Electrolux Ergorapido Brushroll Clean 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum with Mary Beth Roe

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“Stick vac slash hand vac that basically is cordless bagless. It uses cyclonic action. This this is going to be so super easy to use. But here s what you to know first of all its customer top rated.

So our customers love it second of all though. This is the last day at this featured price of one ten twelve one hundred ten dollars and twelve cents and not only that we re giving you six monthly easy payments of 1830. So it is super easy to be able to get home in about a week s time and i think this is what i call everyday cleaning not once a week. This is your everyday and diana irvine is joining us right here great to have you guys to be with you again you too let s talk about this because this is the last day.

We can get to set this price and on six easy payments. So i want to know like my first thought is i want to know about this yeah. This is truly my little cleaning secret when i talk about how do i keep my house clean for kids. A husband.

A dog and a busy life this is what i use everyday and my kids use it too. It s a two in one like mary beth said. I m holding the handheld which i just popped out of another unit and it s a stick vac so i don t have to bend over it s cyclonic. It s bagless would you would you just absolutely land.

What i love is it has a technology that you ve never seen before because it has what they call brush roll clean so if you have long hair. If you have pets you re going to love this for me. It s the crushed cereal in the morning. The kids made breakfast and guess what s all over the floor mary beth.

It s not just the cereal. It s a cereal that they walk through and crush yes on the floor. It s the toast room yes the toast remnants right this is peace. But what s so nice about this is that it s quick it s late it only weighs about five pounds.

But it has a special feature that you ve never seen before except for on an electrolux and this is called brush real clean so if you look at this brush roll or you look at this one. Here. You know what happens to brush rolls over time they get clogged and if you don t clean them you re cutting this off you re pulling it off or unfortunately your vacuum will stop working efficiently well what happens is when each time you use your vac you re going to just turn it on first and for about eight to ten seconds. You re going to step on this hetal that s a normal sound.

It s a friction sound. It s going in into a moving from the brushroll. The hair and it s depositing. It let s see how we did here so positing it in the bag.

Let s desc up so look at this you saw all the hair. That was on here before there is no hair on here..

Now what that means to you is it s a self cleaning back. But it means. It s going to run more efficiently longer. And it s going to be a little bit of a workhorse for you around your house.

Because you can go and this is by the way our only ergo rapido that you can actually use on on carpet as well so we re talking bare floors and carpets and at the same time a price tag of 18 35 cents. A month to be able to get this home and use it alright. So here s the carpet alright. So stick backs don t do carmo stick backs don t.

And the reason. Why they hadn t in the past is because they didn t really have wheels to push over the carpet. This is nice wheels on it in a second. I ll give you a quick little tour of it.

But what s nice about this is you can zip over the carpet. So we have a dog you know i ve got the kids we get we have some kitties you can zip right from carpet to linoleum or hard tile floor. You can go from the kitchen to the bathroom up and down the stairs if you ve got hardwood floors you re going to love it and again as i mentioned if you ve got hair or pets. You re going to absolutely love this because of that brush will clean feature.

This being covered with hair. Now normally you re going to cut it out you re going to pull it out. But what you re going to do in this case is you re going to flip it over you re going to turn it on and then you re going to step on this pedal. And the pedals going to go to work for you the hair from the dust from the brushroll depositing.

It and giving you a fresh clean vacuum. And you should do that every single time you use it yeah hey. By the way. There s two colors to choose from we have it in silver and black and the silver one is definitely more limited so if you want the silver you definitely need to get it right away.

Because that s not going to last and the black. We don t even have a lot of that to go around plus like i said the price goes up at the end of the day. Today and the easy pay goes away at the end of the day. Today.

It s customer top rated. We ll show you what some of the customers have said how easy it we said. It s cordless bagless and all that so easy to you first of all i just removed the desk cup all you re going to do is take that off and you re going to empty it in your trash. This is completely washable and reusable so these filters will come apart.

You can wash them in the sink. There even as a fine particulate filter inside with a spring action..

Which is really nice because that helps to drop all the dust. I just saw that need you could see it come on yeah and so it s really such a nice tool and then if you want to use the handheld you pop this off and then you go to town above the floor. And if actually you don t mind. If you go to the couch behind us okay.

And we ll take a look at how that works. There s the other thing i loved about this handheld is that you don t have to actually hold the button down right and just turn it on and a lot of times. You re right you do have to do that so that s a little bit cumbersome with this you re right you let it go. And there s a couple of different speeds.

Yeah for me. This is just quick and easy cleaning. Oh. My goodness somebody s coming over in five minutes.

I need to get the dust the dirt. The dog hair mullen. The mulch all the stuff that was eight exactly and you zip around the whole house. But with the handheld this allows you to get into the car this allows you to get between the cushions for me you know i i m a little bit easier going after mid on my five year old she s been eating cereal in the living room and she s really not supposed to but it s by the time two numbers a surprise number four.

So you can get down in between the cushions with this crevice tool. Which is part of the chores on board and they in the base. You can also snap on a little brush here or you can put it on the crevice tool. You can use this just to zip around and clean up.

Where the message are wow instead of getting out you know a little groom and little dust brush. Why not just be able to go around the kitty litter the dog put the dog food bowl or even where the cat or the dog loves to lay in the living room. I mean. This is just great it what makes it fast makes it easy.

And it s so effective. I mean it doesn t weigh much i know it doesn t and by the way. We ve mentioned its customer top rated. And there was a customer review on the bottom of the screen.

And i as i was reading it it was saying how she s never written a review for qvc before. But she just had to because she loved love loves this electrolux stick back hand back combo. One quick thing i wanted to ask too is all we have to do is plug in the base. And then we can just set the base and it charges do we charge.

It overnight. Yes..

You do charge it overnight. Okay on the first charge takes about 16 hours. And then after that you have the ability to just come and go with it and how long will it everyone s about 20 minutes. Escort.

So you have about 20 minutes. Right and then let me. If you don t mind let s go on a little tour. This silver has sold out only black remains.

Which is what you re seeing right here with a little bit of orange on it yeah. So it s first of all i love that the head swivels. If you notice when i turn it on there s also lights. Why does that matter because when you re going underneath.

The baseboards or your cupboards earning around the tables you can actually see what s underneath it stores right here in the base you can actually mount the base to if you want to inside here is the crevice tool. This is where the crevice tool is actually two in one the crevice tool and the brush live right in here. So you never lose that little extra tool a lot of times with vacuums they give you an extra tool and you lose it somewhere right right and then it stores right on here to charge. And what s so nice too is that you have the brushroll technology.

Here so very simple to use you can take out the handheld and of course you saw how the dust cup works pull it off and i don t think there s anything in here right this moment. But and empty it out washable reusable. So no cost of ownership right. It s the simplest and easiest way to keep them outside can go anywhere and we were talking about you know in the car and all around the house.

But guess what it s summertime how about on the boats yeah and things like that where you get a lot of bugs and whatnot and you want to just you know get that done. This is the way to do it electrolux has been around for so long that is a name that i think a lot of people in america has trust our first vacuum with howard s grandmother. No great grandmother s vacuum electrolux that she had already had for 40 years. And we had it for another five or ten.

Oh. My son s. You know it s a long time here s the other thing. I want to quickly mention these are going fast the silver is gone.

We only have the black remaining. If you want this the price goes up at the end of the day. The ez pay goes away at the end of the day and to get it on six monthly payments. It comes up to eighteen dollars and 35 cents a month to be able to get this home in about a week s time for your everyday cleaning okay so here we have carpet again yes bluebird in a in a roof in a kitchen.

It might be a family sure it might be the entry carpet. Ways you know if you ve got runners or things you don t want to have to drag out a 17 pound vacuum cleaner you know every time you have a small job to do this to me is so quick and easy how it swivels to that swivel is just maybe you want to try that idea it s really nice because it s just a easy turn of the wrist..

And it pushes right over the car because it has big wheels on it telling you what five and a half pounds. My kids weight more than that when i give birth. So you know most kids do so. But look at how easy that is if you re going to go under the baseboards boom.

Yeah and i love your swiveling make that easy super. Know when you re going under you re on cabinets in the kitchen. So much nicer to be able to see the path illuminated. I know going around the dining room table even it s difficult and you don t even realize how many dust bunnies you have in your house until.

I tell you like no they do they that s why just like regular bunnies by the way. I do want to say that we started with 900 of these fewer than 300 remain and black. Only the like we said the price goes up at the end of the day. The ez pay goes away and you know what this just makes life easier does but you know that when you pick up hair or string of any kind or strings off the carpets or the rugs and stuff.

You normally have to cut that out that s hard this one does it by itself there s a nasty job. Yeah i mean it s so much nicer. We have self cleaning ovens. We have self cleaning irons.

Why not have a self feeding back tell us how to do that i turn it on step on the pedal. You can see it takes about 8 to 10 seconds or so if you don t get it all off in the first try give it a few more seconds. Sure i recommend to do this every time you go to use it it only takes a couple of seconds. And the reason.

Why i recommend that is because i want you to see then i need a little bit more time on this guy. But i want you to see that what it s doing is it s actually removing it and putting it in the dust cup. So that you can dispose of it and not have it left behind the waited to a fresh long clean is to be able to have a clean brush roll. And that s what you re going to get exactly right ok.

So here s the thing there you see it in the handheld. Then you see it in the stick vac the handheld just sits right in the stick back it s that that s where the motor is so that s why you ve got two in one and 110 dollars and 12 cents can i just say that sounds to me like a really really good price. I mean for electrolux that seems like a videos actually we ve had others in the past that actually were more so it s so nice to actually have something that s good on carpet as well you know when you need something that s just day to day. And you don t want to drag out you know a big huge vacuum cleaner for the crumbs.

When you don t want to drag out you know the vacuum cleaner to run over where the dog slept or or just a little stuff that the kids dragged in isn t it nice to go to something that s lightweight easy swivels. But is going to cut the hair off the brush roll by simply stepping on a pedal and going to town room here putting it in the bag of desktop and then you just go to it when you need it okay so i want to give you an update here s the thing you need to know we started with more than 900 of these we have fewer than 100 of these electrolux stick backs. Remaining and remember it s ” ..


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