Filthy Frank Lore The Story So Far

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“Frank finally releasing a lowered video giving us an explanation of what s been happening happening so far. I think. It s appropriate to give a recap for frank s fans on what s been going on in the filthy frank universe. What s happened.

What s going to happen. And more. The news story arc starts off in late 2014. In a video called worst film ever in this video a character.

We ve seen before named dade is dying of liver failure and frank must find a cure for him you can watch this video by yourself. As there s only one important detail that we re looking for well tinting. The dice get a light on i ll give you all the sacrifices you need hello dj. Frank promises.

Chin chin. All the sacrifices. He needs. If chin chin promises to help him the next lord video takes place in anime hunter chin chin arrives where franken his friend pookie are hunting animes frank ends up having to kill pookie again and just like the title says chin chin arrives chin chin demands that frank hands him over the sacrifices that he promised but frank has not because he s a fucking idiot.

The annual sacrifice is coming up and chin chin hungers. The rest of the video is simply an announcement. I knew this day would come again. I owe the sacrifices.

I must tell the others. The next video significant to the main. Frank storyline is the one titled where are the sacrifices this video is another announcement. But tells us that frank and red dick.

One of the original characters has gone into hiding in the nairobi desert under the chin chin hazard bunker 19 in the middle of frank s rogue transmission. It s interrupted by the dark god himself he threatens us saying that if he does not get the sacrifices. He wants frank will be killed. Frank also got a fish hello.

After some day crawfish antics with frank and his crew the video. We ve been waiting for awaits chinchin sacrifice 2015. Frank offers the dark lord the sacrifices. He demands.

Which is contained in a bag of the dankest and fowl lister memes after a couple of minutes of disgusting fan made shit frank asks chin chin. If the sacrifices were good enough..

Chin chin looks barely pleased. But demands that frank cans over pink. Guy. Why chin chin wants pink guy is unknown.

But frank. Refuses. Angering chin chin. He punishes frank by banishing him to the edge of d omniverse.

The realm zero. Also known as the rice fields whatever well changing the dice keen on my own oh well teaching the nice gonna mail. No no after sixty thousand chromosomes of aimlessly traveling he finds flute salamander man s flute he plays it and in the distance. We can hear the iconic cry of salamander man ah frank heads toward the cry in the video ends.

The next step forward in the story is titled toilet sriracha shrimp. Which is arguably the most important and significant video in terms of narrative. It tells us that frank and pink guy have spent millions of chromosomes to try and get back home. But by the looks of it they haven t made much progress they fought many wars stolen from powerful deities and have angered the peace lords what any of this means.

We don t know and probably won t be explained. We are shown that frank is currently in realm. 88. Known as aqua centauri.

It s a private realm owned by suncorp. Frank. Tells salamander man that they re awaiting the gatekeeper. A powerful cosmic entity.

That is interested in helping them the gatekeepers. Age is infinite and he s also gender fluid. He tells frank that in order to help him get home he asked to get the right coordinates. And the only way to get those coordinates is to the sense of smell pink.

I must cook sriracha shrimp. So frank and smell it and make his way home it sounds easy except for one problem. What you see a guy can t cook at all pink guy is a shit cook. Luckily one of frank s friends turns out to be a gourmet chef and we ve already seen him.

Before red dick. They summon him from the sky to help pink guy cook sriracha..

Shrimp and even if it came from the toilet. It looks pretty damn good when they finish up their work. Frank says that he can smell the shrimp and they start making their way home. However.

This isn t a happy ending just yet oh boy oh boy is that the fresh smell of shrimp. I smell hopefully it s not the stuff like they re in the bathroom. The other day uh huh laughter. You re an imposter that s right there s a new antagonist in the frank universe.

An imposter who d this imposter is where he came from or what he wants is completely unknown. He s characterized by the sunglasses. That he wears while the real frank don s normal eyeglasses about a month later a videos uploaded titled loser retailer comments three it may not seem like it has any contribution to the plot. But after a close inspection.

It does first we know that this is the real frank because he s wearing eyeglasses not sunglasses second. He tells us in the opening frame that he has been looking for pink eye. And chin chin to collect more chromosomes for an unknown agenda. The video takes place on our train and frank.

Even states that there are rice fields outside meaning that he s still in realm zero. This doesn t advance the plot anyway. But just tells us that the true frank is out there making his way home. But let s take a break from the real frank.

What about imposter frank the protege learns from the master. The master works from the guy people who base their whole fucking life on astrology that is such a gemini thing to say i knew it you can t trust those scorpios girl. She s like really really nice you know i like these little intimate talks with you well i m on the swing. I feel like i m your step.

They re taking you to the park spending. Some quality time with you otherwise your mom s gonna make you sleep on the couch and oh boy i don t want to sleep on the couch. The imposter frank has been making videos and collaborating with other youtubers every time you see. Frank wearing sunglasses that isn t a real frank.

It s the impostor. We don t get any forward advancement in this story. Until 11 months later when the video. I hate vegans comes out nothing like a good salad.

I said ain t nothing like a good salad hey. I m vegan..

Most of the video is just impostor frank doing his antics until they are attacked by a veggie cunt from realm chloroplast. 7. After a brief struggle this short clip plays at the end. I know you secret you re not the real frank you re trippin dog you re trippin.

That s why you want the peace lords to find out there will be a war this one clip alone confirms that frank still cares about the story. Even if he s held it off for almost a year veggie con somehow knows that the frank. He s talking to is fake and the imposter responds. By saying.

There s gonna be a war and finally were brought to the calm before the storm. A video has been uploaded titled a war is coming well teaching a nice skinny male no no the video is more of a promo for the next pink guy album. But still shows us some narrative. Nonetheless.

We re told that pink eye has become suspicious to frank and sets out to find the real frank. He s been searching realms. One by one and has to keep going back to his original realm to stockpile on supplies. Before searching another one filthy frank has the ability to travel between realms.

But in order to do it he needs proper coordinates and chromosomes to fuel the trip chromosomes from what i ve seen are a form of power and measurement of time pink eye has been sneaking off to different realms and giving coordinates to an entity. Who knows frank personally. We aren t told. Who this is however in the video pink eye travels to realm east vegetation.

6. He gets tired and plays his newest album pink season. However he hears a sound a very familiar sound he runs towards the sound and we get a quick flashback to see what frank s been doing he tells us that he sent salamander man out to find pink guys so they can regroup and go home. However pink.

I can t seem to find anybody. Except for a very gay man. A green cunt to be exact the green cunt has no actual home realm. But is instead a realm scavenger.

He sees pink guy run past them. And what he s doing after a conversation that goes nowhere. Green conte says that he senses a great power in the box. That pink eye is holding pink gaia plays a song in his album and green conte is amazed.

However he tells pink guy that the power in the box. If in the wrong hands can cause great chaos..

So he tries to take it from him. And the greatest anime fight scene. Ever created. Ensues.

Fuck. You green. Con gets the upper hand. And is about to kill pink guy.

Until he saved by an old friend pink guy s life is saved by salamander man. He gives salamander man the coordinates till meat about when they expect chinchin to arrive and they split up pink guy runs back home and salamander man goes back to frank to give him the coordinates and that s destroy so far chinchin banished frank to the edge of the omniverse. Almost a year ago. And the real frank has been making his way back home.

While the imposter frank fills in fran by making videos and trying to be just as cynical as he is i highly recommend you watch filthy. Frank. The amazing balance of humour and narrative his videos can have is absolutely amazing. Inspiring and overall good.

Filthy. Frank isn t just the channel of some dumbass making videos. It s a story of sacrifice banishment journey and resolve or maybe. It is actually just some dumbass making videos.

Yeah probably my name is hydron and if you want more videos like this one. Let me know i absolutely loved making this video. Because it required effort and dedication. If this gets enough positive response.

I ll definitely get working on a follow up video for the future of the filthy. Frank storyline or any other channel. Actually if you enjoyed it then leave a like or even subscribe. Any kind of support keeps me motivated to make these thanks guys.

” ..

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