FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: Season 10 Ep 3 “Feathers” with Raven and Raja

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“So today i m gonna show you how to watch wrestlemania 36 for free on on your amazon fire stick or any other device that you have i m going show you an application you can use on the amazon fire stick. And i m also going to show you a link that you can use in any web browser to watch wrestlemania 36 for free so first go to settings then go over to my fire tv and go to developer options and then turn on adb debugging and turn on apps from unknown sources press. The home button from the home button go over to the search function and then search for downloader once you search for downloaded you ll then see the downloader app go ahead and click on it once you click on download or just select download so then start downloading the downloader app on your firestick device and start to install it once it s done installing on your firestick device you ll see an option to open downloader. We re going to go ahead and click on open once downloaded is down to installing in their device.

Once you open downloader. You ll see it pop up you can go ahead and click ok and then you want to search for the following hyperlink http. Colon forward slash forward slash get period file linked com again type in http colon forward slash forward slash get period. File link com.

Once you type that in just go ahead and press. Go that will then begin to download and install file linked on your amazon fire stick once prompted just scroll down and click on install this will then install fire link on your device and file linked is basically what we re gonna need to get all the applications that we want in order to watch wrestlemania. 36. Pay per view for free.

Without any worries. So once you re in violent go ahead and type in the following code. Seven nine two one seven two one five again that code is seven nine two one seven two one five once you enter that just click next and then click continue click dismiss and then the first app that we re going to need is i p vantage bpm so go ahead and download that after you click the download button you ll see that the bars start to go across your screen once that s officially done downloading you ll see that there s a play button. Now.

So you can go ahead and click on the play button once you click on the play button just scroll over and click on install and then click on done and then next we want to download mx player. So go ahead and download mx player press. The play button once it s done downloading then scroll down and click on install once mx player is done installing you just want to scroll down in the file link store. Until you see the application called live net tv.

Go ahead and download that this will be a quick download in your device. And this device will basically allow you to watch wwe network. Completely for free so once that s done downloading press. The play button and scroll down and click on the install and click done and now go ahead and press.

The home button once you press the home button scroll down to your apps and channels and scroll all the way over to the right to see all and then scroll down until you see i p. Vanish. Vpn and i explained and live that tv go ahead and move both of these to front so click the options button on your fire stick remote or the button with the three lines and then click move to front when you re over the app. So move live net tv and ipvanish to front so now you have these two apps accessible right.

When you re at the home screen of your fire stick. So the first one that we want to open first is ipvanish vpn and the reason for this is that wwe and the ufc have begun tracking people that are watching these streams illegally and they re basically collecting the ip addresses as well as the addresses and locations of these people and sending them dcma letters. And so you will definitely want to avoid this and you want to hide your ip address. If you choose to look at any of these streams.

So i highly recommend using ipvanish vpn to do so to get an account you go to the stately link you see here in the screen..

I m gonna put in the comments of the description. But you basically go to that link you sign up for user name. And password you emailed to your email address. And then you basically click on the activation link.

In that email address to activate a username and password and then this is where you would enter your username and password of your ip vanish vpn account. So that you can log in and basically surf. The web anonymously under fire sic device or any other device that you have and basically avoid any any dcm. Any letters that you guys see so once you re in ip vantage.

Vpn application. You just go to the gear icon and then click on start ipvanish vpn click on connect the fastest server scroll down make sure auto reconnect is on if you have netflix in your device click on split tunneling and then just like netflix from the list go back then make sure scramble is on scramble will basically bypass any blogs that your internet service provider. Has as they may be blocking your us. Basically ip address from either using a specific vpn.

So make sure scrambles on then make sure that you select country has united states go ahead and click on connect and then you ll see that your visible location changes you ll see a bar graphs are going across your screen. Which will basically mean that you are now connected to the beat. The ends and you re safe so press. The home button now and then go ahead and open live net tv.

Once you open live net tv for the first time just click continue and then once you press. Continue you ll see that the main screen loads. And highly recommend going to settings. First so go to the skier icon in the top right hand corner scroll down to hide countries and then hide all the foreign countries.

You do not want to see just basically leave unchecked your country that you re in in my case. I m in the united states and then internationally you want unchecked as well so once you leave those two unchecked just scroll down and click on ok and then you also want to scroll down until you see video player and make sure. It s lit sent to mx player as the mx player that we want to play them. So once you do that just press the back button and then your new layout will download and in order to launch wwe network or any wrestlemania a preview or just scroll over to sports.

Then scroll all the way down. Until you see wwe network click on that and you ll have an option of different links to watch. If you re on the vpn. You ll definitely be able to access these links and once you click on a link it ll basically load it in mx players since we set it to that and then you can also check out other links to see.

Which one s the most hd and works the best so that s one option that ll work only on a firestick device or an android device. If you want to watch this on any other device. Such as your iphone or your computer or an xbox or ps4 basically just go back to the file link store. If you re on the fire stick that s just a second option.

But you basically just need a web browser but on the fire stick you re going to need puffin web browser so this is just a second backup option that you can use which works..

Very well for watching these pay per views basically just download the puffin web browser. If you are on the fire stick and then just go over to the web browser open it up and then once you open puffin web browser you re going to want to type in the following link in the puffin web browser so just click on search or type url and then type in the following link it s gonna be wwe watch wrestling 24 net so go ahead and just type that link into puffin web browser again if you re on just a computer or your iphone or android device you basically just go to a web browser and type this in but again on the fire stick you can t use silk browser and you need to use this puffin web browser app for some reason it won t work its silk browser so you have to have this puffin web browser app. But again that s wwe watch wrestling 24 net go ahead and search for that once that website loads. You ll see the option for wrestlemania 36.

You just go ahead as much as you hate ankle straps. Oh. I feel that strong got in there. It s it s kind of awful.

It s just there i don t like this. It s a bit yeah. Sadly i love her. Though.

She s so cute next. We have cameron nye. Oh. That is a georgia maleficent.

Whole field of the horns. And the wings. And it s beautiful. I mean.

It s obviously theatrical and now i really get a taste of what cameron is all well it s beyond tricks in this house. It is sickening. Your house down. Who s next.

We have mana. Oh mmm yeah. I don t like it. Oh.

You re right. It isn t food. What s the feather dusters name and you re gonna be supply met yeah. She s very plumet yeah.

This now of course with the finger waves and all that i see very 1920s..

But i don t know maybe it needs to be pulled up some i wish it were came to here mm hmm with those feathers. And maybe if she was pulled in a little and given a little bit of shape. It just i don t know and you know you know he s someone named yeah. She didn t know she didn t know that everyone was gonna show up with looks you know i mean.

She thought she was really serving with this one and maybe in certain environments. It s fine. But this time next we have asia o hara. Oh.

Wait. It s like it s yeah. She borrowed you ve got this from. Oh.

My god what i love is the way her hands. When she would have them in front of her right here it looked like the beak of tweety bird mm hmm. This is so mart. It is so smart because why because you re gonna be on that stage for our she s got her dick out most people may not realize the amount of time you know ya wanted to do the judging.

And that is so smart. She got to dig out her shower shoes underneath shore and cross off. You got crocs on cotton socks. Oh.

My god i love it its genius. It s an absolute next. We have you ha people were talking earlier about you know on other seasons. About being inspiring challenges so this is obviously that s i see three raven references.

So thank you very much for that i love this look. I think it s great except. I here i think it s fine. I like it the only thing that bothers me are those little cat toys that are hanging up behind her other bloke.

They re birds. The ravens. You know she s like the like mama bird and they re like following her. I don t know if i were to have done that i would have done tippi hedren mm hmm from the birds being attacked by a bunch of birds.

I want the birds that flap yeah all around me i don t know..

But i i like this it s a tooth. I give it a two it s like okay next we have a query our luvs ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii query i love the feather mohawk which is reminiscent of gaga at the mtv awards wearing alexander mcqueen. The whole thing is actually very mcclean but i love that soft venus hair. Yeah and the arrows it s it s so beautiful i love it too absolutely trend alert hey.

Raven raven simone simone yay our top two the week is cameron cameron working out fast giving us maleficent. Giving us. Giving. Us.

Bird. Giving us gas. Giving. Us.

Gold. Giving. Us torrent. Giving us makeup.

Giving. Us. Feathers. Giving us.

A headache come down. Cameron. Much looks. Great do not forget to tune in every thursday night to vh1 and catch an all new episode of rupaul s drag race season ten and i ve been saying it every episode.

I m going to say it again 90 minute episodes. Including a 30 minute episode of rupaul s drag race on types to get two hours every week of repost dragwon and if you live internationally make sure that you check us out at. Wow. Presents plus make sure to check the link below to see you for available in your country.

Oh. ” ..

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