Fallout Shelter PC – CRAFTING WEAPONS – Fallout Shelter PC Gameplay – Vault 88 #5

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“My dear beautiful bastards and welcome back to fallout shelter. Here. We are collecting stuff stuff bringing things. Cheryl brown has come and she is pretty much useless.

I do think she has anything which is beautiful to be honest. But it s all right. It s good to have a new member of society. So where can we place you one.

She s that useful charisma over there well i could place her over here. Yeah up here. We got a new room. What what relief.

Which room which room did we get weapon workshop. Oh. This is useful 800 assigned dwellers here to craft weapons. I think that that is extremely useful and i would like to have it so wait i think that i wanted to do some quests.

So we should probably do a quest or two so let us go right here. Wait a second masoud. Thank you very much so let s go do the quest where is the quest thing here it is well you guys stop producing stuff. I don t need that much stuff is crazy so the path of pollock lumpkin.

I kind of want to do that level six. So let s do this one we re going to send brian jennifer and nikolas we re gonna send you three of them we re gonna give them some nice weapons rusty laser pistol for the black man for you you can have the lever action rifle and you can also have something nice sawed off shotgun glorious brian can wear combat armor jennifer can wear combat armor and nikolas can wear something very very nice maybe knight armor knight armor or heavy wasteland gear is it useful because it gives endurance. I m not really sure how good endurance is we could get the give him the military fatigues. It gives strength or survivor armor.

No survivor. Armor yes definitely survivor armor and since he is the lowest the bryant baron is lowest. We re gonna give him tiger and we re also gonna get five of these and one read away and we can start the quest. But yeah.

It is gonna take half an hour for them to arrive. Which is quite a while so i could reach now or i could not reach now you know fuck it let s reach right now to reach right now confirm spooky music you better bring me something valuable guys you re very strong spookiness continues. There s nothing here so glad i m here with my pals. Yes you should be tell the bitch shoot.

Nice huh. What do we have here you guys are worse than the last intruder paula. What s her name plumpkin paula plumpkin. Where did she go some old nuka.

Cola plant. Not that it matters. You ain t leaving here alive. Oh.

Ho. I don t think critical. Oh shit. The critical has the meter.

Thing glorious glorious you re a baby two of them two of them another jacket. Very cool. So we have the pistol rifle. And another rifle to luca.

Colas. And some money. So i could use another nuka cola to come back sooner..


That would completely you know take away all the new koalas that i earned. But i don t think i think that s worth it they are returning to the vault in 14 minutes. So yeah let s leave it as it is you re gonna turn in 14 minutes. So i m not i m not gonna spend another one of my beautiful nuka cola things for 15 minutes.

It s just it s a waste of nuka cola things. But we do have 500 so what should we do next or mysterious stranger where are you you bastard where are you i m gonna find you please please please please please please please please where is he now how can he go away that soon eh. I didn t have a moment to to fucking find him stupid game is it possible to pause now it isn t i can t cheat i wanted to cheat. But i cannot cheat the storage room current storage is 20 inventory how much do we have in the inventory.

Have no idea how to check that but it doesn t matter does not matter. So radio studio is doing fine you guys told me that the deathblow attacks are gonna appear once we reach 60 people so we are safe for the time being that makes me feel very very nice so living quarters. Shall we expand the living quarters. I m not really sure is that a good idea but 280.

We could which should attract more people to come or which can attract traders of course. Why the hell not vader had a recipe on them armor piercing sniper rifle glorious they have all been murdered we do like some power. Though so we are going to collect 800 caps to create the weapon workshop. And then we re going to create some nice and expensive weapons that should be able to destroy what ever comes in our way.

Because i want to prepare both for the death clause and for the goals you guys said i think at 80 people the goals start appearing so or maybe. It s vice versa. I don t remember exactly. But i want to make sure that before reaching 50 people.

I have everything i need everyone is equipped with special gear with special weapons. And that everyone is ready to defend the vault from nasty evil things and we also need a training room. I think you guys said that the training room would be useful is that the weight room or the fitness room or the athletics room. I have absolutely no idea or maybe even the armory.

No the armory creates armor obviously classroom also i think that we need to unlock all of these things. But you know getting money will be a problem as well because how am i supposed to get money. I mean i after all need to wait quite a bit to get money in this game. Wait.

I have a challenge here. Oh shit another another here pierre where are you where are you here you are 72 right 72. Not that bad thank you very much glorious money. But yeah you need to do this have a dweller exploring the wasteland for five hours.

So let s send someone out for five hours. But who should go i think that sharon should go you know her luck is not completely shit. And maybe. She will be able to find something useful.

I mean sending a randy out would be good as well. But i don t think i don t think randy should go you know because randy is very useful in the world. So if i send him out i don t think i don t think that s gonna be entirely useful so if we sort by boy lock. See randy patrick and then sharon.

So i could definitely send sharon. It is daylight. So that might actually be a problem because you guys told me that i should send them out overnight. Now i don t i m not really sure that you mean like over the real time night like you know when i stop playing i send them out and then next day.

I send them back in or did you mean like in game night either way i kind of need to send her at wait. I m gonna wait until they return because these guys who are going to return they have the strongest weapons. So i m gonna wait until they return and then i m gonna give her their stuff. Including the little animal.

But when i think about it do i really need the weapons workshop. Before the weight room. Because i feel like if i have the weight room..


I can focus on making them stronger and if they are stronger. They re gonna be able to survive the attacks. So isn t that better to have the weight room. I think it is but then again.

I do have a lot of junk items and i feel like i m gonna need to upgrade the storage room as well because i have 20 space and i feel like that space is gonna get filled up very very quickly here we go storage space is 8 out of 20. And how much will they bring is it 12 1 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. 7. So we still have enough space for extra items.

But here. I m not sure should i go with the with one room or the other or maybe just build both of them. I will probably be able to collect enough money either way first i m gonna send out this little girl here she s gonna go ahead and explore the wasteland so i can get my money sharon please make sure to do things correctly don t do not to die. Because dying would be very very terrible.

And i would be disappointed in myself and in you sharon you have to be a glorious member of our glorious vault. There you go red roaches kill them you have enough weapons. Good job boys and girls good job. You got rid of them very very quickly and i am proud of you and hopefully you re gonna keep this up throughout our adventure together in this vault.

Thank you okay these guys are back so i can collect everything and i will do that collect everything not enough storage spaces. Okay. That s not good so if i build the storage upgrade. 750 750 for the love of shit.

I can t afford 750 for an upgrade how much is the storage room 375 where can i build it i can build it here. But i kind of want to connect them together goddamnit that s too much oh shit wait wait the secret bastard arrived again. Where are you where are you where are you here you are 44 found him again 44 not bad. But ya need more storage space.

So how do i do this. Let s place. Another storage room here. I got a do it i got a do it man.

I need more space storage rooms now i can collect everything and get back in the vault. Unfortunate. But you know current is 30 wait a second current is 30. So it s 15 wait is it 15 because this was 20.

But why was this 20 and now it s 30 isn t it supposed to be 40 game are you playing tricks on me you bastard. But alright. We are ready to send charon away. I could give charon the endurance thing if i give her that she s gonna have a shit ton of endurance.

Which means that she should be able to survive a lot right is that how it works and i can give her the shotgun and i can give her the tiger which will increase her strength quite a bit and then i can send her out right. She should be able to survive a lot because with a lot of endurance. She should do quite well so we do have a thousand caps. Which means that i could place well either.

The science lab or the weapons workshop. I do need 24 dwellers for the weight room so i need one more dweller for that. And if i have the weapons workshop. Then i am able to create stuff right because we have a lot of junk.

And i do have the blueprints for the super. Strong sniper rifle. Or the workshop is massive holy crap..


So do i want it to be here. I kind of want it to be on the edge. So i can place another living quarters here. But if i place another living quarters.

They are a little bit more expensive 280. So i need more than a thousand to be able to do that i changed one of the goals to collect 100 power. And i should be able to shut up what was that sharon payne has discovered a super duper marked do you want her to go in whoo. Oh.

So it s a quest and i kind of don t want to her to do that because she s alone. But let s do it let s do it sharon. Let s do this i believe i believe in the power of sharon. You can do this you can survive and collect beautiful items kill the rader boss.

Okay sharon is doing a lot of damage. These bastards are dying. Very very rapidly so it s actually not that bad see she s doing pretty well. I mean she killed four of them very very quickly and very easily nice.

Nice. Give me all of that give me all of that glorious items and the boss should be here. Oh boy okay. It has a good amount of stuff give me critical give me a critical nice oh devastated devastated you will dirty bastard that s what happens.

When you mess with sharon return to the wasteland wasteland. Let s go gloria. So even two of the all. Oh.

I am. So satisfied with this mini quest that was given to us very nice. I can actually send her back recall. Yeah let s send her back because she did collect stuff so it would be better to send her back home so.

She gives me the stuff. And yeah. We need to build the weight how much money oh yeah. She s gonna bring enough money so.

I will be able to expand the living quarters here. Oh no no yeah yeah. We re gonna expand the living quarters. Here and then build the weapons thing here on the side that should be good wait were three people here are you doing nikolas nikolas are you stupid nikolas go down here and do stuff for the love of god why did i allow you to just stroll around and not to do anything that s terrible collect items low storage space already goddamn it yeah leave me alone so i kind of gotta.

Send her again sharon go again. So living quarters. Right here. And then the weapons workshop right next to it there you go wonderful.

It s time to start crafting here are some recipes and junk to make a weapon and an outfit wait a second shut up bye prideful. Thank you thank you but go away. I didn t have a chance. I didn t have a chance why did he appear at such a wrong stupid fucking time who the fuck do i place in the weapon workshop.

Nobody it doesn t matter okay if it doesn t matter that s great i m gonna send this bastard down. Here maybe he will be able to build something i am actually running low on power. It seems so i will need another power room. I kind of want to place it here.

But i m also gonna need to destroy this rock. So let s destroy the rock. Yeah..


The next power room is gonna go here so i can craft stuff we can unlock the pipe rifle. Thank. You and we can unlock the where is the sniper. The sniper rifle.

I have the blueprint for the sniper rifle come on where is it is the sniper rifle. A rare weapon. Do i need to upgrade this shit to to be able to to create the sniper rifle. Because that s kind of annoying.

I don t like that i think that the large majority of them have weapons. But i really do need to create more and unfortunately i need more storage space as well. Which is kind of bad. I m not really sure where to put more storage space.

See unfortunately these two storage rooms are not connected. So. That is kind of shitty. The next storage space should probably go somewhere where i can connect multiple of them so i m not sure where to place that because i need money.

But weapons workshop. Let us go create stuff here. I hope i can create because you know i don t have a lot of space. So i actually can create the enhanced hunting rifle as well and the enhanced sawed off shotgun.

Actually the shotgun would be a better idea. So we can create one shotgun. And we collected 100 power. Which will give us more money.

Thank you what is the next goal deliver one baby dweller. I guess i can do that as well so more power generation that can go right here right. That s the plan power generation down here. And i don t think i need another one so one is enough.

And i should probably place more people down there so we are producing a shit ton of water more than it is necessary so you can go down here and anyone else or patrick patrick. Kind that doesn t need to be here probably well three minutes for more water. We don t really need more food either. But the guys producing food are kinda useless so they can t stay where they are for a second if i want to upgrade the power.

Oh shit. It s just 500 all balls. I should have oh shit. I should have upgraded this not created another power thing.

See this brings ten goddammit okay. I m going to collect 500 and upgrade. The power generator instead of expanding it down here yeah. That was i did not think about upgrading at all i m stupid.

I m sorry wait i could do another quest we could do another quest actually we re gonna do the quest next time. I think this would be all for now so thank you very much for watching my dear beautiful bastards. I hope you are liking fallout shelter things aren t going very very quickly but they are going very very steadily. I believe i think we are doing pretty well so yeah make sure you know like share shove things in your bellybutton.

If you want to and yeah. I m gonna see you next time i have been better they re glorious lord. I made the blessings of pitar bi. ” .


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