Enabling Multiwindow on the Pixel and Pixel XL

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“Android 70. Nougat google has finally embedded multi window or split screen functionality into the the core android operating system and today i want to show you how to enable feature on the pixel and pixel. Excel. Now if you have another.

Smartphone that s running android 70. The oem may have kept this same functionality in its software or they might have implemented it differently so just be aware of that so to start..

We re going to need to launch both applications that we want our multi window feature on so just to give you a brief example. If i want pushbullet as one of the screens. And then i want the settings application as the other just go ahead. And make sure you have both of those open and they re in the recents section.

Then you re going to launch one of these applications. We re going to press and hold the overview button..

Which is also known as the recents button and then we re going to get a list of all of the applications. We have open and then you just need to tap on one of those apps as you can see whenever i tapped on that i was told that this application might not work in multi window mode. So just be aware of that that all applications have not been optimized for this feature. But as you can see here it actually does work so this is the multi window screen.

And as you can see we have a line that goes across the middle. This is how we can resize the multi window screen..

And you can only go so far as you can see when i scroll up when i hit a certain point. The settings app starts to dim. As soon as you see that dim. When you let go it will resize.

It to as small as it can get the same thing. Works for push push bullet..

Once you see push bullets start to dim. Whenever you let go it will resize to as small as it can get this also works in landscape mode. But you can t resize it at least not for these apps and all of these applications are fully functional as long as they re optimized for it no once you re done with this all you have to do is tap and drag that middle line and you can either drag it to the bottom or you can drag it all the way to the top whichever one you want to keep you ” ..


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