Final Cut Pro vs iMovie

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“Movie completely free fantastic software that you can use to make great videos and crush. Crush. It here on youtube or final cut. Pro.

Which is packed with features effects effects music and so much more which one s right for you that s what s coming up next hey. It s me. Brian g welcome back to the channel. If you re new welcome stake your claim and amplify your message by subscribing click on the bell notification and you ll be on your way.


Which one makes more sense for you if you re just getting started. Here on youtube or with video. I suggest imovie afterall. It s hard to beat free and imovie has been used to create so many amazing videos so many amazing youtubers here on the platform have crushed it using imovie now when it comes to final cut pro one of the main features that really separates it from imovie is the ability to animate anything anything such as images pictures titles text on the screen and more and when i say animate basically you can move stuff around and straight out of the box you get a whole bunch of effects that you can add to your video footage things like color presets moving lights bad tv effect in so many more and when you start layering.

These effects on top of each other you can get a really amazing effect in fact. What you re looking at now is created specifically with final cut pro. No plugins in fact. All i used were a few pictures from the web.

And i created this cool music video look now..

I mentioned plugins and that s another real benefit of final cut pro. Some are free and some are paid both add lots of functionality to your copy of final cut. Pro allowing you to do creative. Things that would normally take an awful.

Lot of time. Furthermore. Final cut. Pro.

Has built in sound effects..

Has built in music and a lot more now. If you want to learn how i made that cool effect check out the video in the youtube card right there. And i ll walk you through the process. Both imovie and final cut pro can be used to grow a channel to create great videos.

And it s really dependent based on where you re at in your experience. If you ve got any questions leave me a comment below do then if you want to grow on youtube. If you want to learn more about video editing make sure to subscribe click on the yellow b. To the g icon.


You ll subscribe. And i ll continue to share the strategies and tactics. The editing tips that have allowed me to grow and create and he ll feed a poodle. I ve got two and they re hungry.

I ll see you next time ” ..

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