Episode 17: Going Metal with a Forge and Smithy – Ark: Ragnarok Survival Guide

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“Back to another episode of the ark survival guide. We just got back from a a long hunting. Expedition and explored all up and down the coast and we got lot of hide. Which was the last thing we really needed to be able to make this forge.

We leveled up quite a bit over the last couple episodes and we finally unlocked the forge and smithy and that is really what we re gonna need to be able to start making use of all this metal. That we ve been collecting it s completely useless up until this point. But now we can start building with metal and that is going to be a game changer for us. We re gonna be able to make much more effective tools and weapons out of this metal.

We ve gotten so we are short a little bit of stone and we re gonna need that so i m actually gonna fast forward through this gathering. You can see i ve left a lot of the stones up on top of these plateaus because i get much more efficient use out of this when i love mining with a metal hatchet as opposed to the other one. I was using so we are just plowing through these rocks and getting lots of stone. This is on fast forward just to keep this from being an extremely long video.

But it is much much much faster. I m also leaving that metal node where it is because we hardly get any metal out of the stone pickaxe. But we get a ton of metal. When we re using metal axe so we can t make that yet but we will be able to soon so i m pretty close to having enough stone to use and i think that should actually do the trick so i m gonna head back on up to the base and make sure we eat enough and i m also gonna check what i need for that smithy cuz.

It s the next thing. We re gonna be making so in order to make anything out of metal. We need to have a forge. Which is actually going to smelt that metal.


So we just created that i skipped a little bit. Where i was just gathering. The materials together and we now have a refining forge. So i ll go ahead and place this in the house and i want to put it close to where the supply cabinet is be cuz metal is really heavy.

I ve got a lot of it in there and i m gonna be actually just carrying it from one place to the other and instead of actually being able to move. I ll probably have so much weight on me. I want to just be able to access the forge and the cabinet at the same time so just like a camping fire the forge runs on wood you can also burn thatch. But what is much more effective and i m gonna grab all of those chunks of metal and i m so overweight i can t move at all.

But i don t have to because i m standing right next to this forge. So that s one of the reasons. It s real important to put that next to it so i just clicked on the light fire function and just like with a cooking fire. We are now smelting all of that metal ore that we had and you ll also notice my experience is going to slowly increase as those that metal ore is smelted.

So that does slowly increase my experience that way. I m gonna just skip ahead a little bit how to go gather a couple more materials for this smithy. So we should have just about enough. I ve organized my inventory a little bit and just checking the materials.

We need and let s see how that s going we ve already made quite a few metal ingots. Which is actually required for making that smithy so got all that hide. We gathered earlier and that is all the materials. We need for that we should get a pretty good experience boost out of this great yep got some good experience.


And i m trying to find a good place that we can put this i don t want to block the door. I really don t want to have to remake a smithy if i m blocking my front door that would be terrible. We learned our lesson way back in our thatched hut. When we were building a campfire that blocked the door so i m gonna kind of cover over this cooking fire a little bit.

But we should still be able to access everything okay still get out of the door. I can still access the fire so our first house is pretty cramped. But that should do the trick now smithy holds 75 item and i went ahead and skipped a little bit. While i was just organizing things i am just about to level up after everything i ve been doing so i m just gonna make some cementing pace.

Which takes chitin and stone and then i ll make some narcotics and that should be enough to keep me up over the level. I m still slowly okay we just finished smelting all the metal we can so i m gonna grab this out of here and charcoal is something i am going to keep i m gonna save that for the rest of the game because we will eventually be able to use that for making a gunpowder. It s a necessary component. And we ll need a lot of it later up there goes the level so we just leveled up and we re not actually able to make anything out of the smithy yet because we ran out of in grand points to actually get the smoothie.

But that s given us enough experience to level up again. And i think i am going to keep increasing my melee damage. So i can gather faster and do more damage when hunting. So we ve got 18 points.

And the first thing. I want is that metal pick that is gonna let us gather more metal to make other metal items and it s gonna just you know dramatically increase. Our gathering and i want to be able to ride that scorpion in case. He ever falls off this ledge.


I can ride him back up so i went ahead and learned that saddle too now when you have an item that you ve learned like this pickaxe. It actually shows up in the smithy itself. So i don t have that in my crafting menu. But i can go into the smithy.

If i ve got all the materials in there. I can just right click the trigger the right trigger. And it ll create one of them or i can use triangle to create as many as i can so we have our shiny new pickaxe that is actually really shiny. So let s see if we can gather some more of this metal.

Now this is a rich metal node you can see almost the entire rock here is really shiny. It s just linting off the sun. There and so it is full of the metal. And you remember we were getting maybe three or four chunks of metal from one of those metal nodes now.

We re using a metal pickaxe which dramatically increases how much metal. We get and that is ridiculous. We re getting like 60 metal already yeah. 61.

Metal off that one metal node now stuff up i am starving again stuff will actually respawn over time very slowly so that metal node might come back. But it may also be too close to my base to respawn. I think it s about the distance of 12 to 13 foundations that something will actually respawn away from my base. But if you have a foundation laid down it s gonna block anything from respawning in a certain radius.


All the way around your base. So be careful of that when you re building things like if you were to build a little house right in the middle of a ton of good metal. You re probably never gonna see that metal again for the rest of the game. I always check for sea scorpions down here because i ve had way too many bad run ins with them okay.

I think we re good so. We ve actually got quite a few metal nodes around my base. And i ve been ignoring those for a long time because i was saving them for when i get my pickaxe because by building on that plateau. We re blocking these from respawning.

They re definitely too close to your base so they re never gonna come back so we may as well get the most metal out of them we can you can see they re kind of striped. They got little veins of metal running through them. And so we get a good bit of rock and a good bit of metal. You know we re getting maybe like 20 metal per stone.

And something like that another thing to be careful of when you re mining metal is your weight goes up really fast metal is heavy of course so as you re getting rocking metal. You may end up not able to move and right now i m mining underwater so if my weight maxed out i wouldn t be able to move to swim back up to the surface and i could actually drown myself. If i m not careful so we ve got all the metal in our base. Now and we re able to make metal pickaxes and we are well along our way so the next thing.

I m gonna do we actually have materials to make a wrap left and we can start building that so i m gonna go ahead and gather a ton of materials and i will see you on the next episode once we ve got enough materials to build. ” ..

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