EVGA Geforce GTX 980 Superclocked Review

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“Guys dan here from dance tech in today s video guys i m gonna bring bring a new ear view off the geforce gtx 980. Now for you guys a bit observe. And you will see it is already on my test rig. And i have actually been playing some games.

As benchmark. In a gpu is incredibly fun yeah. It s a person video games. So yeah.

Geforce gtx 980. This is the evga superclocked addition. The now leadership in general does i ve over 2002 coup de coeur. So it s a pretty damn fast.

Graphic. Cat and you know our favorite. I m just gonna jump into the viewer will so you don t get quite a bit in the box. I m gonna go over what and then you re just gonna go over the brief kind of design off the graphic.

Cat itself go over some of the features. So go over the specs and then yes chemic you the benchmarks a flat plates video games like gta. 5 fallout. 4.

At battlefield. 4. Just willow does to full a lot of games. And it is and is a really powerful graphic.


A banana tea is a very very fast ship. And it s a little bit more expensive than the gtx 970. But i think if you guys that want a little bit more performance. The card is i think definitely worth it and you know if you guys do have the money you know it is worth for and yeah think of anything you ll enjoy the extra performance that you get from the nan.

Any vest and i d certainly push you to also get your true. 4. Gig of vram and never ever ever do let s kind of get into the review and then you know at certain box. The geforce do you take sanity from evga.

So yes tell it as always in southern box. We have the geforce gtx 980 based gpu to sleeved molex to 6 pin park actors in black a dvi to vga adapter which i just been straightaway a driver installation cd a large poster probably from some game that i am unaware of to overclocking stickers. A user guide and also two leaflets. One saying.

The fans won t spin at lower loads up till. Yeah up to sixty degrees. And the second expert in the technology behind dvd is inverted fans on this a6 20. A cooler on to the design of the count first off on to say that does come in at 267 millimeters in length and 112 millimeters in height.

As the thickness is a standard duel with card that the cad also is by far not white and will probably probably you know reflect in the cooling performance of the cooler. The evga have indeed strapped onto the gtx 980. Now the cooler. Follow the similar is for many companies.

That is the milk of an aluminium heatsink with many heat pipes and also to attach to fans around 80 to 100 millimeter in size onto the card may be bg have indeed done this and get the quality of the heat sinks and believed by my time of handling graphic cards a lot of material has actually been used here on the heatsink. And it s gonna be interesting. When it comes with the cooling care bill the of this heatsink and fan around the back of the card. We also do have many connectors of views you get 3 4.


Size display pop connectors a single hitch jame and it s single dvi connector. Where you could use that dvi to vga adapter. If you say you don t do have an older vga monitor still in 2016 on to top the card. We have two sli fingers as the cat doesn t need support for way sli and that s over technologists standard to the gtx 980.

You do have support for nvidia g. Sync. Technology game stream geforce shadowplay and. Gp boost 20.

And also support the new dynamic super. Resolution. Juegan heavy games. Rendered out at a higher resolution.

And then brought down to the resolution of your monitor for a better gaming experience right to the cat additionally up top you have two 6 pin power counters to power the card powered roffels card is around 185 watts and both evga an nvidia do recommend the past by of at least 500 watts total on the reverse. We d have found a backplate. However. This was helped bring down the cost of the cards was totally understandable and asad of the cat does include an led illumination.

That does read evga geforce gtx 980 in white with sc meaning superclocked written further down the card in yellow indicating that you are indeed an owner of the super calacas version of the card at the bottom. He also gets the third gen pci express x. 16. Pot.

For interface connectivity to your good. Old. Motherboard. There s nothing.


Else to mention particularly about the cards designs let s go into the specs of this monster of a graphic card now this particular super clock drone off the geforce gtx 980. Does include 2048 cuda cores of a base clock of 1266 megahertz and the booth frequency of 1367 megahertz. I passed they found the cards go all the way up to one point. Four gigahertz also the memory do we get a full 4 gig of gddr5 memory on a total 56 memory from the 35.

Key that you would have got only less powerful gtx970 now before we were on the bench. Max of discard. And i get some games out. You know stupidly high visual settings.

The cad does support. Four monitors plugged in at the same time and just have support for the nvidia surround technology with certain adapter combinations now now the surround is not just limited to the three displayport connectors. Even though this would be probably the best way to go this will give you the best experience. We have said color matching and all that kind of jazz and now let s cue the game benchmarks so guys aware that was my review of the nannetti.

It is a pretty damn fast card as i said in the intro of the the do takes 970 is currently the most popular graphic card. If you guys have a look at some of the results from the steam hardware sever 970 is the most powerful card but people are well not not the most powerful. But the cab had a lot of people going for so if it if anything the most popular cat. Um is what i meant to say.

Yeah very public at 35. Gig reran thing with the 970 doesn t really appear to be affecting. People. Well.

Many people you know gaming at say you know normal resolutions. Like telling me in 1440p. But i think for you guys that do one little bit edge performance and 980. It s just it s just the mantra of our gpu in this superclocked.


Edition from. Evga it is. Clocked incredibly high about 14. Gigahertz just choose from games.

Really two to four games. You guys have seen the benchmarks playing form by level for killing floor. 2. All that kind of stuff.

You just can t loads of frames and games. And if anything if you guys want to play at high resolutions like 1440p. This is definitely a really good card to consider and i think bats and you know for the extra money that it does cost over 970 just a brilliant cat it just relative to food them games. And if anything you re just gonna appreciate you know buying if anything a more expensive card and in particularly know you know versus the 970 do we get a little nice accessories in the box and overall.

I think the design of the card. You know you know currently the fans out spinning on the card and made it relatively quiet during operation and just diverse of the core. And it doesn t exactly you know rocks like a two degree like like a lot of these 700 series cards we re heading yeah. Hey guys a you know popular girl would recommend this card and in particular you know the evga superclocked edition.

It is a nice card very nice design and it just ruined quite as i ve said there we are hey guys as always thank you for watching please feel free to like comment. And also subscribe that you will find amazon uk us links in the description. And you know photo guys thank you very much for watching and i ll see you guys in the next video. ” .


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