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“Who is used to want to fit this entry level fitness trackers before will know know exactly what to expect from the fitbit of the hr simply put this is fitbit alta plus heartrate monitor what that means if you re getting a device. It is great for active users. And it will reliably track steps taken sleep. Quality and basic activities.

It has one of the best. Pat ecosystems out. There and a solid design that s comfortable to wear. However.

This is not a device meant for serious athletes or even anyone with more than a passing interest in running or other activities such as crossfit for those casual users. It is a likeable and well made tracker. It is worthy of your consideration. I m.

Adam schmidt ski. Let s turn the tables who see just how fit to the purpose. The fitbit ultra hr is in terms of appearance. This device barely deviates from the fitbit alter that came before it it s a slim tracker that blend into its strap.

It has a simple black screen that requires a firm tap to activate and scroll through and this is the only input that the hey child will recognize and it s not particularly sensitive. They get annoying quickly you can also turn the screen on to check the time by bringing your wrist up to your face this works about 80 of the time the strap has been updated since the last generation of alters now use more conventional and less fiddly locking systems. Which is welcome the other big news is that you can swap out the straps to find the one that best suits your personal style or lack. Thereof and yes.

It is backwards compatible with the alter meaning it can try all the fancy leather and metal tracks..

That are already out there yalta hr is comfortable to wear it doesn t get in the way much. And it s certainly a welcome break from my bulky beaver active hr. It s visible enough to say hey i track. My health.

But not ostentatious enough to draw unwanted attention. Battery life is fairly middling and although. It claims it can manage seven days. I ve found mine tend to start running low at around five.

I ve seen better from far more feature pack devices. But it s long enough to not to be an issue for most use case scenarios. The charger is proprietary. So don t lose it but it s easy enough to use and charge it fairly quickly.

There are some very basic smartwatch features here specifically you can receive notifications on your wrist as with most of the trackers these days as well as calls and calendar. Reminders notifications are limited to just a few apps. Though and messages are truncated. Even when you choose the maximum links for them in the settings after they eclipse appeared there s no way of getting them back to see the messages you miss.

It s nice not having to get your phone out to see who texted you or who s calling. But that s as far as it goes could not buy this as a smartwatch. But this device is all about the fitness tracking earlier. I described the ideal user for this device.

As being passive not particularly accurate thing is nearly everything that fitbit alta does happens on down low step..

Counting of course happens in the background is pretty accurate for the most part the so dude is most of the activity tracking that is to say that you don t tell the old hr that you re going for a run or engaging in sports rather it will try to detect it on its own you do have the option to start a walk hike or run. If you wanted to sync with the gps. Though there s no way to manually begin other activities specifically the fitbit alta hr can automatically identify and track walks runs outdoor bike. The elliptical machine aerobic workouts in sport as an entry level fitness tracker.

There is no gps built in here. There s no water resistance this time either unlike. The flex so swimming s off the cards. There s also no way to track weight training.

Which for me is a big letdown looking at the fitbit during a workout also doesn t provide any useful information. Fortunately. The algorithm here called smart track because why not appears fairly impressive in keeping with the other purpose. I ve tried out only now it has the added benefit of a heart rate monitor for even better accuracy it can successfully auto detect the bike rides and runs which never ceases to amaze that said it s not infallible.

I recently use some edge trim is to cut the grass around the edge of my lawn for instance and the all thr recorded app is a bike ride the heart rate monitor provides an interesting additional metric for your workouts. But it s not as accurate as more sports oriented trackers during training and it doesn t provide a particularly detailed breakdown after activity either rather. It mainly can be useful as a way to track your heart rate. Throughout the day and to provide you the score for your resting heart rate.

This is a useful measure of overall fitness and a nice addition to have if you re dedicated to your dream sessions and runs. You ll be able to see your fitness improve over time. You can also check your current heart rate at any time during the day and the heart rate monitoring should result in a slightly more accurate total your daily calories burned as well the heart rate wanted to also ensure that users can take advantage of the new and improved sleep tracking which now breaks our sleep down into four distinct stages. Awake rem light and deep this is possibly the best implementation.

I ve yet to experience with sleep tracking it s accurate in my testing and the additional information is very welcoming useful..

I m actually gonna miss this when i stop using the old hr and it really is well done. Oh. And there s also movement reminders. Which are pretty much a part of the course these days.

Although it s nice touch from the device challenges you to feed it 170 steps. The big bonus of using any fitbit device. Though with the software the android app. Remains one of the most intuitive and useful of any fitness tracking solution on the play store.

And there s fantastic. Support and integration from a wide range of other services. Ranging from alexa and ifttt to my fitness. Pal insights.

The useful and the badges and messages are generally motivating. The popularity of picnic is also a big plus here as it means you ll be much more likely to be able to find friends compete with i ve been challenging my wife with the weekend warrior challenge. Which has been a fun way to encourage a few more steps out of a space do your fear what you ll get when you mess with the warrior. So the big question is whether or not the typical thr can improve your health and help you lose weight.

The answer that is yes if you diligently track your calories consumed in calories burn then make sure to maintain the deficit you should see daily weight loss the heart rate monitor will only help to make that calculation more accurate and the automatic activity tracking your screen list is personally useful less driven. Users will likewise benefit from the ability to track run and monitor their sleep and resting heart rate. As they say that which is monitored improves. That s it those looking for full smart.


Features or who are more serious about their training should look elsewhere for something that comes with more precise and fully featured activity tracking. I ll be speaking with my vivoactive hr just as a lot to debate the cal soccer. But it falls short of being at all sports tracker. There s nothing particularly new or exciting about a fitbit alta hr.

This is literally alter. But with a heart rate monitor thrown in for good measure that heart rate monitor makes a big difference and opens up a lot more possibilities sleep tracking and for calorie counting its refinement rather than true innovation. That s often what yields the best and most reliable technology. You pay a little more fitbit as compared with other similar products from other manufacturers.

But in exchange you get a reliable brand of thriving ecosystem. It s nice to we re good at what it does and has a decent amount of features for basic health tracking and light activity tracking if you re a casual user looking to collect a little data about your health and maybe shed a few pounds in the fitbit also hr is a fairly comprehensive and very reliable choice. So hope you found that interesting in mutual guides. Thanks.

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