Editing Characters with NearInfinity Tutorial

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“Tutorial will explain the basic customisation nof. A baldur s gate or icewind dale character character using nearinfinity in this video. We will nbe focusing on editing a character s and ability scores hit points starting gold nand xp. I will be using a custom portrait for this ntutorial.

Although. I will be using an in game. Soundset you can use custom sounds too. If nyou want to to learn how to do this please follow my n installing customs portraits and sounds tutorial.

I have linked it in the description. The easiest way to create a custom character nis to pre generate one in game. And then export. It for editing start your game.


And go to pre generate character nyou can also export a character from a game that you are already playing choose your portrait and quickly work your nway down the creation process. We will be editing. The character further in nearinfinity nexport. Your character open nearinfinity and select the game toolbar.

Nat. The top of the screen select open file and browse . Then locate your character s nexported file. It should be in the characters folder in your baldur s gate directory.

Make nsure. You choose the chr file. As the other one is the character s biography select. The ncharacter file and open it and then the select open in a new window option.


This is the overview sheet for your character nwhere. You can view their status and stats. Choose the edit tab at the top of the screen. This will display a list of variables.

That ncan be edited let s start with our character s appearance. First the hair on my character nis a shade of pink that i cannot achieve in game. But it is possible in nearinfinity. I would nalso like match her skin tone and give her unique coloured clothing scroll down this npage until you see the group of variables for colour.

If you click on one of these options. A scrollbar nwith. A palette will appear at the bottom of the page scroll through this to choose the ncolour that you want and double click to change the value alternatively click. The ncolour and then the update value button to the right as you can see my character s hair colour nhas been changed from colour index.


2. Which was brown to colour index. 89. Which is light npink.

I have change her skin to 41 a warm medium brown. I have altered her main clothing ncolour and her minor clothing colour. The minor colour is the trim on her outfit. You can change the amount of gold your character nhas simply by clicking in the gold box typing the number desired and pressing enter.

If you scroll down further you will find nyour character s ability scores you can alter. These the same way as you changed your character s ngold by typing in the desired number and pressing enter you can change other variables. Such as alignment nlore and morale to change your character s experience points. Enter the desired value nin.


The xp power level box. You can also alter your character s current and maximum hit points. When you have finished editing your character nclick the save option at the bottom of the screen confirm that you want to overwrite nthe. File.

And then start your game import your edited character file you should nsee the cosmetic changes in the preview. And the statistical changes in the character sheet. Nconfirm your character s name and you re ready to go. ” .


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