Final Fantasy 15 – Complete the Ultima Blade in Chapter 3!

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“Everyone mr. Happy here and in this video. I m going to be showing you you how to obtain the ultima blade in final fantasy. 15.

As early as chapter. Now the engine blade is one of the first weapons you re going to obtain in the game. It has properties that work well for magic based playthroughs. Including absorbing elemental energy off dead enemies.

When equipped shortly into the game. Cid will give you the option of upgrading any items in your inventory. That have a little plus sign next to them with the engine blade being the first one you re going to get the option upgrade in order to get the ultimate wave. You need to upgrade.

The engine blade to the ultima blade by handing in three separate items spending some time doing some other stuff camping and waiting for a phone call from cid to tell you it s ready the first upgrade item for the engine blade is pretty easy to get it s a rusted. Bit you can find these around the world and in dungeons. Heck. I m pretty sure there s one lying around hammerhead somewhere even so this should pose.

No problem for you the second item..

You ll need for the upgrade is a glass gemstone. Now you have to wait till. Chapter. 3.

To get this in the town of lest. Ulam. Along the main street will be a building known as the news fields building. There are some tables out front one of which has a glass gemstone sitting on it grab that head back to cid waste.

A little time camp get the phone call and now you re on to needing one final item to get the ultima blade the final item you need for the engine blade upgrades is a sturdy helix horn. Now this is going to take some patience so let s do some preparations before we head out to get this item first of all i highly recommend obtaining the hard edged great sword from the shop in the rabbito region to the west of the map or the cerberus sniper rifle from fort valerie both of which have a higher chance to break appendages. If you want to do this as early as chapter. 3.

Though the hard edged great sword is going to be the weapon. You ll want i also highly recommend you unlock the recipe for the mother and child rice bowl. This can be unlocked by finding a woman eating it on the east side of west ulam at a table in the lower platforms near all the other eating tables in the middle of the day this food increases drop rates by 50 which will help a little bit for this next you re going to want to head to old lush column on your map. And accept the hunt.

The last spira corns..

It s a level 29 hunt that spawns three spirit corns and two duplicants. Now the item you re looking for is the stirred helix horn. Which has a 10 drop rate when you break the horn of the duplicate enemies the spirit corn horns are always going to be crooked helix horns. I highly recommend saving just outside the hunt range and reloading if it doesn t drop as opposed to going back and forth trying to accept the hunt over and over again.

It s just way quicker. If you want you can kill off the three spear corns. Then save. And then just have the two duplicates to deal with whenever you reload your save file.

However you do it is up to you all you re going to want to do is just keep breaking those duplicate or nz and reloading until you actually get the sturdy helix horn drop once you ve done that head back to cid and bam. You can have the ultimate weapon. Done or the ultimate blade. Done as early as chapter.

3. Now if it s a little bit later into the game. For you there is another weapon that can very easily break body parts known as the cerberus. It s a sniper rifle.

That s found in fort valerie..

As soon as you enter for valerie just make a left. It s on the east side of the map. In one of the little storage areas sitting on some boxes. Now this weapon functions like a first person shooter.

Sniper rifle. And only knock this can use it so it takes a little bit of getting used to but it has by far the highest odds of breaking body parts in the entire game. Basically. What i did was turn on weight mode use the sniper rifle.

It takes 2 or 3 shots. If you land them on the horn for the duplicants and bam. You have a much easier break to land if you can actually land the shots with the sniper rifle. Now if you re really far into the game.

I m talking like post game here a higher level hunt. A level 61 hunt called scrap. It now will open up an oldest aalam. That summons luke horns.

With the luke horns having a 75 drop rate on the sturdy helix horn..

When you break the horn. Without the food buffs as opposed to the 10 drop rate on the duplicants from the earlier quest. But this is like a really late game option for finishing the ultima blade. However if you re a high enough level.

If you ve been doing enough side quests getting ultimately by chapter. 3. Is going to be one of the best feelings you can get especially if you re someone who uses magic. Very frequently since it increases your mp and your magic stat anyway.

Thanks for watching my guide to get the ultima blade. As early as chapter. 3. Be sure to like favorite subscribe and share and stay tuned for more final fantasy.

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