Far Cry 5 – GTX 1070 TI vs GTX 1080 TI – How Much FASTER? – 1080p to 4K Benchmarked

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“And welcome to tech deals far cry. 5. Comparison video between the gtx 1070 ti ti and the gtx 10. 80.

Ti yes. I m well aware that the r. 20 series has launched. There will be some comparisons between the 10 series and 20 series.

Very soon i however recorded these videos last year and never ended up putting them into a video. So i m doing a quick voice over and showing you these side by side 1080p. 1440p and 4k high detail. The built in benchmark how well do they compare now these cards are installed in a rison 520 600.

X. The chip is running at stop clock speeds you can see it s. Turbo anor xf. Re if you prefer to roughly 41.

Gigahertz. Which is what it does out of the box. And frankly. It s running cool and quiet and does a great job.

There we have sixteen gigabytes of ddr4 32. Hundred megahertz ram. Installed and then of course. We have the 2 cards installed now naturally there are different brands.


But that doesn t really matter because the gigabyte card. Which is the 1070 ti runs at stock speeds because that s what all 1070 ti s do if you didn t know. None of the 1070 t has a factory overclocked so in this particular case to be fair. I ve added a plus 100 in msi afterburner to the gpu clock.

Speak. I didn t mess with the ram. But the gpu itself has a plus 100. The 1080 ti is a zotac amp extreme.

It s the big huge triple fan monster card. It s factory overclocked. So i didn t do anything today because it s already running at nearly 2 gigahertz. But this is sort of typical of the experience.

I think most people will get in these 2 cards. So that s why they re running this way now. I m running the 1080p results on a loop here just three times. Because i needed that time for the whole intro and the voiceover and whatnot.

We re gonna start it here one more time and then we re gonna switch to the 1440p and 4k these were recorded externally on a nagato 4k 60. Pro capture card so no performance loss these were not recorded locally and then you can see in maasai afterburner providing the on screen numbers vram usage at high details not too bad if you go to max if you go to ultra vram certainly kicks up. But it s not much of an issue here main system ram also at high detail isn t too bad don t recommend. 8.

But technically i suppose you could notice that at 1080p the gtx 1080 ti is not being 100 utilized to be blunt 1080p high detail for a 1080 t is kind of silly and ridiculous. But well this just lets you see the scale as we go up it ll certainly be 100 utilized at the higher resolutions as a side note for those of you curious. The gtx 1070. Ti is reported to be very similar in performance to the upcoming r.


Tx. 2060 and the 1080 ti is very close to the performance of the r tx 2080. Just to give you an idea in terms of price for the next generation. I will test them i will do a follow up.

But that s where it s at we are now at 1440p high detail again. I ve shrunk the images of it so you can see the on screen text will go fullscreen for the top and bottom for the 4k. But notice that the graphics cards are both a hundred percent utilized. It reads 99.

Percent. That s just the way amis afterburner works. But you can see up there that we re at 99 percent on both the 1080i as well as the 1070 ti. The vram uses a little bit higher the main system ram.

Use hasn t changed. Much you can see the real time performance in the frame rate on the fifth line from each run you can see just how much faster that 1080 ti is considering the price difference. However you re paying a lot more money for a relatively small increase in performance. It s a bigger difference at 1440p than it was at 1080p.

But 4k is really where you re gonna see the biggest difference. So now here we are at 4k you can see the top and bottom bars are gone. I ve made them fullscreen except obviously for cutting it in half and the frame right here percentage. Wise and absolute wise is by far the biggest difference between the runs the higher the resolution you want to run the higher detail settings that you want to run the more important it is to have a faster graphics card down at 1080p at high detail there wasn t as big of a difference.

Now if i had run ultra detail. There would have been a bigger difference. But i wanted to keep it the same across each of the three resolution so we re running high detail. Notice that we are almost 60 frames per second on the 1080 ti that is completely playable now it s playable in 1070 ti.


But what i buy a 1070 ti for 4k no it s it s doable. But it clearly is outmatched by the demands of the game. So 1440p would make more sense on that card in short too many games like far cry. 5.

Need more as you scale up resolution. And detail. 1080 p. Average frame rates don t vary tremendously between these two cards.

Because of that high detail again if we went to the max detail it would be higher notice. The spread at 1440p is quite a bit larger 76210 to both still very very playable. But if you have a 100 to 144 hertz 1440p. Monitor note.

That you really do need a top end card to get the most out of it at 4k. There s really. No question here. We re not even at max detail and a 1080 ti is at 59 frames per.

Second. An rt x. 2080 would be maybe 62 to 65 give or take. But it s still gonna be in that ballpark.

A 27 tti is not appropriate card for playing at 4k in the latest triple a games games like grand theft auto. 5. And overwatch and such those who play at 4k just fine. But not this one what about minimum frame rates again at 1080p.


They re just fine. They re very similar not a big difference at 1440p. The 1080 ti comes down a bit. But there s still both of up 60 frames per second and still both completely playable at 4k.

The 1080 ti at least in the built in benchmark. Here holds on at 52. Really well live gameplay would dip lower than that. But it would still be completely playable.

The 1070 ti dips to 35. And that s in the built in benchmark expect all of these numbers at the minimum to be lower in live gameplay than in the frankly not that difficult built in benchmark. And then finally just to round it off here s the chart with the max fps numbers. 120.

1. 55. At 1080p 90 to 117 at 1440p and 49 and 71. At 4k respectively.

I don t think max fps as important as minimum and average. But i m including it here because why not like this video. If it s jens put that in the comment section below check the links in the video description for all the details links to buy these cards on amazon and newegg links to my other benchmarks linked to my social media. Channels.

Discord and a variety of other things. Thank you so much for watching. I ” ..


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