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“Know what s going on lizzie on here back with another gta online video for for you guys and in today s video i am back on gt online showing a tutorial on how you can get all of your stats maxed out on your gta online character. But before i get started into the days of video. If you aren t new around here be sure to hit that subscribe button and hit that belt notification. But in a stay updated on this channel and without further ado let s go ahead and get started into the dayz 2020.

Updated tutorials. So what stats are being pretty important in gta online especially for your character just being good in general in the game will help you out a lot. With maxing out your stats and starting right off with the first stat right here. Which is stamina so they get stamina to 100.

It ll come pretty like normally when you re just playing gt online running around and that shouldn t be your number one priority to get your stat up because it just will happen naturally. And you don t really need to worry too much about it so now moving on it to the second stat. What we re talking about is the shooting stat now the shooting stat is actually pretty longer to get compared to the stamina stat. But it is a pretty natural as well.

But to me speed up the process a little bit. I recommend you guys to go into the shooting range. So there s i believe there s two or three different shooting range locations around los santos one of them being in like the middle of los santos right here. I ll be showing you the destination on the map on where to go to the shooting range you can do this by yourself or with another player.


But i recommend to do a couple of these drills enough to actually get your shooting. Stat max. It ll take you i believe it s like 30 to land. At 30 minutes to an hour to complete this shit stat again to 100.

But it shouldn t be that hard as well as just a lot of time that you might be able to be taking to do this dad. But overall. It s a very easy set to do and now let s go ahead and move on to the next at which we re gonna be talking about is strength now strength is one of the hardest tasks to get maxed out and which i recommend the fastest way to do this is you will need another friend now you get another friend or someone that you know if you don t have anyone to play gta online with leave gamertag down below scription hopefully someone can help you know what you do is you get one of your friends and make them sit inside any vehicle. And what you re gonna do is you re gonna stand outside the vehicle and start kicking and hitting the car with your feet or your hands.

So make sure you don t have a melee weapon out and now i need to do is just keep kicking at the car and eventually after repeating this process for about forty minutes to about an hour. You should have your strength maxed out to a hundred now this is a very tedious process probably one of the longest and most tedious process is to get the stat to a hundred percent. But your strength stat in my opinion is one of the most important stats to have now moving on to the stealth stat. Now the stealth stat is very easy to do you can do this afk.

All you need to do is tie your controller down click the l3 or the left stick button or if you re on pc hold down the control button. I believe to go into stealth mode. And just walk around in circles for 40 minutes. If you want to do this afk.


All you need to do is just tie. Your controller down with a rubber band or tape your left stick down. So you can just keep spinning around in circles. And your stealth stat will be done right there.

One of the most easier stats to get to a hundred percent right there now moving on at to the next stat with ya. Which is the flying stat on the flying stat is something that will take a little bit of time. But to make your process a little bit easier. I recommend going to the san andreas flight school.

Which is located in the los santos international airport. Which is on the bottom of the map as i marked on the screen right here you guys probably know where the los santos international airport. Is you ll see a little airplane icon when you go near it and that s where you re gonna have to go to go to the los santos flight school. Now basically what it is is a bunch of different little mini missions that you actually do make money off of as well so after you complete this mission you can still get some money in rp you can get around a hundred to 120 hundred fifty thousand by just completing these flight school objectives as you can see and it s only one person you don t you don t need a friend or anything to do this.

And it s a pretty fun as well. If you haven t done it before so. Just you could go ahead and do that and at the end of that you should be at around a hundred fully its max to stat on the flying right there and now the next. I m gonna be talking about is a driving stat another driving stat just like this damnest at becoming to you naturally by just driving around in the game.


But to make it much more easier. I recommend to do races with yourself or your friends maybe online. If you guys want a host one you just go into online jobs play quick job. And i recommend doing stunt races and there as they re much more fun and if you can try your best to do in the race or try getting at least top three to get your driving start up even faster.

But if you re doing a race by just you and your friends. Then you could try boosting off each other if you re trying to get to the driving stat to be max now guys moving on to the final stat well actually the second last add the last that i ll be talking about a little bit later. But the lung capacity stat is something that is gonna take you around 30 minutes to complete. And i need to go into this specific location that i ve marked on the screen.

Now it s near that docks so on the very bottom of the map. And i need to go to this specific location. Because you re gonna have to go to where there s like this little ledge right here and you ll see this ladder. Now once you make it at this location right here.

What you re gonna have to do is you re gonna have to essentially run and dive off this little platform here until you go into the water. So you have to do that like a lot of time so you dive into the water and then what you have to do is as you can see on the bottom left of the screen your little light blue cursor is gonna keep going down until it goes and starts flashing pink and that means you re running out of oxygen. So you just need to crawl right back up. And then rinse and repeat.


The meta. So you jump back in the water wait till. Your health and the water goes down and then climb up and jump off again and do it again over and over again. And i ll take around 30 minutes to do.

But that s how you can get your lung capacity to do 100 now talking about the last stretch here. Which is the mental state. I don t recommend getting your mental state up as you can be put into a bad sport lobby because you re gonna be blowing up vehicles and cars and whatever. But if you guys do want to get your mental stat up all you need to do is you just have to keep killing and blowing up things and eventually your mental state will go to 100.

But yeah guys that s been it for today s 20 20 tutorial on how you guys can get your stats up in gta. 5. Online as always if you have any questions comments or concerns leave in the comment section down below. And i ll be sure to answer your questions.

That s been it for today s video. It s been a born easy on i ll be catching you guys in my next video goodbye. ” ..


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