First Look: Sony XBR75X940E 4K LED X940E

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“I m karl with afton. This is the sony xvi x9 40. One of sony sony s brand new 2017 led tvs. And it s a big one and heavy sure to have at least one other person with you when you unpackage this thing.

Fully assembled on the stand. It weighs in at just under 105 pounds. Now to put a positive spin on that weight. It s about 130 pounds lighter than their old 40 inch xd our picture tube set so that s good right.

And it feels really solid too just like the 930 ii. It also shares a lot of the same features with the 930 ii. As well which we ll talk about in this video. First things.

First let s take a look at the design. It s almost identical to the 930 ii..

With the exception being that this is available in a 75 inch set. Only. Where the 930 you can get in a 55. Or a 65.

Otherwise. You really won t be able to tell the difference when the tv is turned off the pedestals. Nice and sturdy and was really easy to assemble too he put the pedestal together first and then set the tv onto it which i thought was much easier than other tvs. We ve put together in the past.

The cable management system is great too everything tucks nicely into the back and the cables can be routed through the feet on the back of the pedestal to give it a really nice clean look overall it s a simple design that really puts the focus right on the picture. Which is where it should be the inputs can be found on the back. And the side of the. Tv you get four hdmi inputs that are all hdcp 22.

And their cec compatible. So with compatible devices..

You ll be able to use the sony remote for control. And hdmi input. Number three has an audio return channel. There s also three usb inputs as well as an rs 232 an ethernet connection and a shared component composite input like i mentioned before this is all the same as what you re going to find on the 930 ii.

Where you ll see the difference is in the picture. The 940 ii has much better backlight control over its previous generation. 940 d. Because of the addition of the excellent extreme processor.

The brightness is almost on par with the z9v and the contrast was improved substantially over the 940 d. As well upscaling on 1080p footage. We saw looked great the hdr content we watched look phenomenal plus sony added dolby vision which is a definite plus this along with having precision full array local dimming and boosting all come together to give a super sharp extremely color accurate picture. I did notice some light bleed when i first started watching the set.

But after about 20 minutes of it being on it kind of seemed to go away. Now fast action looked great as well color did seem to fade..

A little when i moved off center. But i didn t think it was terrible in fact i had to look at it a few times to really notice. I just i wasn t sure if i was actually seeing it and it turns out if it was a little bit. But really wasn t bad at all the picture was also super bright to test how light affected it we took one of our 650.

Watt studio lights can shine. It directly on the screen from about eight feet away. You can see that the tv isn t bright enough to compensate for that extreme situation. But as soon as we started to move it off to the side and hit the screen at an angle with the light.

It hardly had any effect at all overall. This is a super impressive picture looking at it head on i would still give the edge to the z9v for overall picture quality. But for off angle viewing. This is going to be a great set to consider and really isn t that far off.

When you re sitting directly in front of it either other things to note on the tv are the smart features which worked really well and transitions from menu to menu were really smooth. The remote was super easy to use and in my opinion..

Sony has the best voice recognition available for a tv at the moment it runs on an android operating system so integration with android tablets. And phones is really seamless and miracast and chromecast worked really well too it s also got bluetooth 41. Built in which you can use with things like headphones and other kind of components. Like that i really like this set it looks great when it s turned off and looks incredible when you turn it on i think sony s really done a fantastic job with everything they ve released so far in 2017.

The only thing. We haven t had a chance to see yet is their new oled set so be sure to stay tuned. Because as soon as those arrive. We re going to be getting those videos up too.

So what do you guys think is this worth picking up over the z9 d. What s your favorite 2017 set been so far make sure to let us know in the comments section below as always we appreciate you watching our videos and be sure to like and subscribe to check out all the cool stuff that we ” ..

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