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“You go the pills were nright. Where you said well then i guess you re re ngonna rest. Now huh you go right ahead. My dad s probably nwaiting up me.

Anyway i ll just let myself out i hope you feel better nmister snoring barking on second thought maybe i should ngive my dad. A call here s where i m ngrounded for life screeching nwings flapping a bat. I ll get you nout of there just don t bite. Me huh wow.

Screeching jeez. No wonder nhe could fight get out all right. I m going. It s not like i did nanything wrong freak dad.

Oh. My god terry you re ok mom what happened a robbery. The police say nit s the jokers they surprised nyour father where is he where s dad honey i dad dad reporter mcginnis nleaves behind 2 sons seen here with nhis former wife mary among the mourners was nmcginnis employer derek powers..


I pledge to use whatever ninfluence. I have to see that nthese creatures pay for their nheinous act. It was about dad i know hon why don t you get nready for bed. Ok.

Ok knock on door that friend of yours ndana called. She left her number have you eaten nanything. Yet ter. You haven t nsaid.

A word all day don t. You want to talk why would he open nthe door mom what they were jokers he wouldn t have nopened the door he would ve n looked first how d they trace me nback to him honey. We don t know nif it s the same gang you ve got to stop. I should ve been there ni could ve helped him i could ve done n.

Something no yes. I m not afraid nof those guys we could ve fought em off nme and dad we could ve fought i yelled at him mom he grounded me nand. I wouldn t listen the things i said i m such a jerk hurry up i m opening nas fast as i can you re some help nyou..


Know that it s not my junk aah. I guess. That s nmy fault. Too aah whoa.

What you got something dad nwas looking at boring. Tell mom. I had to go ni could be late where you going out yeah looks like nwe got lucky. If you just keep non.

This road curves back nto the freeway. I can t leave you nout here. Sure you can i just have nto. See this guy thunder about what i ll explain later you better go before nthe storm hits.

Go come on i know nyou re in there listen to me something stinks nin your company. I think it cost nmy old man his life the answer s on this i d take it to the cops. But you know how cozy nthey are with powers..


How bout you ntaking a look. Yeah. I should ve known nyou. Wouldn t care.

You re. No batman. Nyou whacked out old fraud growling back off scooby nit s me. It s worse than i thought it s some kind nof new dna mutagen powers is making nnerve gas he s using my company nto make nerve gas stay away from that synaptic controls neuromuscular amplification flight capability humph this thing might be old nbut.

It s still cutting edge bet. It amplifies your strength nby at least 10 to 1. I told you nnot to touch it. But aren t.

You ngonna go to no you built that company and now powers nis making nerve gas there you gotta do something nyou re batman. I was batman give this to commissioner nbarbara gordon. Tell her i sent you the cops nthey ll never be able to do it something happened nto you didn t..


It and it wasn t just nthat you got old hey oops. Hello. Terry ever had a ride nin a limo my dad always told me to never take rides nfrom strangers. Who s a stranger besides your dad s nnot around anymore be smart terry threatening nget in i ll pass let go of me.

What are you doing nyou. Some kind of sicko help help that won t do you nany good terry. Why don t you make nit easy on yourself and give me back nmy disk. What disk you know what ni m talking about all right if he lets go happy powers enough well at least ni ve got the evidence gotham rolled out nthe red carpet today for kasnian minister nof commerce vilmos egans.

Mr. Egans is here to take part nin the world trade confab and was greeted by no less than wayne powers ceo nderek powers dog barking. What is it what s the matter boy barking ohh ” ..


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