Fallout: New Vegas VR Is An Absolute Nightmare – This Is Why

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” s that buddy me. Well i don t see anyone else around here. So you you must be talking to me you see i ve been waiting for this for long time. I don t see anyone else here bam ring a ding ding motherfucker.

I really wish i hadn t there are plenty of non vr games that you can force to run in vr alien isolation for example runs fantastically well through the vibe making you feel like you re really in the space station. It s set and if there was anywhere in the entire universe. I d like to be it s anywhere. But here this fucking place with all this bullshit garbage going down.

This isn t fun at all. Mr. Haire died giving me monster space baby. I do not want this i do not want this i definitely don t want it and deniable.

It s the greatest way to enter your stomach through sheer terror and motion sickness alone. Which leads us to fear and nausea in new vegas. I did it seriously though you can run loads of your favourite games. In vr.

Using a program called warp x. Call of duty skyrim. Even arkham city. Because experiencing vr as a third person camera in a batman game is definitely the way to do it.

It s also totally possible to run new vegas through vortex and since it s my favorite game. Since metroid prime and dark souls. Which you can also run in vr. I thought i would give this one a go i wonder why i ve never tried to come in here before i mean.

It s a pretty interest. Oh. My god no i was not prepared no thank you i m finally safe. It also didn t really take me very long that s all to get new vegas working on the vibe.

It makes you wonder did bethesda actually need it and it does work new vegas can be displayed in full 3d in the vibe. And it looks no less convincing than skyrim which i enjoy immensely offer fuck s sake. I mean i had it going before lunch on the day. I started unfortunately you can t use your own hands to aim weapons or grab stuff like you can in fallout.

4. Or skyrim vr. So you can t shove that knife right into bernie to fat face. As i ve demonstrated here using a disturbingly close look alike in fallout.

4. But new vegas is an infinitely better game so it s still loads of fun to explore the mojave and glorious 3d. Truly i think it s something more important is going on over there oh now this is just silly. However the methods needed to make this game works with full potential.

My eyes aren t exactly common knowledge. So guides on how to do it are a little inconsistent. One of the most well written and comprehensive guides is this one on the oculus reddit. Which clearly explains that vorpax is a 40 app.

That makes none vr games work in via. It s gonna be a long day you have to wait 48 hours for a requester. Ah. There we go got it great thanks.


Then you finally walk out ice squinting from the amazing world. You re ready to experience in right okay. Thanks got it yep good great amazing and that s it mostly once you have vortex on your computer. All you need to do is run new vegas and it automatically displays it all in vr considering that this is all i really needed to do to get new vegas working on the vibe.

It s crazy to think how much bethesda really charged to fallout for vr. However. We aren t quite done yet to get it running properly you re going to need to be able to mess around with the game settings. While you play so it recommends you have a wireless xbox controller.

And the wireless mouse handy at all times. So by the time you re ready to actually start tweaking this you ve got your keyboard xbox controller wireless mouse and vive controllers all around you and try grabbing the specific one you need with the via taped over your eyes. I started with the default voir. Peck settings.

And although. It ran new vegas in 3d. It was more like looking at the mojave through a magnifying glass while underwater and the waters actually cream and the mojave is somehow made of headaches. Why do the clouds move when i do these settings really were like looking at the game world for a magnifying glass the game sort of balloons and shrinks as you move your head.

Yeah you show mario. It was like the radial image. You see. When you re looking at raw revived footage was still making its way to my poor.

Brain. Again. So i tried importing a vortex profile someone else set up specifically for this game. Basically there are loads of settings you can change within vortex to make the 3d and the way the world moves around you as close as possible to how it would look in real life.

Using this profile meant someone else had already gone through this nightmare. And worked out the best settings for me trying this remove the ballooning effect. But when talking to people in conversations. It was like talking to someone through a pair of binoculars that exclusively transfer light into nauseating pain.

We have such sights to show you it just made all conversations flail around uncontrollably when i move my head. I can t show you exactly how this looks. But basically it was like this okay. I ll join you if you just sit still and in the end.

It just made me feel sick so i turned this profile off this fixed the pain field binocular issue. But now when i talk to people it just zoomed in so close you could only see the whites of their invariably dead eyes staring back into your soul. Sometimes. I know lilly.

I know that didn t even nearly kill her what was i thinking oh and very quickly. I bet you re wondering what that is well i m proud to say vorpax is the only program. I ve ever used that on top of having no trial option after you pay the full price with a software. You still have a new removable watermark on the screen at all times.

See here vortex. I will do the arseholes of gaming award. No ea you can keep yours too oh in microtransactions. One for you too i guess you re fuckin with but i don t know man something still isn t quite right here.

I mean have my arms. Always been over there and piling on the problems. A little fast here so let s back off and explain in more detail. The specific issues.

I had when setting this up and how i actually overcame them you again..

Because the vibe is able to fill our entire vision with the game world the way. It behaves is very important if the world in here behaves in a way that doesn t match out here. It can cause us some serious nausea. I mean.

This is totally legit. Now things are about to get a little technical. So i bought someone who could explain this stuff a bit better than me what we see when we look into the vibe is normally two screens. One for each eye.

These two images are very slightly different just like how the images are left and right eyes see in real life are slightly different. Because you know they see the world from different places. The vive screens mimic this natural difference in perspective for each eye. Which is what makes us see the game in 3d.

Now this is an incredibly specific thing our brains aren t fucking stupid. I mean yours is a little. But that s okay because warp x. Hasn t been designed with new vegas.

Exclusively in mind. The software needs a fair bit of tweaking to display this just right now. It s nothing like this at all you do basically without this very specific tweaking. When you turn your head to the left instead of everything you see moving to the right in a sort of straight line.

It appears that the world also rotates in the x axis as you turn a little like what you can see on screen. Now this does not feel good to your brain you again now this may sound like it will be very difficult to correct. But don t worry this program now comes with a direct vr. I am morally against what is about to be done to new vegas.

So i refuse to discuss this any further. When you activate direct vr. It automatically waters vortexes settings to make the game world. Run just like real life so not only does it now track your position at all time so when you move your arm.

Don t end up on the other side of the map. Without you. But it also cleverly alters your field of view and other stuff. So that the world finally behaves exactly like it does in real life.

Just another day in england. Stopping it from causing. You any nausea at all so we ll run this yep uh huh. Good amazing and fuck.

It we ll try again okay. Yep good wonderful like ooh good software that costs you money it gives you absolutely fucker explanation as to why this always fails. But fortunately there are reams of foreign pages full of people ready to tell you how it works perfectly for them finally. I found disabling.

My antivirus and trying 10 times inside a building. So my pc wasn t under any stress worked perfectly the game now behaves as you would expect when you move through it and when you turn your head. It s literally like being inside new vegas. The illusion is complete i wanted to look into the exact reasons.

Why such a quick change worked so well and after much searching. I found someone who very kindly explained that this is mostly due to asynchronous space. Warp asynchronous space. Warp asynchronous running direct vr also caused the game to start being to use the technical term.

Jittery is fuck and of course..

Everyone else is jesus reincarnated. So didn t experience this problem at all. But the jitteriness did actually kind of level out after a few minutes in the game then ran okay. However this thing caused an issue that meant when i aim through the sights.

My head was no longer positioned in the right place within the game so the sights no longer lined up where they were supposed to but fuck that who needs accuracy after spending an hour setting up their snake sniper build you can fix this by turning off true iron sights. Which means you use the dot in the center of the screen instead of the iron sights. When you aim totally ruining a large portion of the immersion. But hey problems souls also now that i ve run direct vr.

I wonder what happens when i talk to people over fuck s sake its back again protip. Don t try and set this up after you ve had lunch. Oh i hate so much human flesh. If you think back you may remember a tiny little gripe i had about fallout.

4. Is flashing menus to be fair. It is mainly when you re in any kind of menu like using the pip boy the start menus looting items hacking minigames or just using lock picks. So it happens all the fucking time when entering a conversation or any one of those menus.

I just mentioned the game zooms in like you re trying to use the pip boy to tell the time. But you re partially blind you cannot fast travel when enemies are nearby now smarty pants is out there also just increasing the field of view exclusively for the pip boy and within conversation so this zoom effect will be minimized you can do this by using a mod or by altering the game s any settings. It doesn t work. But do feel free to let me know in the comments all the other ways i m a total fuckface.

What you can do though is whenever you enter a conversation or menu press. The middle mouse wheel. And this will enter cinema mode. Oh yeah.

Now i ve always wanted to watch this movie. Like this. Oh. My god i can see why they cut this oh this really means as you see the game.

More like you re sitting. In a movie theater with new vegas running on an enormous screen in front of you as a result this fixes. All the zooming issues with one click and is more like you re watching fallout new vegas. The movie take it now taking your hands off the controller to click a mouse wheel every 15 seconds is a little immersion braking so what you can do is map the bring up pip boy button to also correspond with a middle mouse click this will automatically activate the cinema mode.

Whenever you use the pip boy. Avoiding this you take a sip from your trusty vault. 13. Canta to do this you first activate steams big picture mode by clicking here clicking here their map this and this together done there are a few other things you can do to make the game run a little smoother and once you do new vegas.

Vr still manages to be a little better than fallout. 4. Vr was on its day one launch so once again new vegas. Does everything better than a game.

Todd howard was involved with and it s no surprise really what did you hear that play a lot of sports game. I play racing games. The demon is defeated before starting this video. I d fortunately already spent the required a hundred hours carefully and meticulously modding new vegas.

A game. That s basically held together with paper clips and rubber bands to the point. Where it was stable and almost never crashed look at that picture of elegance that cornucopia of order that plethora i don t recommend using mod organizer. It doesn t always play well with warp ex.

I use nexus modern manager..

Oh. No using nexus mod manager. Is like disarming. A quantum bomb that takes 15 hours to diffuse and if you sneeze.

It s all over and the collective universe collapses around you no i m not doing it sure fallout. 4. Were dismantled. One of the greatest single player rpg choice based intellectual properties of all time by degenerating it into a system.

Where your character s personality has absolutely no effect whatsoever on their interactions within the game world. But you don t have to use menus to loot boxes. Anymore so it basically levels out right adding this mod means when looting in new vegas. Vr.

You don t have to open a separate menu anymore this means when looting you don t have to select the container enter cinema mode leave the container and close cinema mode all in one go using separate commands so it says fucking compulsory is avoiding sloan after putting every skill point in to barter you know i really think we can strike a deal here. There i knew they d love this new vegas is about smooth as mere a speed dating event. This is marjorie and as i ve explained vr games. Need to be as close as possible to real life.

Meaning stutters can really affect the experience like if you were walking through a room and this started happening. It would hardly feel fantastic killing me not only does this mode fix stutters as you would expect. But you can also lock your framerate at a lower value to prevent things from jumping about i got to say it s very sad locking a game at 45 fps when the vive runs at 90 is like running pong through the hou 9000. This is beneath me.

Dave now. I know you re thinking it might just blanket port an unsupported games of vr where did the game overlays like health compass messages and action points. Go answer wherever they fucking won unfocused as hell and scattered to the cosmic winds ohad is a mod by gopher that allows you to basically do everything you can imagine the menus. You can move each element.

Individually remove the hud totally have the messages fade away over time add a clock take the compass out for dinner. You haven t touched your ravioli. With this mod. You can get the hud to behave like it does in skyrim vr and fallout.

4. Vr in those games your health appears. Whenever you re hurt and then slowly it disappears. Over time.

So you can keep an eye on it without it making you go cross eyed. So those are most of the module need to stop the immersion breaking aspects of the game. You know the more i talk about this the more i realize that bethesda may have actually done more work and i give them credit for when it came to porting fallout. 4.

Into vr making it so the game can run in 3d on the vibe that seems fairly straightforward. But porting the moving arms scaling your arms. The vat system allowing the guns to fire from wherever your hands are fine tuning. The menus the locomotion the way the world moves when you turn your head.

But to be perfectly honest. I m wondering if it was all worth it all that time and energy and the game still isn t a true vr experience. I mean from where you re sitting. It must seem like this was almost complete waste of time.

The truth is the game was rigged from the start like he said. He says it in the game as well you know. ” ..


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