EPIC Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt Haul From Dollar General **MUST WATCH**

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” s going on guys. The weekend before memorial day weekend and dollar general is getting getting more cars 72 count g. Cases haven t touched anything yet. But i did around over here up through there around over here and down super mustang 92.

Fox body sweet well over the next door. See if we can come up with any more of these gather so much fun hanging around all the pigs. No matter how you find i m finding them as finally find anymore search these pigs for heirs and just get down alone to the next door what s going on guys dollar general. Number two fresh pegs haven t touched anything.

Yet figured. I d let y all. Go through them. With me.

This time. So. Regular huh. Right.

There on the front peg two stores first taste doors. Two supers gotta love that porsche. I m a porsche guy they ll probably end up making that a super tight. A guess.

I wish i put the blown engine back in the 57. Chevy. You guys haven t seen. That is gonna be the first 2020 super 30.

To scott all right regular treasure hunt super treasure hunt. Another pink score on to the next one store. Number three actually the store number five one to two that didn t have them yet well they probably had them. But they had a lot of freight in the back.

So there was no santhanam. But you got more looks fresh have a touch anything yet you know come along and see if we found anything a regular hunt. This is insane. My buddy mike has hit two stores and both of them had a super.


So they must be in every single case. Number three wow can t believe this these cases real man unreal that is crazy awesome another great card well when you have a passion for it like i do you re not done. The hut. Never ends so on to the next one what s going on guys and at another store.

I ve lost count at this point. But i know i ve been to less than ten stores. But haven t seen them at every store a lot of stores have a lot of freight in the back. So.

That s probably where they are i think every stores got them by now i haven t seen a sealed case. Yet everything has been on the pace and everything i have seen so far has been untouched. If it was on the pegs. So this looks the same way i don t know what s going on with these.

But i haven t seen a dud case. Yet every every single case has had a super. What you re just insane. There s another corvette person.

All man s might be a dud regular mustang. Yes. That s for super mustangs. At dollar general.

I m telling you every case has got to have a super. This is insane. Oh. My goodness.

I can t believe it man. That is insane. I ve never in my life. Seen every case have a super you know back in the day.

There were certain case codes. Plus for example g m. B. If that was the case code that had a treasure hunt.


Every gmb case code had a treasure hunt. But if it was a not a treasure hunt case. The none of those case codes had a treasure hunt. But that doesn t happen with supers or does it i m starting to wonder crazy.

That s four on to the next one at another dollar general well i cheated with this one. I ve already looked. I thought these have been going through this store this door gets trucks on wednesdays. I believe during the week.

So i didn t give this one a fighting chance anyways look there look at there look at there bam. Another mustang that s five from dollar general. I don t know i just notice this when i started filming. I can t tell that it looks like it s sealed.

I think that s the other half of the case cuz. There s a lot of old stuff back here a lot of old stuff. So i think. That s just the rest of the case.

Yeah god i m having a blast. This is so much fun. I m gonna see if i can get this box down as kind of up there that s the other half of it anyways not looking at anyways gonna keep going another dollar general. He s done been hit.

I guess or not oh god the six six super mustangs every dollar general. That has had these cars has had a super. This is crazy man so much fun on to the next one what s going on guys still at it what a saturday. So six sleepers from dollar general.

So far and now discover that dump bins came in tonight. At two stores. More h case. More members of j k.

Anyways. I crack them open anything. Yes. Carefully regular cuda got all the hk scars your treasure hunt head sorter.


Another regular. Do one banger that d be one sweet soups to supers one more store and i m calling it a night i guess a rest so so i m gonna hit the installer generals again tomorrow do your homework a few moments later didn t have time to film. Another being too super. Splitting with my buddy over here three bagger.

Calling is not more dollar generals tomorrow. Later. What s going on guys sunday and back at it last night. Yesterday was incredible so much fun.

I think we got some fresh pegs here. Thank that s old stuff. I m pretty sure who s laying on the shelf. No gee well.

I don t know well let s dig anyways touch anything yet maybe they re fresh after score. And a super on the pegs at every single store that had these all the pegs. I mean. It s kind of pointless not to start filming take you all through the pegs with me you never know what s going to happen number seven.

Oh. My god number seven. I m telling you guys you cannot make this up a greek a single store. That has had these has had a super own eggs.

Oh god oh. My god. This is this is incredible a regular left behind super. Going me as i ve been saying on to the next one another store well snapped a quick picture.

When i walked up hanging right on the front peg number eight number 18. This is 18th mustang super. I found a 20 general all on the pigs regular right behind it this first one with the back card. I found it s not even creased.

It s just curved protect your straighten that out god almighty man that s crazy i walked up and i just heard laughing. It s hilarious such a good time awesome super dollar general market fresh pigs. I m pretty sure haven t touched anything yet let s go see what we can find old stuff back there tony. I really think i can just see it be a popular one i m sure oh i ve about lost count.


But i think that s number nine at dollar general in case you guys were wondering yes. There is a ton of dollar generals around here just in my town there s seventeen which i ve had way more than seventeen. But all the surrounding towns. Which are close by watch there too so well.

I guess you re getting tired of seeing this super about now. But i m not getting tired of finding them so on to the next one. I had another dollar general gasps and we finally got a sealed case telling you every single case super. The proof is here in this video back edit guys next door in the next door of the case.

Every single case. We re there every single case as a super you are seeing it for yourselves. I ve never seen this before this is unbelievable. But i have video evidence well got a couple more stores to go anymore.

Ago to back this uh go back to this week. Throughout the week. They hadn t hadn t found them yet at my local stores. So well i mean this is pretty local where i m at but not too far home see what else we can come up with what s going on guys still after it well it s monday now i m on my lunch break.

I come over here to one of the local stores close to my work that hadn t put him out well. I don t know i don t know i don t know if a collector did this or what but walked up at us just like this. But i m thinking these are fresh because collector would have probably taken that but i m not because not an heir. It s just in the back backwards regular hood let s dig you know what there is on the pegs today just look at the box.

Because i don t have anybody really in this town around hitting stores like i do because they know they re not gonna beat me another one another one that s number 12. That is number 12 at dollar general bam. Every single case you can t make this up man. Oh.

My god. It s incredible well time to go eat until next time do your homework. ” ..


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