Every New Zelda Confirmed, Rumored, Leaked 2019 2020 & Beyond

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“Everyone and welcome. It has been a crazy time for zelda. Fans as of late late so many new zelda games being confirmed leaked rumored and teased. So naturally fans been asking.

Which games are confirmed. And which are just rumors what makes it worse are the april fools pranks put on by ign and others. Which tricked. Many fans into believing that unconfirmed games were actually coming with all of this going on it s easy to see how this misunderstanding has been going around so today just as we do in all of our videos.

We re going to give you the truth and try to clear up some of the misunderstanding and confusion starting with the confirmed zelda games at the time. This video is being made we have four or possibly even five confirm zelda games coming. Yes that sounds like a lot. But it s the truth.

Many others are rumored some have been leaked some have been hinted at by nintendo. But as of right now only four or five are confirmed. We ll get to the rest later on we have a video similar to this that was made over two years ago. Where we predicted.

All of the different zelda games for 2018 and 2019 and almost all of our predictions. Which were based on facts interviews from our numa miyamoto and others at nintendo. Actually came true and were confirmed. We re going to be doing the same thing with this video while also going in depth on each of the games.

And rumors again everything we re going to mention is based off of facts. Interviews and reliable sources. Not baseless speculation like a lot of clickbait websites and videos tend to do first we have link s awakening for the switch. The legend of zelda links.

Awakening is a remake of the 1993 game developed for the game boy link s awakening. Had previously been remastered for the game boy color in 1998. In the form of link s awakening dx and a slightly enhanced version for the 3ds in 2011. The dx version added color to the game with many small additions and even a new dungeon.

The color dungeon. We currently know that link s awakening hd. As we re going to call it just to keep it separate from the other versions is going to receive many of its own changes..


Not just the obvious art style. The original versions only allowed you to use two items at once you would often find yourself pausing the game to switch items likely dozens of times or more in the same dungeon from sword and shield to sword and boomerang or boomerang and bomb. And this was all because the gameboy only had two buttons and for some reason. The shield wasn t automatically held which would have allowed for you to technically use three items at once in link s awakening hd.

They re probably going to change. This to take advantage of the system having more than two buttons. Our second confirms that the game is the spin off cadence of hyrule crypt of the necrodancer featuring the legend of zelda which we re just going to call cadence of hyrule for short cadence of hyrule was developed by brace yourself games and being published by nintendo everywhere. Except japan.

Where it s being published by spike chunsoft releasing in 2019. It is a roguelike rhythm single player game though it would be amazing if it was an online multiplayer game. It is the second game in the crypt of the necrodancer series link zelda and cadence are all playable characters. It takes place in high roll.

And looks great sadly. The dungeons are procedurally generated meaning. The design and layout of the dungeons are randomly generated one of the best things about the zelda series. Is the creativity of the dungeons from the music puzzles.

Enemies items bosses and everything found inside the zelda. Series. Is known for having some of the best dungeons and puzzles of any franchise. So having the layout and all the dungeons be randomly generated it kind of takes away a lot of what makes zelda zelda.

A small example being that you could play through a procedurally generated dungeon that is boring or horrible. While your friend goes through one that amazes them we will have a full review on cadence of hyrule from the viewpoints of for lifelong zelda fans. So be sure to come back and check that out our third zelda game is one that we don t know much about at this point. The zelda mobile game literally.

Other than nintendo. Confirming. They were working on it and thought it would be releasing within the next year. We re hoping it s as good as or better than some of their other mobile games.

We doubt nintendo would put out a bad mobile zelda game comment below and let us know what you would like to see a dungeon crawler and all touch games. Some of the phantom hourglass and spirit tracks. Which by the way nintendo has filed trademarks for those 2d as zelda games for use on smartphones as long as it isn t something too simple or basic like a kinect three puzzle game or an endless runner will be happy our 4th confirm zelda game is one that we know a lot more about than the mobile game..


But is still pretty much a mystery nothing related to the plot or story has been revealed. But we do have a lot of information that was revealed by a luma nia moto. The president of nintendo for okawa and others the next big zelda game. The follow up to breath of the wild.

Our first bit of info. Comes from alan uma. In an interview. When asked about the next.

Big zelda game. How numa stated that he wanted to take what he learned from the multiplayer in triforce heroes and applied it to the engine of breath of the wild. How numa has actually been wanting to make a big 3d open world multiplayer zelda game for a long time in past interviews. He has mentioned his interest in this seeing as he hasn t done one yet in fact breath of the wild or as it was known at the time zelda wii u was meant to have some form of multiplayer in the january 23rd 2013 nintendo direct when wind waker hd was first revealed all numa stated two major things about zelda wii u.

One he wanted to change the traditional formula and two he didn t want you to think of it as a single player experience. Perhaps this could have been something as simple as a second player playing wolf link. Our fifth confirmed. Zelda game is a bit.

Tricky. Monolith soft posted a job listing asking for developers to help work on zelda. We don t know if perhaps. This is just to help nintendo with the next big zelda game as they have been doing on almost all of nintendo s big games since skyward sword.

But they are very well known for their work on breadth of the wild splatoon and fully developing the xenoblade games. Nintendo s president recently had an interview where he mentioned nintendo would put a big focus on new dlc for older successful games our new added state that he was done with breath of the wild but a few updates and small dlc have been released. Most recently. The lab ovr it could be that monolith sauce is working on new dlc for breath of the wild.

Many people have wanted a story. I are taking place before brother. The wild begins. The 100 years in the past and seeing the destruction of hyrule others want to see the story continue past the breath of the wild game with monolith softs work on breath of the wild and other zelda games.

They would be the perfect choice to pick a new development team to work on new breath of the wild dlc while owl numa and his main team continued production on the news of the game. Many think monolith soft will work on their own zelda game some even think it could be a 2d zelda game. Now that we ve covered the games..


Nintendo is confirmed let s move on to the leaks rumors and those actually hinted by nintendo. Our 5th selda game was leaked by best by a link to the past for a nintendo switch a link to the past had a listing pop up alongside the metroid prime trilogy and persona. 5. Now some people have asked us how we know this listing wasn t mistakenly put up instead of link s awakening or how we know this isn t the original a link to the past instead of a remake.

Well both answers are simple and can actually be solved with basic common sense link s awakening has its own listing and best buy s database. This a link to the past is its own separate unique listing now how do we know it s not the snes or the gba version again common sense. Nintendo wouldn t release a physical copy of an snes port to put it simply the price of a switch cartridge the switch game cases the artwork covers and shipping plus. The percentage.

A nintendo would be splitting with the retailers would make it so that even a 15 price point. That would be the most intend oh could charge for an snes game by itself would likely still lose money for nintendo or barely have any profit margin. Maybe if it was part of the collection and nintendo could charge a full 40 or even a 60 price such as with the nes and snes remix games. For the wii u.

And 3ds or even a cartridge version of the nes and zinnias classic mini console. Collection of games put all of those on a single switch cartridge that would be amazing and i would purchase it almost instantly. But this is a listing for a single game best buy and other retailer leaks have ended up being proven right. Many times.

But they have also been proven wrong and in the case that they were right and the leaks were legitimate the retailers have even been let s call it punished by certain publishers in the past for leaking games. Early next. Let s move on to the game hinted by nintendo and other studios. These are games or possible games that were actually teased or hinted in interviews or announcements first we have skyward sword hd.

The legend of zelda series producer eiji aonuma recently made some comments during a concert in osaka. Japan. That has fans believing a possible skyward sword switch release is on the way several concert goers live tweeted. These comments during the show.

According to silicon era detailing an exchange between onuma and concert emcee shimomura. The actress who voices elda in skyward sword and breath of the wild at one point during the performance shima mora reportedly said it definitely makes you want to play skyward sword. Again if only they released on switch now a neumann later appeared on stage for a talk which shima mora opened by saying. I d like to ask about secrets behind breath of the wild are you sure you don t want to ask about a switch version of skyward sword.

Who would make it well probably tantalus during an interview tantalus stated that they were working on multiple nintendo switch games. None of which have been announced or released at this point tantalus is the developer for the remake of twilight princess hd on the nintendo wii u. Tantalus is also basically a port house they only work on remakes and ports..


If tantalus has already remade a zelda game twilight princess. Which was received well well then one can infer even adding in new features and making multiple changes to the game. Which nintendo and al numa. Enjoyed and they are now working on several unannounced dream or ports with skywards start being hinted and teased by nintendo.

It s most likely that analysts with their recent experience with remaking or remastering zelda. They would be the ones. Nintendo would have working on this brings us the two rumored zelda games which fit in with skyward sword wind waker hd and twilight princess hd since 10 ellis is the one who made twilight princess hd. It s obvious that they would also be the ones deported wind waker hd.

Though made by nintendo would likely be ported byte analysts yes this sounds like a lot. But analysts. Did say that they were working on several remakes or ports for nintendo switch. And they don t have to be working on all of them at once skyward sword would take the most work but wind waker hd and twilight princess hd could be a simple port just as many many other games from wii u.

That have been quickly ported to the switch. We also statements from people well known in the gaming industry who have been correct many times before that twilight princess hd and wind waker hd are coming next we have grezzo grezzo who is responsible for ocarina of time 3d four swords anniversary edition for 3ds. Majora s mask 3d triforce heroes and a few other games. And most recently luigi s mansion with their history of remaking and porting zelda games and their job listing to hire developers to help them make a legend it leads.

Many to think the rumors of an ocarina of time hd come from grezzo. If ocarina of time hd. Does get released. It is almost obvious that majora s mask hd.

Would soon follow just as it did on the nintendo 64 and the nintendo 3ds hey everyone it s me again le rose i just wanted to say thank you so much for watching this video and you know what if you re a fan of videos like this you should totally subscribe and give this video a like and comment below to let us know what type of videos you would like to see us create in the future. And if you would really like to support all of us here at the game over jessi channel. Please consider purchasing a game over jessi t shirt or becoming a patreon at patreoncom. Slash game ovah jessi where you can receive many rewards such as getting shout outs having any topic or theory that you select discussed on the podcast or made into its own video.

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