Every Standard Showdown Pack Opened MTG History

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“Skittish welcome back to the channel joey mas. Would good old bad boy gaming. We we got one of every standard showdown prize pack ever in existence. Wow.

This is really cool the hype is real. I ve never done this before these are not cheap to come by wow. This is definitely more expensive than opening a booster box for sure standard showdown price packs you can acquire at your local game store. If you participate in standard showdown events.

I believe they re on saturday. They are held so i did not go there i went through the black market of course or the ebay out there. Even is like the only one you can purchase these from that i m aware of that s online. If there s another one out there i d love to know about it.

But they re also making those collector booster packs. And those things are gonna be really fun to open as well i ve already opened a few on the channel. But we re gonna see i believe next set we will see actual collector packs doing the real thing and they ll be distributed throughout for all to obtain instead of just in a limited market like japan and at meijer locations alright enough of all that let s get into opening these this is really cool i love standard showdown. If you go back you can see i ve opened.

I probably 300 approaching 350 standard and showdown prize packs value eyes. I ll go over every single one of these and tell you how much they are actually worth in the secondary market. And what i believe is you know they re at least valuable ones to the most expensive ones. Honestly the almond cat or the exelon.

These ones are pretty low ball and rivals of exelon is pretty low as well in comparison to the other ones here the corset not not too much value. How crazy their guilds are african replica legion says coming around the mountain diamond area hour of devastation are definitely way up on the list for value so. We re gonna put those guys up on the top it s tough to say between down there and our river station. I m gonna go like this though this one cal adesh this one is the most expensive because there s not many of them out there there simply is not they re hard to come by and the people who have them are going to charge you a lot of money if you want to get them.

Honestly. They are simple not worth purchasing period now starting with amin ket. I say these are one of the most lease. The lease value is probably inside.

I m and get an excellent ones and the rivals inventors fair. A really cool card this pack goes for about nine dollars. You should not pay more than nine dollars from one of these packs. But as prices go up and become more scarce well as become more scarce prices will go up.

You got an inventor s fair. With doc. Re is abs expertise isn t this. One card.

I thought that was reprinted already one of those sets for maybe it s another cardi card pretty neat dell gain control target creature or vehicle is gonna turn on to happen again hasten attorney you make a stack ours converted mana cost two or less in your hand. Without paying its mana cost that s really not too bad you gain control of a creature or vehicle. This will still in standard that d be pretty nuts and abused i d say we do have a full art planes just a basic full art planes anika that s the one that was reprinted the car. He s has sky shipper raider.

The cool thing is it is a foil rare they put the foil rare in here. These packs are always juiced up so we got three rares one being foil pretty impressive stock. I d have to say that s why the collectors packs. I m just so pumped for i really honestly cannot wait for them we got the exelon standard showdown prize pack.

What are we going to find inside of here like some burns in vacation. Really cool card whenever you cast whenever you cast a spell from your hand reveal the top x cards of your library. Where x. Is that spells converted mana cost you make a stack are revealed this way with converted mana cost x.

Or last. Without paying its mana cost put the rest on the battery librarian and you random order..

So yeah. You want to throw in some heavy hitters and just blow up the board. Some birds implications are really cool really powerful card disallow that is another really nice counter spell counter target spell activated ability or triggered ability talk about a counter spell with a lot of abilities. However a lot of versatility really counter spells nice one weld fast engineer.

That s the beginning of cabin down your turn target out of that creature you control gets plus two plus zero until end of turn. I mean. That s that s something i like that that s at the beginning of every combat. That s not that s not really too terrible and we got the rebecca gay.

One to love this one one of my favorite by rebecca gave us say. I must say rebecca gave us one of my favorites ha ha. All right also anyone that me anything in the past week. I am very sorry i have not shipped it back to you yet i even have some of them packaged up just me and shipping oh this is terrible.

But it rivals of excellent real really really i have not shipped it back yet. But it will be coming out this week this week. I promise you i will be returning all. The goodies collectors.

Boosters and all that other stuff. So thank you very much. Carey zepps sky ship a radar again. We ve already seen this sweetie over here not bad dispossessed.

As another yeah. Yeah. This didn t see lot of play. She s.

An artifact card. Name. Search target s opponents graveyard. Hand in the library for any number of cars with the chosen name and excel them then that player shuffles his or her library that s something you know you get something and then we got a fool are not a full art just a normal oil planes rebecca gay yet again and a sky whalers shot again the three i just opened are the ones that usually contain the least amount of value among these.

Sky whalers shot destroy target creature with power three or greater scry. One shrine. One was pretty cool scry. One has been replaced.

We don t scry anymore. We do something else can you tell me what else we do score set 2019 this one. I had higher hopes for every time they drop one of these i get really excited and i m like oh. My god they re gonna juice.

These suckers up. I just know it and sometimes they do now we re getting into the more better of these whether the value is usually increased and you can pull more expensive nicer funnier shinier more rare foil cards it s really interesting. Gilded lotus add three mana of any one color already our value is climbing pretty sweet card nimble obstructionist another pretty good cards got the flash and the flying the cycling this thing has a lot of abilities and then when you cycle. Nimble obstructionist counter target activated or triggered ability don t control really really neat.

The elena danner rhymes with tanner swamp. Which is gorgeous to look at very breathtaking just took my breath away honestly and allegiant lou ten soil now. This is where they started making the uncommon slot more my i think they put sort of put more value in the uncommon slot in this and core nineteen and diamond area diamond aryan core nineteen. I think is when it started pretty sweet legion lieutenant is a very good card other vampires you control get plus one plus one if you re going vampire tribal.

You re going to have yourself. A legion lieutenants times for in there ravnica allegiance a sucker just dropped. What awesome sauce can we find in here that s right increased value we have a temple garden forests plains as you guys know the shock lands are pretty awesome start work on them is pretty nice as the temple gardener as a battlefield you may pay to life. If you don t it enters.

The battlefield tapped a lot of people. Ask the question..

Why are shocked lands. Even worth money like like what is good about shotguns. I don t run any of them and i felt the same way when i was a new player. I didn t understand them well if you re running a multicolored deck and it s turn one and let s just turn to or turns three doesn t matter.

What turn it is really. But let s say just for instance turn one you have yourselves like a la nowhere. Elves and another and let s say on top of that you could either choose from la nowhere elves or on the right you have like allegiance landing. Which is a one drop.

Also so you have two one drops you drop the sucker down. Which one do i use it s up to you whichever one s gonna apply maybe you saw your opponent do something you know and you need to counteract that obviously most people gonna go with a lot of our elves have three on the next turn another better example. Let s say it s turn turn two you have one of your legendary cards you only have a forest out or you know maybe maybe not even a forest. Yeah.

Let s say you have a forest out its versatility guys. Then you can bring this out you could pay the two life. If you need that right now. Let s say you need the plains right now and the other cards you have in your have is just a plain forest.

You know you need that to mana cuz. The casting cost is requiring one of each well this only pays for one. But it s one or the other it s versatile guys it allows choices and it allows you to get those choices instantly at a sacrifice sacrifice of two of your life you have to pay. It deputy sphere as you see value is increasing my friends deputy of detention is a really cool i mean deputy be ten generals battlefield excel.

Permanent phone controls and all other than island permanence to have player controls with the same name as that permanent until deputy attention leaves a battlefield. Very powerful card especially up against tribal bills. Now we have a mountain. Which is these are gorgeous.

Believe these are going to go up in value. This is the first time it s something different with them without just leaving this background. Here and plain notice. This skadoosh.

They thought of me when they made this i m not kidding go out go contact wizards. We had a talk. I m like hey man skadoosh like we re gonna put you in the artwork. I m like thank you schedule and they did that it wasn t that didn t happen even the fist right here schedule.

I swear they they jacque that from me. It s just something i m the same do outlets bodyguard as you see the uncommon slot. It has has more more valuable uncommons in that slot more sought after ones at least for a while the standard at time is present guilds of ravnica let s get to cracking babies. Now we re talking now.

What cooking up some heavy a heat. What we gonna get up in here. We have the radius saw alpha. It s a five drop other dinos you control have haste when riggers are al fighters a battlefield clear 3 3.

Green dinosaur cruiser token with trample powerful. Very powerful let s open them some awesome gruel that could go off of this thing button. The grill decks oh baby doom whisper was it 25 24. Bucks jess we just got one.

But now it s down to about 10 12. You know it has taken a little hit it s being it s not being played nearly as much it s got the flying in the trample pay to life surveil to it s a 6x pretty sweet card. I must say that tomb whisper is pretty sweet we got the full art planes you know it s ironic right now the value is continuously just climbing every time. We open a pack right now.

And that s the way the cookie crumbles maybe we got the planes from elena danner ranch with tanner and the eldest reborn oil. I don t think i have one of those that is so sweet each opponent sacrifices..

A creature planeswalker each reporter discards. The card put target creature or player card from a graveyard onto the battlefield under your control look at that sauce pretty nasty pretty nasty. Indeed patrons just a quick little little something here you guys just will be receiving things that random in the mail. That s just how it s gonna go down.

So just keep an eye out in your mailbox you know every now and then a few of you at random are gonna receive something just just a heads up moving forward moving forward aside from whatever is listed on patreon move in flow. Moving bullock. Let s get into crack and open diamond area. One of the bigger better ones that just you can pull something ridiculous out of here.

Our gravitation is one of those as well with huge value we have a tenant vizier of a neck tommen. Pretty cool card at the beginning of coming down your turn target creature creature token new control gets pulse on plus ones. Wanna turn and can t be blocked this turn and bomb that is one ability. I was asked last night in the twitch livestream.

What do i miss about you know like what s rotated out i missed the embalm mechanic and balm is a really cool mechanic excel is card from your graveyard created token it s a copy of it except it s a white zombie human cleric with no mana cost and bomb only as a sorcery and made it so these cars just kept coming back. You know really really cool very cool in to use the mending of diarrhea alright. So put the top two cards your library into your graveyard. Then you may return a creature card from your graveyard to your hand return it all land cards from your grave.

It to the battlefield in shelf your library. So if you agree right into your library. I could see something like this even playing in a gate deck. I mean i don t know why i was using in the gate.

That guy it would make sense there you got a swamp here buy a good old mark pool classic mark cool and a foil inspiring vantage. Not bad at all wow dead of course. It was worth a lot more during it standard. But it has rotated out i don t think a lot of people that like the artwork on this set.

Well the land wise um. Opposed to like other other sets. I m just saying. I kind of noticed a trend.

There and the inspiring vantage. Although yet some of the most recent lands of its time. It s definitely plunked you know compared to other sets. We got spirit of the hunt flash when spirit enters.

The battlefield. Each other creature. You control. That s a wolf or a werewolf gets plus 0.

Plus. 3. Until end of turn that really helps out i guess. Blocking and stuff in defending you know.

But just it never saw much play now i just never did we have the dimensional infiltrator. Know our devastation is usually one of the bigger batter hitter sets that you pull something really stupid out of dimensional infiltrator is a cool card. But not nothing crazy we got the planes here all by the way all the other packs up until now diamond areas going for about 13 bucks. Roughly 13 14.

Dollars every other one exelon. I m and cat all those ones are going for about 10 9. 10. Bucks hour of devastation is going for about 10 bucks as well tend about 13.

I d pay more for an hour devastation over the other ones. Though defiant blood lord foil simply because i believe there was a lot you don t always guaranteed a rare foil in here..

No you had to fight blood. Lord s not that great of a card. But no it really is a great card. But the casting cost is just really friggin high.

Whenever you gain life target opponent loses that much life and it was printed to heck. I mean these things appear just everywhere. And the groundskeeper loved the foil art on that though dad just is breathtaking look at them leave is it leaves is it does i don t know i don t know what s going on there. But it s a magical to me that screams magic return target basic land card from your graveyard to your hand.

We kind of biffed on the almond cat or on the hour of devastation. But that s okay now these right here. This is called a shader revolts up type of stuff standard showdown. When it all started.

This is the og of these and they go for a ridiculous price you can t really find any of these for less than 20 bucks. Only because they re old they re scarce. They should not be selling for 20. Though they re not worth purchasing.

Unless you re gonna keep them sealed. Maybe try to sell them you know down the road. I don t know from an investor s standpoint. But definitely not worth buying if you re gonna open them and i m gonna show you why right now if i m wrong i m wrong.

But i doubt it here we go there s usually no value in these things now you just get kerplonked we got our torrential gorger trample whenever you get one or more energy torrential gorger gets close to post to you a ton of turn yeah they had energy and magic which upset me cuz. I m like a single pokemon loser all right i want to play some magic. Now pokemon energy just reminded me of pokemons. I couldn t do it it didn t stick with me too well retreat to a mare yeah.

It was like america merica. Yeah alright you got the land fall. Whenever landed was a badly under your control choose one put a plus. One put a one one white core.

Ally creature toga on the battlefield also creatures you control get 1 1. To end of turn pretty legit. The monda ambushed. A leader alright look how far back.

We re going. This is all the way to battle for zendikar just and is just a bulky crappy card you know am undo ambushed leader. Was it due haste or ally whenever i m undo ambushed leader or another a liners. The benefit of your control.

You may look at the top four cards of your library. If you do reveal anything i m a bubble. But who cares man it just stinks that s the play i m trying to make here don t ever purchase those cal adesh ones they re just filled with a bunch of crap. You don t really want the counter states are involved now you know you learn something new today.

I hope you have this has been my experience from opening again about 350 or somewhere crazy. I don t know the exact number a lot of standard showdown prize packs. I hope you guys enjoyed this video is very unique. We went through history the history of standard showdown.

Should. You skadoosh and how we got our actual skadoosh up on ” ..

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