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“Right yo. What s up monkeys welcome back to my video in this video. I i m going to be playing fallout shelter. So if you guys don t know game.

It s pretty much like a shelter for all your little little crap when i come for all your little you know dudes here. They re all lined up right. Here. Kathleen perry.

Katy perry. Jason heart. Roy something. Brian graham.

Keith sanders. Lauren. Schneider. Patrick jones are these all specials.

They are all specials. Except. They re all level wait they re not special kathleen perry might be there you know whatever so as you can tell i m not doing so well in this game. But i am going to show you guys today how to hack it plus eight thick.

I don t care close close. We got a new person right there turtle okay so now i ma show you you see how 550 zero nuclear coulomb new clothes new quantum so and i guess yeah. Only a 550 zero happiness. Okay.


So now imma go here. We re we re going to go pimp my vault. So don t forget all so do not forget to that the name of it hit my vault. Going to go to sought to see i says nuka 550.

You re going to delete that and go just whatever how much you have going to 99 on everything. It s going to do that here food zero. Nein nein. Nein.

Nein. Nein. Nein. Nein.

Nein. Nein. Nein nein. Earn stimpack nein nein.

Nein. Nein. Nein. Nein.

Radaway. Nana and ni. Nine quantum and then a nine and a nine and and that s it i think kiss. So now we are going to hit this little floppy disk.


Looking thing. It s going to real quick good saving data. It s really good at saving that i like saves. It real quick so it s going to that and then we re going to go to dwellers.

See you can add your own dollars doyeon. The unicorn is the specials. I think maybe so we re going to go. Here.

Let s see sue code. Name. Abraham washington. Wow.

Bitter cupboard cloning autumn. I ve heard of one i ma see if it s here if it s an actual thing three dog piper ninja mail professor mail wrestler nell movies and female spore surgeon female night male comedian slash slasher male don t know that is no that s find it i want him go on to slasher kneel ninja male professor male probable blah blah blah king male ooh oscar blood carlos the great oh okay so that s them so now we re going to save again save i just like save a bunch. But you want to go here. I m going to close out fallout.

Shelter and now. I already have one that has a bunch of see no people so we re just going to go. I guess we ll put in baby man baby man. We re going to go level.

All the way up health and i not brought six oh six nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine iron health all the way up radiation zero your baby man so you ll be male you re not going to be pregnant. I ve done that before to a man that s weird like it has like the body of a female. But it s like over laughing. So it s weird i ll keep all that next radiation art now we re going to go ahead and save save save save save save save save save ad man are you here baby man 68.


Is it now you re going to go home and now we re just going to go here. Fallout shelter. So now we re going to go see i mean i know what works but i m just showing you guys had to it that s going to be ending interval. 5 to 8.

I ve been playing a lot of this lately on my other slot. It s really fun once you get into it. But you know if you re not doing great. It s good to get this app just to help out you know dog see so we got plus.

11. So we got baby man. Here. Level 50 syntax.

Oh. Oscar blood is so cool looking. He s like jason. And then we got a king here so rude so now that we have a bunch of crap.

I m gonna go ahead and build you re going to destroy all these rocks. So we can get some what is is so man that s going down big time so we so we can build some stuff and make our thing bigger our shelter bigger going to soi everything i ll see wait up i don t care cheese is gonna take forever. I mean i m not going to build that far down yet so now we re going to hell go ahead build some living quarters right there make a bigger living quarters make it even bigger living quarters. So there s another one i know i can t put one right there x so now we can start wait we can t drag a bunch of people in iya are making a bunch of living quarters up at the top and then all the work stuff will be down at bottom the bottom.

So i can go ed and put everybody in there. You are you this is living quarters. You living quarters. You generator you generator.


How do i got to see you you generator and go here goodbye in this living world quarters we do boo boo boo people 51 happiness so cares about happiness right now now we will go here and start adding people to living quarters. I can fit six people in there go ahead and add you to living quarters jesus going to take forever who oscar blood you to the living quarters. Mr. King man dude.

Add you to the living quarters. As well there in our ad. Mr. King dude.

Maybe we ll see i like the 3d look aspect of it. I did not i sure ad. Mr. King dude.

Good night e. There already have six people in this room. Okay whatever see i do so that s why i didn t do it now mrs lady dude daddy right there so now i ve taught you how to you know hack the game. I guess you could consider it or cheating sorted room couldn t build a bunch of these things you know doesn t hurt of having too much storage.

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