Ferret (European Polecat) facts: fur noodles Animal Fact Files

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“On animal fact files. We re talking about ferrets. The term ferret could be referring referring to a couple of different animals. There are of course.

The domestic ferrets. Most know and love there are also the domestic ferrets wild counterparts from whom. It is theorized. They were domesticated these wild ferrets are also known as european polecats and they are who we ll be discussing today however we also want to note that there are other wild ferret species such as the black footed ferret and the steppe polecat these are not the specific ferrets.

We re talking about in this episode for all intents and purposes as we move forward wherever..

We say ferret in this video. We mean wild european polecats european polecats are probably unsurprisingly from europe. They can also on exceptionally rare occasion be seen in northern africa. These wild ferrets live from sea level to more than a mile above sea level and they can be found in forests at habitats.

Along the edges of forests in wetlands throughout grasslands that support the growth of sporadic trees and typically like to be near a source of water european polecats sleep in dens. Which can include hollow. Logs crevices and natural formations and burrows including burrows. Made by other animals ferrets to spend quite a bit of time sleeping in general.

They don t have a set schedule of activity during their days..

Some may prefer to bounce around during the daylight while others prefer the night. But as a loose rule of thumb they can be considered crepuscular meaning. They re more active at sunrise and sunset wild ferrets. Eat small mammals frogs sometimes fish and invertebrates.

Though they re especially keen on rabbits ferrets are so tough. They can actually take on a rabbit twice their size without issue. And it s thought they were domesticated due to this trait. Although ferrets are generally thought of as the adorable little fern oodles of seen in pet stores.

They ve actually stood alongside humans as hunting companions..

Some estimates place the origin of their domestication back more than two thousand years ago due to their prowess as hunters. Ferrets have been introduced to new zealand. Where they ve wreaked havoc on native populations of animals ferrets are tough predators. Because once they ve grabbed hold of something they can t be parted from it unless they to let go even in death their jaws stay closed and often can t be pried open.

They re a force to be reckoned with the main predators to ferrets are humans. But they can also be taken by other larger carnivores and birds of prey. However if a ferrets fierce disposition doesn t keep most predators away her stink may scent is a big aspect of ferret life. Because they use it to hunt and also to let other ferrets know they are around wild ferrets are mostly solitary except when raising their young female ferrets give birth to one litter averaging about five babies per year.

The babies stay with her until they reach adult size at about three months of age and then set off on their own..

They re usually ready to breed by their first year of age. And the male s fight over available females mating is an aggressive affair and includes lots of neck biting and anatomy that leaves the male in charge of the act. No wonder they re solitary in the wild ferrets may live to be 6 years old during the winter ferrets have thicker coats. Though they re not usually hunted for their fur like the martens.

We ve talked about previously the ladies are usually smaller with males sometimes doubling their size. But on average they reach a foot and a half in length and two pounds and wait for more facts on ferrets check out the links in the description. Thank you to t87 and the darkstar for today s request give a thumbs up if you learned something new today and thank you for watching animal. ” .


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