Extra Utilities 2: Generators (Spotlight Update 2-6-17) Minecraft 1.10

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” s going on my name is shaw up. Here have a good day. So today. Today.

We re having a look at extra utilities. Two generators so they came out couple patches ago and i hadn t had time to do any type of update for my extra utilities spotlight or whatnot. So that s what we re doing today. We re just basically looking at the generators couple notes.

They did also add these little bitty mini tests. Which are freaking awesome. The trashcans. So we ve now actually more than just a trash can we actually have an energy trashcan.

Why you would want to throw away your energy. I don t know. But there you go you got one and a fluid trash can so you know fluid so you don t need your having a bone so or just a byproduct you can dispose of them in this trash can food awesome. So let s get started with the generators today.

So the first generator on the list is the culinary generator. The culinary generator consumes uses food to generate rf. Now different foods will generate different amounts over. Rf at different.

Rates. So this one is generating. 28800. 1 rf.

At free 8 rf a tick. We look at a regular apple and apple will generate 9600. Rf at 32 are sick compared to a golden. Apple at 65000.

601. At 56 rf. 2. Tick and a notched apple at a 100 1534 rf at 96.

Arthur tic. So you can go through and take out the different foods..

I m not going to give you any spoilers and tell you what the best food is for your culinary generator. But there are many options so there you go culinary generator check disenchantment generator yep. You burn or it uses items that are enchanted as fuel so right now. I ve just got some swords going in here with sharpness 5 on them and these sharpness.

5. Is generating us eighty five thousand or excuse. Me 854 thousand rf 4000 rf. A tip.

And you know so let s guy like a 17 minute burn time not too shabby. So you can use different items that are enchanted and there s arson champion generator next. We have the injured generator and it can use inner pearls. But it can also use the eyes of ender now let s grab an eye under for comparison here now when you have when your generators open and you hover over an item.

It will actually tell you you know what type of fuel. It will burn or you know how much rs will give so this is endor will generate. 256000 rf at 80 rf a tick compared to the enderpearls which generates 64000. Rf at 40 rf per tick.

So this a enderpearl right here has got a burn time of about a minute in 20 seconds. Next. We have the explosive generator this actually uses tnt to generate power and let s just grab. One tnt just we already had one taken go back so if we hover over it generates five hundred and twelve thousand rf at 160 architect.

Now i am not going to load it in because it explosions and paths will check it out when we go up there so we ll check this one out a little bit well we ll see it run and but as you can see there s a tnt that it uses next we have the frost generator guess what it uses ice so regular ice generates 16000. Rf 4000 rf to tick you can also use the what s the other ice pack ics and it generates the same amount moving on we have the furnace generator. This is like the most basic generator. It can use anything that you would normally put enough furnace you know would then stairs.

What have you sticks it all burning here and this is an example the coal generates 16000. Rf of 40 rf a tick next. We have the halitosis generator now this one is probably going to be one of the later ones that you use and uses dragon s breath as the fuel dragon s breath generates one bottle dragons brussel generates 480000. Rf at 40 are fatigued so it s about a 10 minute burn time per bottle and next.

We have the heated redstone generator. This one requires two fuels. It requires requires redstone and lava. And it generates 160 rf by providing it lava and redstone.

So you go 160. Now as you can see here you can pipe stuff in and out depending on what mod you re using of course extra utilities has its own own pipes..

That you can type stuff in then you can use the wireless transmitter to pull your power out and move it around as well. If ex treat illa t. s is the only thing you re using alright. So let s move on down the line here and we ll get back up.

There internet survival generator. Now the survival generator and the furnace generator are probably the two first ones you re going to use they re pretty basic to crack. It also generates it doesn t provide as much power those so this generates one piece of coal which enters 80000. Rf but only has 5 rf per.

Tick so it s burn time is 135 minutes per piece of coal it but it s again only 5 rf. But it ll get you started you know right off the get go so that s probably. The first one you want to make next. We have the slimes and the slimey generator and yep you guessed it it uses flan now you can use rice balls.

You know from which is like a substitute from actually additions. So it works in there because it s it s similar to slot. It s the same thing as lime. It s or dictionary right.

I also use regular old slime balls and for. Comparison we ll open it. Here so the slime. Block block generates 140000 rf at 360 rf per tick compared to a slime ball that generates 16000.

At 40 or f per tick potion generator so a potion generator you guess it uses potions now the higher the tiers of potion. The more rf. It is going to generate do i have any different potions in here now just got splash. So you ll have to take my word for it you can go through and look at potions can we just look in here there you go so you can see like a splash potion of swiftness 256000.

What was that a splash potion of slowness generates a 102 or yeah 100 2400. Rf at 320 hours per tick next. We have the under desk generator and it uses bone blocks. You can also use rotten flesh.

And regular bones and for comparison. We ll just can t pull this out so i can show you the rf values on so rotten. Flesh gives you. 8000.

Rf at 20. Rf a..

Tick a regular bone will give you 16000. At 4000 rf a. Tick we got some bone blocks in here which generate 48000. Rf at 120 orfe click next we have a pink generator yes you heard me right a pink generator.

This one s also going to be a little bit of a pain to automate when you re trying to get all of these generators to run because for the rainbow generator to operate every all the other generators have to be running at the same time and we ll see that run at the end here so as you can see if it s only got 05. Seconds. So the half a second burn time so it s burning through this this pink wool at 400 rf at 40 arc per tick next. We have another start generator.

We re going to test this one up there. But i ll go ahead and show you the burn times on it without putting it in. There so this generates nine million six hundred thousand rf at 4000. Rf per ticking next.

We have an overclock generator and here we re there s a lot of different options you can use you know all the basic things you would normally burn. And just a regular vanilla furnace such as coal offensive stairs. Oh. Now the one big thing with this overclocked generator is it burns things extremely fast.

So as you can see these blocks of coal are generating let me pull one out here okay done took up so they re generating. 16000 rf 4000 rf to. Tick it has a burn time of 02. Seconds.

So once this of a second is how long it s taken one block of. Coal and it is generating as you can see up here at 32000. Rf yeah. This one s going to be one of your trouble ones to keep full this one s the pink and the the potion generator going to be your three hard ones to automate when getting a rainbow generator set up so the last one to look at here is the magmatic generator a lot of sky blockers will use this with a lot of production.

So let s grab a little bit of lava. I think i get a lot of egg. We ll just throw this in there so we ll just throw this lava egg in there to burn. So now.

It s got some lava in here. I just put lava and is alleged don t know what the egg then computer. So it s generating 40 rf off of them you know per tick and the burn time for a. Bucket it s going to take a little bit 62.

Seconds per 100. Mil above..

It s basically alright and as you can see over here. We have the rainbow generator you re going because i do have the explosive generator and i also have another start generator setup up there and running so they re not near us. And because all of these generators are currently running to around us here every one of them the rainbow generator has came online. And it is generating more than that so it s only showing 6 9.

25. Thousand. I think that s because if that s the max input. But if we go and click on it you can see the generator spectrum is complete sending 25 million rf of energy per tick yeah you heard me right 25 million rf per tick.

Because all of these are running and we got the rainbow generator here it s amazing let s go up here can i where s my wand. So look as you can see it s loud up here here s the explosive generator. It s the one running. The tnt and being obnoxious over here s another start generator if we were in survival.

This would actually be hurting me right now and i would um. We have the whizzer effect. So that s what it s actually giving us is giving us whizzer. 2.

For 20 seconds. Just because we re near it let s get away from it i app up before we take off i just want to make sure that i shows you the nether star. So the anothers star is going to burn for two minutes and it s going to generate 4000. Per tick or a grand total of nine million six hundred thousand rs and as you can see over here.

The explosion. One with the tnt is generating 160 rf per tick alright. So that is the all the generators and what they are needed to run now as far as if you all want to want me to set up a way to realistically automate all of this one survival let me know and i ll see what i can do i may try doing this on my skype factory series. I m not sure yet.

But i just wanted to to get something out there because i know some of these people may not know what they were doing like the halitosis generator someone might not know what it does but i just want to get the information out for everybody in case. You had some questions or whatnot. So i hope you found the video. I got googly eyes.

I hope you find the video useful or helpful or at least maybe somewhat entertaining. But anyway take care of yourself take care of each other and i ll see you in the next one ” ..

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