Emachines Laptop Review

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“What is up youtube. Doing a review video for emachines laptop. Do believe we categorize categorize as a notebook or a netbook. See emachines.

I have the door monitor on model of this one is a 627. Unfortunately does not have any built in webcam like i hoped it would like i said i haven t dual monitor. But i don t know why it went small. Anyway.

So what the laptop looks like it has a trackpad. The dvd burner that actually does not work anymore cuz. I broke it somehow there s two usb ports..


A vga port for external monitor headphones microphone nothing too much spectacular for this one yes. I meant there were spectacular yeah. This is basically what it looks like it s actually a pretty heavy computer. So it s opening back up screen go back on so i want to stay on and here is the desktop view of the.

Laptop it s got a 16. Gigahertz processor. It s not very powerful or anything. But i ll pull up the specs for you guys let s see here it s got a 156 inch screens lcd and say glare it s gonna amd athlon 64 mobile tf 20 at 16.

Gigahertz a single core with 512 kilobyte of l2 cache dvd burner. It s got wi fi has 80 ati radeon hd. 3200..


256 megabyte its integrated of course ddr2. The do believe this has 1 or 2 gigs of ram. I don t remember see it s nothing really too much important. Oh.

It has 2 gigabytes of ram. And it has a 160 gigabyte hard drive the battery is well not very good because it s probably old. But um yeah. It s seems pretty decent.

It plays video is the flash player works pretty recently it will not play any hd videos. But it will play anything under law 720p and under it ll play fine on the on its built in rate on graphics card windows experience index is not very good i guess the processor is probably the worst. Part but for a 16..


Gigahertz. It s decently fast enough for me. I have windows 7. Not professional on it let s see nothing much just spectacular for it it s a decent little computer good web browser youtube viewer.

But that s pretty much it so far and we switch this screen over so you guys can see exactly what looks like on the actual laptop screen itself this stupid camera. I want to focus thumbs up pretty clear it s got a good decent sized 156 inch lcd screen like i said battery life is decent considering it s just probably a couple years old already as trackpad scroller. Which i hate so. I have a mouse hooked up to it makes.

Things a lot easier pretty responsive doesn t lag as windows 7 professional on it i have i do believe. It s the 32. Bit os on it but dvd drive does not work..


So that was a pain yes just to get the operating system on the drive itself. Here s my second monitor for the desktop with all my monitoring software and gadgets. Which is gonna be upgraded probably this month. The next month with a new motherboard asrock 970 a screen xtreme 3 with a evga 560 ti graphics card 600 or a 650 watt power supply i think i m getting i don t remember gonna get some fans for it power cables sata cables scram so make sure you guys stay updated.

So i ll have a nice built on the desktop shortly so that anyone you guys think. And yeah. That s pretty much it thanks for ” ..


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