First Look: Sony KD49X720E 4K HDR LED X720E Series

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“I m karl with apt and this is the sony kd 49. X. 720 ii. Ii.

It s a 49 inch. 4k. Led tv with hdr that s designed for who s a bit. More budget minded and looking for a great value set with good functionality and a nice picture.

We ll start off looking at the design. It s got a nice thin bezel as we ve come to see on really all the new sets from sony and the pedestal is compact so it s easy to fit on a table that isn t quite as wide as the tv itself it s not fancy. But it holds the tv upright. Which is exactly what you want it to do and the legs are thin.

So they really kind of disappear. When you re watching a program..

If you look at the tv from the side at the top. It s really thin. But as you get towards the bottom you re going to see it bump out to accommodate the inputs you get three hdmi inputs that are all hdcp 22. And cec compliant and one acts as an audio return channel two on the side.

Which is nice. But when it s straight out of the back of the tv. It s great that there s three. But i kind of wish all three were side facing.

It just seems to make installation a little easier if you re mounting the tv on the wall. But there is it does indent a little bit so it s not quite that bad there s also three usb inputs you get a hybrid component composite input and an ethernet connection if you don t want to or you can t use the tv s wi fi. You also get an optical output. If you want to run audio out of the tv to a sound bar or another different type of sound system and you get a headphone output as well moving on let s talk about the picture.

Sony uses a number of different technologies to enhance the picture on this set. It uses the 4k x reality pro..

Engine for enhancing the picture clarity. You get live color to help with color accuracy and dynamic contrast enhancer to help with the contrast. This all really combines to give a nice vivid picture that gives decent details and dark scenes. As well black seems to lighten up pretty quickly as you move to the side on this set.

But that s kind of to be expected on a slightly more entry level model. So i wasn t really too surprised and i still think the overall picture was good for the cost of the tv and the motion on the screen was smooth too there were some instances. I noticed a little trailing. But nothing terribly distracting it s not an x b r.

So if you don t buy this tv. Expecting an x be our level picture. You won t be disappointed. It s pretty bright and it can be used and it kind of dark or bright rooms.

I found but performance is definitely better in a darkroom if you want to get the most out of the picture sound is the next thing to go over and just like on most all the new tvs. Out there this will definitely benefit from adding a sound bar or hooking up to a surround system..

It s got a 20 watt sound system that really doesn t do the picture justice. But like i said. It s how most all the new tvs are lastly. We ve got these smart features this tv uses a linux based platform.

Which is nice. But i don t like it quite as much as the android system on the xp our sense that being said operating the apps and going from menu to menu is pretty smooth and you have access to a big app catalog too and the way to navigate through all these menus and apps is with the remote. It s a pretty standard looking remote for sony. It doesn t have voice controls built in but it s got some shortcut buttons for youtube and netflix.

Which i think is nice so like i said before if you purchase this tv expecting a solid reasonably priced 4k hdr set. I think you re going to be happy colors were realistic and the contrast allowed for good details in the dark scenes for more details on this tv. You can always click on the link in the description. And if you have any questions.

You can call in to speak with one of our sales professionals or leave them in the comments section as always thank you for watching our video and remember to subscribe to see videos on all the great ” ..

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