Which is capable of delivering speeds of up to 867 megabits per second at 5 gigahertz putting this into perspective. This is nearly three times as fast as the 802 11 in standard obviously to get the 802 11 ac. Standard speeds.

You will need an ac router to get the best performance to cope with this additional throughput the adapter is usb 3. Which not only provides faster transmission rates. But it s also backward compatible with usb 2. Should you not have usb.

3 on your motherboard on the top of the adapter. We have a fold our antenna. This can fold out up to 180 degrees. For better wi fi pick up underneath.

The antenna. And on the sides..

We have some ventilation to help keep things cool on the side of the adapter. We have a wps button this makes connecting the adapter and the device to your wireless network. Really simple just press. The wps button on your router.

Then on the adapter within 2 minutes. And the adapter and ruto will establish a connection. Automatically no need to type in passwords. Just a quick and simple setup again on the top of the adapter.

We have an led status indicator. This is blue in color and lights up when you plug the adapter in setting the adapter up was really simple just download. The latest driver of the edomites website and install it onto your computer via the step by step installation process. This is just the driver.

And you will need to use the inbuilt wireless configuration utility built into windows to connect to your wireless network. Something i really like as the third party..

Configuration utilities can be a pain and not always a straightforward and as effective as the default built into the operating system now in terms of performance. I was easily able to obtain my isps rated speed through this adapter. The setup was quick and painless and the adapter works. Well.

Anyway. That concludes my look at the mx e w7 8. 2. Uac wireless.

Dual band usb adapter a solid ac wireless adapter if you re in the market for one i hope you enjoyed the video don t forget to like comment and subscribe and thanks for ” ..

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