Exploring Frederique Constant (Review) & Resale Value of Wristwatches

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“To caseware watches. My name is tim and if this episode. I d like to to speak about rhetoric constant wife. Reading constant yes.

Because there is some sort of especially on youtube. And i think only on youtube and there are some people who despise the brands. Very constant and they say this is dog and then they start to yell rolex roll eggs rolling. But if you scan or check.

The boards. The forums then you find actual owners of fredrik constant watches and there tend to be happy with their watches. In fact. I haven t found one single complaint about manufacturing quality or customer service or something like that and so.

My assumption is there is something valuable in the brand in the bread fed with fredrik constant and in their products and to me their products were completely new. So i had to make some research and have bought two entry level freddy constant for this video. I will show you them in the light box. And then we can find out together if it s worth it if it s worth the money in the second half of the video.

I d like to talk a little bit about resale value then we can make a comparison between the resale value of a fredrik constant for example and another famous brand rolex rahul. But before we go in the light box let me give you quick informations about the brand fredrik constant. Founded. 1988 in switzerland as a rather small manufacturer and they did well back.

Then collected some capital and 2002. They ve bought alpena another very interesting brand by the way for this channel. I have a certain model in mind hard to pick a hard to buy and but will i will manage this for the the next month. I think so 2002 they ve bought alpena and in 2016.

They ve sold everything to citizen and now for every constant in alpena are part of the citizen group and you cannot see this in their watches. Necessarily because the the brand itself is independent. But the business constructor is owned by citizen. So this is the current situation and now very constant produce a wide variety of watches and we level.

Very advanced high and level watches. I ve picked two entry level watches of the classic line because i think this is for the backbone of the brand and i think it s harder to produce a decent watch on a budget. I mean producing a really expensive watch a high end watch then you have other resources. This is another situation.

But the day to day watch on a budget. This can be tough okay without further ado. Let s go and the lightbox. Let s examine those pieces okay.


Here we are with the first watch fredrik constant classic and we see what we see here is a very modern dress watch very contemporary when it comes to the size. We re looking at the case diameter of 40 millimeters like with this 20 case. Height is 10 10 and dismission. So it s a very slender and comfortable watch the crystal is sapphire the case back is polished steel bracelet steel.

Then you have this type off of clasp. I don t know how to call it double fold that clasp maybe and so very standard very basic entirely polish. The case and i must say feels pretty good and sits very comfortable on the wrist. I will show you this in a minute.

But let s discuss first the dial. We have a blue dial here very attractive. I must say together with a roman numeral. Very attractive dial the logo the fredrik constant in my eyes is a little bit don t know it seems a little bit petty cash the too long.

But ok. I don t want to be over picky here and inside takes a little movement. So very basic retail price for this watch is about 850. Euros which makes roughly very roughly 900 us.

Dollars yeah and again feels very solid if you see the bracelet and so i m i m very happy with that i m comfortable. But that doesn t feel like a cheap watch. But now that s operated and there you can t feel something what i don t like with with affordable watches. It s hard to show you this first operating.

The watch is very simple. This is the quick set for the date position number one and position number two of course. Then is setting the time hackable movement. As you can t see.

And has stopped and provides hand winding as well and so overall good looking what. But what i don t like with these portable watches is the feel of the movement. I know this sounds overly picky. But sometimes you can it feels a little.

I don t know how to describe this there is a little resistance and not it doesn t feel luxury. If this makes any sense maybe not but sometimes i m over picky with it was the feel of movements. I don t know this is nerdy as hell. But yeah can t help myself.

Although the selita movement inside this watches. It s a well proved and reliable and very robust and precise moving. It s good piece of machinery. No problem with that but the feel and the feel the feel is not so beautiful.


And so these are the basic informations about this. What let s put it on the wrist. Okay here take the camera yeah. This is for me a smidgen.

Too big 40 millimeters for me is a smidgen too big. But as you can see it s it s very very good on the wrist. See that very comfortable very slender and overall a really good look. But this makes the blue die.

But yeah i have to say the blue die together with the roman numerals. It s a really really really good looking watch. And i ve tested as a day or so. And it s very accurate runs without any problems and you can pick up those watches here on the used market for about 500 euros.

Well. Let s say 450. Even so we re talking about roughly 500 us dollars. And for 500 us dollars.

I mean this thing here is good as new it s not as not a bad deal. I would say not a bad deal. But okay. Let s go to the second watch.

The second fredrik constant let me put this away second watch the same line. But this time gold plated with some sort of rose gold. Look. At this.

Look. At. This. I.

Mean. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Or even.


Pink. Gold. And i must. Say.

I don t know if the camera catches this exactly. But this is stunning stunning view here really stunning views and the dimensions are equal. And so we re looking again 40 millimeters in case diameter case height is 10 very slender watch luck width is 20 but of course leather strap. Here is the attack and a normal pretty normal buckle with the brand logo on it the strap quality is yeah.

I don t know i don t know why they do this this printed alligators every time. I see this looks super super cheap okay. But let s discuss the dial a little bit all that put let s put the watches together. Then we can t compare a little bit.

There you can see it very similar in size. And again you have yet these roman numerals together with together with with the texture in the inner dial. This is very beautiful. My must say there was a beautiful good looking watches right really really cool really cool.

And the case back is again similar to this one without decoration printed informations. Yeah. Not very interesting to be frank and inside again there is a seletar movement and i m pretty sure that was the same the same time again no again again this feels a little bit toyish. What s not in it doesn t like the feel of the movement.

But the look of the watch is pretty pretty good pink gold look at this yeah. There s really a difference between rose gold and pink gold and many people are against gold plating. I don t see it so strict i mean. This is a watch for let s say for a younger gentleman and if you are on the budget.

If you student and you cannot afford of course gold and then gold plating is in my eyes. It s not a problem absolutely not a problem. So let s put it on the wrist yeah and would be better with with a with a pale skin. I m a little bit 10 no from the sun and so you have a lack of contrast between my skin and and the metal and the pink gold and the strap.

Look at this. It s not very comfortable scratch. Perhaps reading yeah good look good looking watch. But i could imagine this.

We re pretty good on an another strap dark brown chocolate coffee. Something like that some color like that strap then it would be even better. But it s it s it s a good look really good looking watch a little bit too big for my wrist. Forty millimeters.


I prefer 36 that s why i m wearing for the day just one favorite watches. But yeah overall let s make a farewell shot and then we re done here right okay. Farewell shot. Thank you dear watches for being part of this video and now let s go back.

Following situation. You are together with the rolex owner and you wearing what s in it right. What s in it the rolex owner. Then tells you you d seen it.

If you have to sell this then you will receive only 60 of the retail price. This is a really bad resale value. I m wearing my rolex and if i have to cash this in if i have to sell this then i will receive my 100 of the retail price. Let s imagine.

This is the daytona out something like that or even 120 of the retail price. I will receive when i have to sell my watch and then he will convince you that this is superior right superior. The problem is it s not it s not it s not the problem is you have to pay for this you will have to pay your price to get in in the brand rolex you have to pay a price for that you have to pay a price for the possibility to sell your watch at a very high price. This is the problem so if you want to get in the brand.

Then you have you don t have to pay your 60 of the retail price on the used market. No no you have to pay your 100 of the retail price even on the used market or even more and so the difference between the price you have to pay for rolex and the price you will receive for rolex is zero zero. Sometimes and so the high resale value tells you nothing what is important for you is the price you have to pay to get in right and if you decide i don t want the daytona. I want the senate primeiro then you have to pay only 60 to get in to get in possession of that sin need primeiro.

You don t have to pay 100. So it s very cheap to buy yourself in the brand and so the again the difference between the price. We have to pay and the price you get for the watch is again zero. That s it that s zero at the situation of course is if you are the guy who buys only from an ad.

Because then you have to pay always 100 of the retail price. And then then in fact the the resale value is important for you and i think sometimes people want to fool you with a big resale value and without telling you that you have to pay for you have to pay for this resale value okay and that s all that s enough information for now i hope you find this valuable please tell me in the comments. If it s useful for you or if you have any additions. Then i would be glad to hear from you and if you want to see something more some more pictures.

Then please join me on instagram case. Bag tim and now let me thank you very much for your attention. ” ..


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