External HDD split power supply repair

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“Hard drives failed my external drive returned it on here. It s not showing up up my external drivers not showing up man ho. I m going to watch all pornos my external drive it s not showing up on my computer. It s packed it in and i had a lot of important files on here this is my backup drive and i ve got a lot of videos stored on this drive.

And well it s decided it s not going to work. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is the reason the brick for this thing is packed it in so we re going to see if we can get this brick working and get my hard drive back in service. So of course. The first thing.

We do is we re going to crack open this case. Which is usually easier said than done usually side cutters in it the scene will open it up it s glued together right so there we go i have a feeling that there are going to be some bulged capacitors in this thing hmm that one. Oh. It looks like it could be a bit bulging.

Let s get the esr test. Wrote and take a look and see which ones are bad. I think. It s very unlikely that these brown ones are going to be bad okay.

There s this one here point one nine. I think that was probably okay. But this is another little one right here point..


Nine. Here. The two big brown ones. 102.

103. Food. This one looks like the top of project. This one here.

These have been changed these two these ones were changed a couple of years ago on this power supply that s why i don t think we re going to have a issue with those would explode this one it s probably in parallel with this one. This is a split supply power supply so it generates five volts and it generates. Twelve volts for the older hard drives. Which had the 4 pin connector.

So you ve got a plus 12 and a 5 supply. And i betcha it s this one here and they just i don t know how well it shows up on camera. But it looks like the top is starting to pop a bit on this one from where i m looking at it here. So i m going to pull this one out so we can check it out of circuit.

I m sure it s bad and taking that probably all that s wrong with this power supply because it s running 24 7. So it s it s a very busy use a corolla is my partner drive rate. I get this thing going i ll show you guys..


What s on this drive. It s quite the collection oops. The line one this one here. Edgar what cuz it doesn t matter point six.

And this is a 1000 at ten volts and point six is too hot. I see it was point six should be no more than my point one it was very good and it s 07. Shop what about the other one now. There s no longer in series with this one so 478.

16. These two are in parallel with each other effective. This one here is also well point one for 478 did that was actually okay 478. 16.

Should be one no more no worse than point. One eight. And this is one point one four so it s the main one here. The primary.

One is the one that s bad okay. I have a 1016 volt. It s always okay to go a little bit up and voltage..


Nothing to hurt anything i ll just put this back through here. Let s not play this there s two old drills in here like it s made for two different caps no problem tight some pretty good glue. I put on there last time okay let s just check this open super this thing plug it in here. See the single power up and i ll bring the computer back and see if i can actually read the drive or did it trash my files and it went bad all we set how is it concern right.

What our supply fails drive this and use crash. All the files in the process. We have a green light. Now.

Which is a good sign. I had a fluttering green light before i have a power light on the hard drive plug in and see the lotto detect. There we go scat and fix. Yeah.

I better do that i m sure that that s probably good king. Good. My kind of forum that s not the same as your crab horn. So this is my hard drive that runs on my raspberry.

Pi media player that just streams out on to channel 12. Throughout my hopes so this is this is this is this is my porn. My concert videos and i ve got i ve got some 100 of them on here so yeah..


I would not have been happy if i had lost all these files there we go. It s fixed. I m going to shut this off before i pulled managed to pull a a copyright strike. But i guess the applause is probably ok.

But to say i ve got tons and tons of files literally hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of concerts on here. So. And i got everything even a little bit zz top right got everything on here. So i m going to shut that off before i pick up coffee or a strike you get a hard drive that s not working especially if it s going these split supplies crack it open and check your supplies because chances are one of the voltages is just a little bit off as you can see it was just it wasn t off by much and that cap doesn t look to be too bad.

The top looks like it s a little bit puffy. If you look at the very top. They re just the right angle looks like it s just starting. To go but it went only went up two points one.

07. 06. Ohms that s enough it s just enough ripple was getting through that the hard drive just was not spinning up we ll catch you hater. I ve got some more stuff coming up soon and we ll catch you in the next one ” .


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