FIFA 18 – Juventus vs. Real Madrid @ Allianz Stadium

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“In this competition. We ve reached the group stage. Alan matchday. One the erawan arose.

Arose. Where you want to get off to a good start of course. You do both sides aiming to do that and here for you today you d ventus and they played ray on the trip can t come to this ground. Without feeling the sense of history around you ventus the old lady and it is brilliant for us from outside to breathe in all that history.

Yeah. The first time. I visited this place. And so pleased to be able to come here you ventus famous old clover his stadium does he justice.

There s a couple of players who you might keep a special eye out for today allen smith certainly going to do that i love watching this pair. Play i haven t disappointed this season. They ve been the most threatening players for me for both their teams. 16.

17 season was another good run for the inventors. But could have been even better just coming up short in the champions league final scored a great golden they mandzukic it looks as though that might take them on to a tilted victory. But they ended up well beaten. Yeah a bit disappointing that second half when they lost their way entirely.

But at least now they re completing at the very top of european football. The aventis lineup that gigi buffon placing doe giorgio chiellini plays with midi panache here in central defence blaise matuidi starts with mira and panic in the center of the park on sala. A grain is the sole striking today..


This is the real madrid lineup keylor navas in goal. Sergio ramos plays with rapha l. Varane. His central defense luka.

Modric starts to turn across in the center of the park karim benzema is the lone striker. Today the kickoff in the group stage their first match. A lot at stake and a lot of preparation got into it the people won this rather gray cabala. There s a dangerous feel to this attack.

It s looking good from their point of view. He s through here so wonderful save at full stretch referees. Giving a corner to your ventus. Keep ally with the corner chiellini that s great work by the goalkeeper is casimiro attacking now well drench well and luka modric to put them in front.

Great save. Well he should ve been a fair there. But he s so agile these people i ve gone short with the corner. He s aiming for the very straightforward piece of goal keeping as he catches the cross.

I ll defend it just getting across we thought quickly as well that s offside cristiano ronaldo. But there s nothing wrong with a classy people just stayed on side he was due sami khedira good defending sergio ramos cristiano ronaldo as denied at the back post bail cleared away well away from gold something move. All the time and makes lots of these interceptions close well that was so close to going inside the post. But it s just straight past the outside.

Yeah. I think he d beaten the keeper you know. But just not got it within the framework of the goals..


And he s a bit unlucky weight forward a bit of menace in this attack. That s great defending. They re stopping that attack. Ye douglas costa trying to pick out someone in the center.

This will be a test of the credentials of your ventus sami khedira kabbalah. Attacking well here is aleksandra it goes out wide again have a pastor make way look very good indeed. But the move was broken down mod rich real madrid. Looking good here for now.

Though. The target in the middle dependent. Has taken a gamble at your torso. Is paid of and they ve cut it out very good distance to the clearance shots on hitch was an opportunity really the end way off target of that place shot banana cheetahs trot against message across their their work far off taking the lead as a combination of skill and will to hold off the opposition real madrid looking good with this attack and that s broken up by the defender before the cross could come in tweeting and the decision for the added.

Time is three minutes tweety dundas custer chance to put it in the box from here. It s a good cross and it said by the post got a bit of help from the inside of the post. It goes all that his characters unstoppable cfp inside honor. If you ventus in front mod.

Rich that s halftime signal by the referee. One nil. The halftime score the second half of this opening match in the group stage. It was entertaining.

It was a little nervous at times in the first half might change no coming on strong and looking to play their way through now tony krause. Gareth bale calabar how he s coming forward with some danger looking for renaldo at the peepers ball. No question about that it s a weak cross..


Really sami khedira chance to attack to challenge for the attacking team here against the masked defense. They ll have plenty the ball. But they ve got to try and break it down sami khedira. Quick witted and quick in his movement to to intercept that the grain it s my tweeting douglas costa.

Well you ve got to have a go haven t you score a goal. But the odds were against them from that position there lost his cool a bit day. I thought it was a really wild effort karim benzema is casimiro benzema sami khedira dibala rude for the cross. It s a corner for you ventus.

It s going to be a double substitution. Oh let s take it forget his got it now sure he s got as much time as he thought harry burns him up alexandra made even a tia luke s diner. My tweeting with kids it probate with the pass like to pay the insurance goal. Here that little bit of daylight that they were after well he gets the credit and the cred whilst being in the right place at the right time.

Yeah. I think the easiest goal. He will score this entire season. This manager was pessimistic coming into this game.

That those fears have been realized. There his team trailing by a good margin restarting. A tuna marcela please cut that out well well read. It s looking a real uphill climb to real madrid.

It looks like the opposition is info and the aerial bombardment here judging by the way. The centre. Halves are going forward onto the attack..


Now well. That s not so much an interception as a poor pass next time marcela moderate and tweety douglas custer. Chance to put it in the box from here khedira. He s refused to be beaten.

Here for standing ovation from the fans. And why not wanna stop unitized luck coverage. Cristiano. Ronaldo cabala.

It could be it surely. But work really to read the intention of the past. But rich. It s a good girl no cold one there s still plenty of life in this match as they look to level it up they want to get back for the kickoff.

Because they have got this goal now they re just one down. But time is really ticking on thought no hurts on the feet. There martin. But a goal out of nothing and who knows we restart the game 2 1.

Bubala well that s it the final whistle. It was really close right up to the final whistle. But they ve gotta cross the finishing line with their noses just in front and he believed about that because the opposition pushed them all the way it s a tracking contest. Some final thoughts on one of the better performers today alan good performance from him.

And i think that was probably the difference between the two teams and as for this fella on the losing side not a girl s girl that will disappoint him. But he did to set up one for a teammate you ” ..

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