Fast For Facebook – App Review – The Best Facebook App for Android

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“To another phone. Savvy comm application review today. We ll be reviewing fast for facebook. Facebook.

And now besides the facebook application. This is the best client facebook application on play store today it s one of the most popular and you can download it on the play store of any android device. I like this application a lot more than i like the facebook application that s put out by facebook. It s much quicker to get to the things that you want and i like the way that this is organized when you open up the application.

Let me show you how it works first thing. You ll see is your status feed from all of your friends..

And you can just scroll through like you can on the normal application. They have a quick button right here to update your status and they ve got some convenient lines to add a link add pictures choose which timeline you want to add it to. And you can add photos and pull straight up in the top right corner. Let s go ahead and hit the back button.

Now. While you re at your statuses. If you swipe from right to left you can get to six options here. We have messages notifications events your pages groups and lists.

All you have to do is select. The one that you want to choose and then it branches off like for example here i m in my groups..

I can go ahead and select one of my groups. And it will open up their page and if you slide to the left. There s only three pages here this is the far left page. We have our statuses in the middle and then on the right will be the six options that i showed you now way on the left you have all these convenient options to manage your facebook account.

You can update your status right from here. It has access to your camera and camcorder. If you want to add a picture or a video to post right away you have your photo albums right here and then you can check in to your location with this option in the left side. And then you have the option to message your friend.

List logging in and out you can change. Some settings..

Here it has different themes and colors that you can choose from and then it has the chat option right here. So you can chat with your friends. When you select. It it ll pull up a list of your friends you can go ahead and search for them right.

Here. You can change the tone and notification style. That you receive a new chat from one of your friends. And then you just go ahead and select the person that you chat with and that will open up the chat page and you can begin typing down at the bottom.

And let s go back. They do have some other compliments facebook applications like fast photos and fast messenger so make sure you download those applications as well very simple application you ll catch on to it right away when you download..

It there s just three pages. This one your statuses and the page on the right so everything that you want to do you can get to much quicker than the stock facebook application. This is what our featured applications of the. Month it s fast for.

Facebook they also have a pearl version for 199. That will get rid of the advertisements. So make. Sure you download this application and also visit phone savvy comm to find more great apps like this that you can get on your ” .


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