Elder Scrolls Online IS CANON LORE & So Is TES Legends

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“Back ladies and gentlemen now. I m making this video to make this subject. Very very clear and the answer. Very plain and simple as there is a lot of surrounding.

What is and is not canon in regards to the elder scrolls legends and the elder scrolls online. If you ve read the title of the video you already know the answer. If this answer. De stresses you at all hopefully.

This video will sate your distress. Now these answers. I m giving you a coming from the producers. And the studios themselves this isn t an opinion.

I ve cooked up these are raw facts so please for the love of vivec sphere. Watch the whole video before commenting as there s a lot of angles. And a number of hot topics that need to be addressed when it comes to the elder scrolls online and the elder scrolls legends and lore. So again.

Please just sit back relax and watch the whole video to get all of the information and all of the angles for all of our sakes. But most of all for your sake. So one of the most common questions that i get is is the elder scrolls online. Considered canon in the elder scrolls universe now not only do i get asked that a lot.

But it s a question that i wonder about regularly as a content creator whose sphere is essentially all elder scrolls. I m sitting here like can i play these games and make videos on these games are they considered canon is it a waste of my time is it a good use of my time. I don t know and i actually found finding the answer quite difficult and i m sure a lot of you are in the same position. However unlike most of you i am in a position.

Where i do have access to people within these companies so over the last week or so i have been pursuing the answer to these questions from the companies themselves. And the answer is yes. The elder scrolls online and the elder scrolls legends are considered canon within the greater elder scrolls universe. It is in arguable as it s not up to me.

And it s not up to you it s only up to bethesda game studios and zenimax online studios who both agreed during the elder scrolls online and the elder scrolls legends conception that they are canon. Again this is not my opinion. This is a fact my opinion is irrelevant..


And so is yours as this is an objective matter and not a subjective one the only people who can truly dictate the answer to this question. Abhi gs and zeus both of which have said yes. The elder scrolls online is canon. Now matt firewall.

He s basically the todd howard of zenimax online studios who make the elder scrolls online and to this very question. When i interviewed him promised common questions i get about the mind is whether it s mores considered cabin intro elvis rose yes. It absolutely is we we have full time we have one full time war master. That does nothing.

But work with bethesda game studios to make sure that there s a consistent timeline. The characters are consistent naming is consistent the timeline is super. Important force and to any war. But this is why we picked the time that we did four over scrolls online.

All those years ago. When we started the project was we wanted to pick a time where there wasn t a whole lot known about it so we could at least tell our own stories with with our own characters and we do that. But yeah. When you start to bring in things like the city order in the history of baltimore yes.

We re very much tied into the main. The elder scrolls online is considered canon in the greater elder scrolls universe. They have a law master who works every day and is in contact with bethesda game studios. Every day.

Now bgs is law masters. Also greenlight what zenimax online studios scrolls online. So bgs and zooss work together daily. So this isn t one studio fighting another going our stuffs canon.

No it s not yes. It is this is both studios agreeing on content. That is canon in the law and while we re here the elder scrolls legends is in the same boat. If you don t know the elder scrolls legends has a story mode in which a single player campaign takes place and the events that transpire are also considered canon in the great elder scrolls universe.

So if the uncertainty of the validity of these games. Within the canon has ever deterred you from playing the elder scrolls legends all the elder scrolls online. Then there you go you now know the truth feel free to play them..


Knowing you are only bolstering your elder scrolls knowledge and not hindering it so if you ve never played them go have a plate. The elderscrolls legends is free to play. And the elder scrolls online has free to play weekends every now and then so you can check it out then or you can just watch some videos on it to check it out and if not no problem it makes no difference to me. If you do or do not play.

The elder scrolls online or the elder scrolls legends. I get it if you re into scam. And you re into single player games. First person open world rpgs and these other gaming genres like strategy card games or mmorpgs aren t your thing i get it trust me for example.

I don t like reading books. I hate it i can t concentrate after reading each page. I have no memory of what i just read. But when it comes to the elder scrolls and there s an elder scrolls book you got damn bet.

I m reading that sucker. So. If you are an uber elder scrolls fan and love the law. Well you now have two games.

That are canon and constantly getting new content you can play them right now and continue learning about the elder scrolls universe and also learning things about the elder scrolls universe and the elder scrolls law. That you wouldn t learn from any of the other games. So for anyone stinging for more elder scrolls lore. It s here with the elder scrolls legends and the elder scrolls online.

Now luckily for me mmorpgs and strategy card games. I enjoy so playing the elder scrolls online and the elder scrolls legends is fun for me. And again. If you don t like the games.

I get it totally understandable and for those of you in that position. I do plan on covering major or interesting law events that transpire in both the elder scrolls online and the elder scrolls legends to spread the new law to all of you who are hesitant to play the games. But most importantly for everyone to know for certain that yes the elder scrolls online and the elder scrolls legends are considered canon. Within the elder scrolls law by every party.

Involved with deciding on such a decision. Okay. So let s get into some of the more meta..


Things here now when it comes to the discussion of the elder scrolls online. Being canon within the law. Some people type up a big list of law conflicts. It has with the already existing elder scrolls law.

And then they present it and go look at all of these inconsistencies conflicts and errors. How you possibly say that this is law well firstly again. It s not up to me. And it s not up to you to say what isn t is not law and of course.

We don t want inconsistencies in conflicts within the law. But it happens and it has happened in every elder scrolls game and a lot of the time it s intentional okay and now we get on to the unreliable narrator okay. So what does that what does that mean all throughout the elder scrolls games and narrative device or technique is deployed called the unreliable narrator. This is a phenomenon in which the source of information from within the game is incorrect within the universe and intentionally so for example.

The same way people in real life. Iran and they might pass on incorrect information unintentionally. While that happens in the elder scrolls as well often times. There are two or three or even more reports and recounts of the same event within the game.

But none of the matchup will line up so we have three sources from the law from within the game on the same topic and all of them conflict with each other again this is due to the unreliable narrator. The person within the game or the source within the game. Giving us information is wrong like if some peasant in moral tells us about some crazy event that happened 5000. Years ago.

He s probably wrong he wasn t there that s like me telling you about something that went down in an ancient egyptian alleyway 5000. Years ago bets are i m 100 percent incorrect well so was his mortal peasant. But of course people listen to the peasant because it s in the game then later when the actual events are revealed. And what actually happens.

It s pointed out as incorrect when in fact the original source of information. The more full peasant. He was the man that was wrong with that set. Yes.

There are clear law conflicts. Two pieces of elder scrolls law that already existed and we cannot attribute these errors to the unreliable narrator. But again this has happened in every elder scrolls game..


We ll continue to happen in every elder scrolls game for example in morrowind all of cyrodiil was clearly described as dense jungle by an imperial who lived in serie del sur adil is the cradle of human imperial high culture in tamriel. It is the largest region of the continent and most is endless jungle then the elder scrolls for oblivion rocks up. And sir. Adele is not jungle at all then the law was retconned and talos turned serie dough from jungle into not jungle ok no problem then the elder scrolls online comes around sent roughly 800 years.

Before the other scrolls for oblivion. And guess. What cyrodiil is also not jungle 800 years before it was made not jungle. So.

Then they added. The law that talos made it not jungle all throughout time or in the elder scrolls. 1. Arena.

Skyrim is a frozen wasteland with only the reach in the west being green ah. Then what happens. The elder scrolls five rocks up and only two of the nine holds of frozen. What happened to that law again the list of these inconsistencies are long and present in every elder scrolls game and the elder scrolls online is no different.

And when some new content comes out that has some new information that conflicts with whatever we thought. It was remember the unreliable narrator. It was probably giving us misinformation from the beginning and intentionally as well well intentionally from a design perspective. And while i m not excusing.

Any law breaks or read cons that the elder scrolls online makes to act as if it s only eso in which such things happen. That is just plain incorrect. That is wrong so i do hope that this helped you understand why law errors occur. And why we have ever conflicting law due to the unreliable narrator and i do hope that this has finally put your minds at ease with the indefinite facts that the elder scrolls online.

And the elder scrolls legend story mode are both canon law in the greater elder scrolls universe again feel free to check the games out. And if not be sure to subscribe because i ll be covering all of the cool stuff here on youtube. So thank you very much for watching. And i ll see you very shortly in the next vid.

” ..

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