Electric Blue Nintendo 2DS Unboxing & First Impressions

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“Here from bw1 and we re going to do an unboxing of the nintendo. 2ds 2ds now why it s called a 2d as well it is part of the family. But it doesn t have the 3d capabilities. It s basically the entry level model into the 3ds family and nintendo was hoping that this will go for the more budget conscious gamer.

The entry level game or the kids or some people that are just looking for something put the play in a handheld variety and don t necessarily want all the 3d capabilities and extra features that you get with the 3ds. So we re gonna do an unboxing you may give your first impressions and see how well the 2d has fit in the 3ds family all right guys let s get to unboxing nintendo 2ds here and doing this different camera angle again here from boxing let me know in the comments. If you guys like this sort of thing. I m trying to switch up the views every now and then it gave you some fresh look at some of our videos.

I might do some of the old school style something new like this as well from time to time. But let me know if you guys like this so. This is deists the box that it comes in we have the electric blue color as we chose here. Let s go ahead and slide.

This bad boy open here. If we could get that little slab open right. Here. Let s go ahead and pop that out there we go let s see what else we have here sigma gap.

See what s coming with what it s packing alright whoops sliding out right here. See what we have we have in this bag looks. Like we have the yes manual guide instruction really thick thing. There it s like you have actually a hardware oh you re club nintendo code which you guys are not going to get here a sticky sticky looks like it does come with a our card.

So you still have the ability to do that so that s pretty cool see us. We have here. We have the charger. Typical dom charges.

You have with the typical dss cos..

We have inside here just go ahead slide spots up inside. I got this tight in here. All right slide that open whoop. There we go.

There s the 2ds all right slide it open okay here take a look i ll see what we got here. Let s fly some of this stuff over pretty nice it does have more sort of a kid like look to it it s more of a definitely you definitely made more for kids of course. Here has sort of a lego kind of look to it i sort of the color of legos. I would say they re not lego here itself.

It might be a promotional idea for an attendant. Maybe think of it with them. I don t know all right take a little we have here we do have on the front. I know we have the directional pad here you have your d pad.

You have your you have your analog stick here you have your typical a x b y buttons here starting select here on the side looks like we have power button here at the bottom home. Button here. Notice a 35. Inch top screen.

This top screen display and a 3 inch. Touchscreen display here at the bottom you have a mic port. There it looks like one speaker. I know this isn t a little speaker.

This is just one speaker here. I don t see any headphones in here. Let me just check to see if there s any headphones. No then come with any headphones and kind of sucks.

There would have been nice to see that in the package..

It s an n fold. Some sort but oh well alright kudos. We have we have the headphone port there at the bottom. You have your sleep mode right there.

So that s so basically so switch instead of closing. It because you don t have that the clamshell style. This is more of a slab style you can have to use this to put the ds to sleep. So to the s.

You do have the stylus here on the side. So you can pull that out the stylist right here so you could get the stylist. That s pretty nice. We have a card slot here on the side looks like we have a card inside of it i think it s a 4 gigabyte card yep at the 4 gigabyte card from samsung.

Interesting there so you get. 4 gigabyte. The story to start off with it i believe it comes with one gigabyte of storage internally and see here in the backyard. I want our button to at the top you do have your ds card slot.

There you know like i said it ll play 3ds games. It just will have the 3d mode. There with it you have your charging port here at the top as well right here on the back. You do have your double cameras.

That s going to be for your ar video and stuff. Like that water. If it takes 3d pictures. Even though it can t show it in 3d.

And that ll be pretty interesting..

I found that it would because it can t really use it in that in that regards cos. We have here pretty much it we have the volume here on the side. Nice. You have a little hand strap.

There does fit down pretty interesting in the hand so far from what i can tell let s go ahead and power this bad boy up here hopefully. We have some power or some juice in here. Let s go to power. It up also we got something yes we do let s load it on up to me this is pretty interesting i mean.

It s definitely entry level on so far. My favorite es. It s been a 3dsxl. I really like the dsi xl sells happy to had a 3ds xl which i definitely like the bigger style size here so su.

We have you know sorry gotta go through the c setup here. Just quickly run latest down here does lay down. Pretty phat and let s take a look at her go through this so i m doing this upside down. So i take me a couple seconds to navigate through here alright.

So we have a a note on a note regarding systems display. Although it is a nintendo 2ds system camera all 3ds games so kind lets you know that ahead of time is nice referencing. The uselessly. We can skip this stuff maybe we can just get home nope.

We can t do that we got to go through the date and time and all that stuff fun stuff. So. Let me go ahead and go ahead and set this set this up here. And then we ll just kind of skip over this and get into the meat of the software in the two yes here we are with the nintendo 2ds all set up to go let s start.

The software is very similar to the to the other 3ds family looks like there s no different area on the tendo zone like have activity log..

So i m doing this upside down the face rate. I think that s my face raiders yep face raiders a our games a shop street me pass they got your 3d s. Sounds for music at your cameras there and if we put a game inside of it you have helped the safety information product organizes as you want to that s nice. We ve got a few different ways to go about that and that s good just take a look here game notes.

If you want to make some game notes alright pretty cool i m pretty sure you can be able to use psych 3d s system transfer if you re going to transfer on with 2d after 3ds. But i don t think a lot of people are going to be doing that especially if you already have at the vds. This isn t really mad for you this is really meant for people that are just entering into gaming and not sure what will they want they don t wanna spend too much money you want to save a little bit money you can use d3 yes. Here also yeah.

Some notifications and such so yeah. That s pretty much what we have here with the 2d s. Uh. It s it s interesting it i m not quite sure i don t think.

It s a my personal product category. But it might be for like i could say i think it s really for those people that are entering and i think for a lot of like pretty much kids just look at the design of it in general looks like a little more durable like i said the block you sort of build to it it gives me that there s not feeling of lego sort of look when i look at it here. But i m interested in definitely trying to sell see how battery life is you know gaming on it is gonna be a little bit difference in my hands are so huge. So be very interesting to see here.

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